The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, August 20, 1909, Image 2

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Ontario Argus,
Wm. 1'hiKlinir.
Kdltor ami Proprietor
Rntere.1 in the Postotllce at Ontario,
Otwn, for tnasnlaarOfl through t lit'
mails a Hivoml-elas mutter.
Cm Year ' W
Six Month '"
stri. iiv In AUrai ie.
tope AUG USftsoe
buNMQN.tuTwIginuRi SAT
I 2 3 4 5 67
8 9 0 12 34
Portland Charles K Melonnll,
colonel of the Third regiment. Ore
ton National tinard, litis tendered a
verbal resignation of hit orrlre.
Salem Mr and Mrs. It. S. Poltal
lll have charge of the Mai Ion coun
ty at the AY P. Exposition
until the cloae of the fair.
Kalla CI l) A railroad gaKollne
motorcar, the flrit to be uaod In Or
egon, will go Into service Sr-pteinlnr
36 on th.i Salem, Palls City A West
am railway.
Hlllsboro-Charles M.filoln, aged
16 year, accidentally shot nnd killed
his 13-year-old brother, John Mr
Uloln, a short distant t- above Bux
ton, 10 miles northwest of this city
Salem B. I) Townsend. assistant
I'nlted States attorney, Is here pre
paring the government's brief In ihe
case of the I'nlted States vs the Ore
gon at California Railroad Company
- the famous land gram ruses.
Wallowa More than 15,000 tons
or hay will be shipped from this val
ley thla fall. One Ponliind firm has
bought 10,000 tons. The hay Is
uiostlv alfalfa, tlraoth and clover.
Hlllsboro Members of Hie euro
ner's Jury that Invawtlgnted the death
of Jacob Hchacrer, of llethanv, who
committed suicide, found cache of
tKOO In gold under the bed In the
dead man a house.
Marsh-Meld Men of prominence lu
lb poll leal and commercial affairs
of the state will be speakers at the
meeting of the Oregon-Idaho Kevel
opment Congress, which convenes In
Ibis city Friday. August 20.
Portland Because they wore put
off a street-car. being unable to pay
their fare, tao 111) ear-old boy
greased the rails on a curve at one
of the steepest place on the line,
and a disastrous wreck waa narrow
ly averted
Hood River- One of the most Im
portant subjects that has ever come
before the cltlieus of Mood Hlver la
the matter of a Mrsl-class wagon and
automobile road fiom Hood Hlver to
l.ust Lake, tonne, ting with the high
way proponed to be built bv Mulltio
u.ti county to Mt Hood.
Albany -A. c Armstrong, a farm
er residing 10 miles southeast of Al
bany, will realise a profit nf n-.uo
on 1X0 acre of velch. Incidentally,
he will clear up about t00 thl
year on a farm of 400 aires, for
which he pays $."" annual rental
Mlddletun Klre totally destroyed
the Johnson sawmill and It environ
ments at this place (lenities the to
tal destruction of the mill buildings
and contents, 700,000 feet of lumber
In the adjolulng yards was licked up
bv the flames The loss I estimated
at 117,000.
Tillamook- A loose plank on tin
bridge across the Wilson river, near
here, flew up as Afred Va. a young
dalnman, was riding across and
frightened his horse. The aulmal
reared aud plunged backward fiom ,
the bridge, falling Into the river be
low V)sa was Instantly killed.
Tbe Dalles The waters of the Co
tumble have fallen to a stage thai
hah wheels are now making very
light catches of salmon No heavy
catches are expei led bt-twrru now
aud August 1!5. when ruhlug will
shut down until September to, lu
accordance with the new fish law.
Astoria All oauuera on the lower
fiver agree that the season put k of
aalmuu will fall materially short of
that of last year The 100 das'
season will be up August If, Many
of the flsheruteii have already unit
tbe work aud those who are still at
It are hardly making a living
Hakei I'll) With a Luge piece of
his skull removed, his Jaw lied to
gether with silver wire and various
other changes lu his auuloiiiy. Page
Hawley, ire youug man who was
bealeu b I' T Spun and J J.
Bums, ou August 3, Is gaining
strength and the chances for life
Uuw seem lu his favor
Poillaud The head of the Then
aopblc Sot let y, a world-wide organ
Itatlou '.vlih members of everv nu
Houalli) and need, la to visit Port
laud the last week lu August Antie
Beeaut, president of (lie society, la
the uiokt famous Knallhti woman llv
lug. and foi lu ear has been no
ted for her effoits towards the social
betterment of every class.
Salem Mrs. 8. S. Martin, who
sues her husband for divorce after
havlug l.c-eii man led but 12 hours,
will make au effort to have the mar
l iage delated uull und void ou the
alleged ground of fraud The object
of this Is to save the woman's peu
alou ol II- a mouth, whlih stops a
soon as the widow of a soldier re
marries. If the marriage siauds the
divorcee will be deprived of her peu
alou. Ilarrlsburg Cltlieus of Harris
burg are watching the Willamette
river with deep Interest and Woiider
tng bow long their city will be a
river port. Threatened chuugea In
tbe channel make It not at all un
likel) that tbe stream will return to
its former course In the near future,
and lu that eveul Hairisliurg will be
about half a mile from the river.
1 I I I '.H MM I. CtlltOMCl.K
Government Olves Cattle In Men of
Money Hue Them Home I no
llles tM HA Head.
Pendleton Or. S. W McClure.
chler of the Bureau of Animal Indus
try In the Northwest, has returned
from the Klamath reservation, where
he went to receive for the govern
ment 41)00 head of young tows for
dlstt I biiilon among the Indians on
the reservation The contra, t for
furnishing this lurge number of
tattle was awarded to Win. Hanley,
of Burns, Ore.
The cattle were given to the In-
I titans by the Oovrrnmeut In lieu of
several thousand dollar due tie in
from the ale of Indian lands, one of
the famous Southern Oregon Mi I
grants having eitended across the
reservation The head of the de
partment of Indian affairs reasoued
that the cattle would do the Indiana
more good than the inouc) , so the
change was made
Pour head of tattle wen- given to
each Indian on the reservation,
cepilng : i the youngest members of
each family . who received three By
this arrangement some families got
as blgh as 36 head of tattle.
MaraJiAeld Man Fount! Killed.
Marshfleld Hector A. Johnson,
a young man of good family, wa
found on the street shot ihiough the
heart A pistol wa found near by
and hi watch was MS und wa'h
chain broken off After he .lug
what evidence could be gathereu, the
coroner's Jury returned a verdict of
suicide The father of the youug
man belle v eg that his son was killed
lu an attempted holdup, and I en
deavoring to gather evidence whlih
will thro-v further light ou the caae.
Iv l. Uni ! ft.
M. 1ii (iitori
Greer & Plughoff
Bargains in Real Estate
& Farm Property
)t you w.'uit in miiko MONKY? Why ncl invtJl
in IiiihI here now in Malheur county, whew prices are
always going higher. No rink, No chance. Conic in and
lalk it over. Our li-i comprises moil ol the choice
lands in 1 1n- Malheur and Snake Kiver Valleys If we do
nut have the exacl ieee ol Innd you detdrc we will try and
obtain ii for you
Personally acquainted with all portions i' Malheur
County, ami wc can inform intending buyer intelligently
Located at the Argus Office.
,, :::, 100 seres, 1 1 in ilea No. 80 B lots on Main street
from Ontario, nil fenced, will in buiiucai canter; agootl loca
roma nndar Government I'm- lion.
iiii, layi good in Irrigate. Price
.ii per acre.
Nu 8 in acrei .ill under cob
tiviitinii. w ii li o I grab i' 1 1. iii
in ( hryhec ditch . will tell in in
in 20aere tracts ; onehall 'l" n,
helancc mi easy ternia.
Nu. ''! ." . i i . . 1 1 1 house, fine.
No. 21 SO Iota, one full block,
nil leveled and street graded,
Will -ill in pai i or nl' tit panic
'l I. IK.
NU. 23 MM) acres 7 milei
i t.i i nadinwn : with li room
houac; stable for six horse; "'u
i"ii nf li.i ' grauai let ; all ool
Alleged I anil I lie. n .-red.
l.a lirautle The charges of con
spiracy to the govei iitneut
out of valuable Umber lauds lu I'nia
llll county, made severul mouths ago
against J W and W
Thompson. I.uve been enlaiiretl to In
clude 1 noil pioinlueut lu the
Northwest These charges have been
made opeuh b gov.-ruiiieut attor
ney and over I0U notice, nf charges
have I., en k.-ul ool by n-glsterud let
ter from the local laud office
l tap Mortgage U Hied.
Fossil A mortgage ha been filed
with the county i lei k of Wheeler
count v by the Wasto t'uuut) Klectrlo
ft Witt, i t'owei I'olupauy, iioiilgag
lug to Ike t." i ueal. Trust I'oinpauy
of New Veck) us sc urliy for au Issue
of 1 1 . nun nun wi.uh of bonds, all
Hie lights of wit), equipment aud
wat.i tilings of the electilc company
lu the .oiiutles of Wasco, lillllaiu,
Ciaek. tiiaut. Wheeler aud Shermau
t pi i lollllllbut o lie I lemvtt.
I'oiilaud Major J 1 M. Indue,
fulled .Stales eugluver lu chaige of
rtvei und hurboi work lu this dls
tilct. has i.-celved word fiom the
war depHiiineni thai th Kpetlttca
llous for the conn act for removing
rock lu the t'oliimhta river near the
ltlg Kdd have been appiovcd The
work will luvolve .in expenditure of
about tt&.00U b the govcinmeut.
Vale Weds Jnpaucv
'ule IS), a Japanese, aud Miss
Mania Harold, of Vale, were niar
iled at Wclbfi, Idaho. August in
The affair has caused conMiloi alile
stir among the cltlieus of Yale The
bud.- la II e.n. old and Is aceolu
pllshed The groom Is J 7 eurs old
aud edutaied. both In Jaiwtuese aud
hall block from poetoffice, on buildinaa; deep well; ruU 100
nun Hrm, uiiw snap 01 tne tone of bay; 200U buabels grain:
icaaon. - arith rj I wab r right in Oary-
Ho, -" s" acrea, -';' milee heedltcb; a family orchard; a
from Ontario, 76 acree In culti- snap,
ration ecre rcbard, loU m -m in mnA 90 ...... i.i
"f berrlea ol ell kind goml , , ,. . i N located, I mile from town,
,,m,-r "", ' ' "" "" v. uli good water right; fine frail
building, with perfect water and berry laud; on eaej tcruia;
right; thit It choice and vuli go ,,, ,. .,,;. eholca p ma
qotek. an( ,,
No, 80 R0 acrea, nil good v .,- i..,, ... -.
., .... ,, wo, ..i itiO tit-it-H ..i niilet
niiilv muI, IH iii'ii" in ttilf - ... ,. i" i i
, .,,,, , , 1 1 "in ' IiiI.iiiii; nil i'ihmI Iniii Ii
titin, ii ".on. ill i .in li.ii.i, w..i. . I ,. ,,
, .,,, . . ..' , I. hi. I. nli ii ii. , i uih r right
Itir ..' iit-if , I.-'- ..I in ill fi mi , . . ....
, , '".. linii-t- in,. I iiiill.uil.litil-s ;
i In-ill. iiinl mi t-tifV l i mi . ,. ,i i
1 l.t 1 1 . id Ii i .itlly in . iiliivn
No. 87 880 acrea I milefr lion; $110 per aere,
i;t""l thriving town on l' II .. .
in cultivation; .mall orchard, . f Iota, with a0 m
house, with water; will sell all ,""k ho,uw ' ' "M"' ",,,!
01 w ill t m il tii in IU.SO. in , " i
acre tracta, on n ternia. .(. gj -, i . ,i -. u,ii, a :.,
No, -"- Intt in north pari brick house; deep wall and good
of t-iiv; eloaa to school; nicelj cellar; ibadi trees,
I--, .ii.-. I ; i In .ii. v ... I. i ii ... i
1 No, J ' one block, nil fenced
,i :tn broom house; ' l"i: und broom house, lilm-kM from
good barn ' blocks from Dnta. depot; cheap.
1 1., school.
v . , ... No. 8-1 ) (10 seres, -';. miles
No. 81- 10 Iota, one block ,, K ,,,. l(, ,,,,
!""" V'"" 'iT1 ""h. ! dlleh on lienehs nil In cnlUva-
ln,rv """ ,,"" ' ' l"''- lion; .,, fa.halanca in
"' ,,"':,l'' i., i and grain: ft acrea orchard
No. '' Two t':i. it-; Uroom liouse, stable, shade, deep
one tVacro Iraots sd joining town I well; one of the heel rauehei lu
f Ontario, villi water rigid I Malheur couuty; pays ."ciii
cheap. I year; this will he sold cheap.
pssssa ev,i. IS rWPf j's... iwf, . . -i i-is. fBW:t i"n' "r e'w,1n,"r 3
Ontario Livery Barn.
I'liit-t Liver' Turnouts in alalheur
i'iiihiiv. (iiniil fare Taken of Trait
icn I rttock. Ample t'orral Room
for All. ,Vc I ai. -r to ili.' Trade ol
Kreiifllterx, : :
(M' lflo. OHKUON.
w 'I -! fF 'TsvV
L A IsV i PVli
rKatZv r GREAT. I
Boost for Ontario
RFEI I b-S-c T" 1 Ml Huppraaors to
THAIS' S , hWK R...k Onterlo.
r '.
Dealers in tfarnesi and Saddlery
tiMiils. - t hilni io, ( i e.
t. ' .i
: "'
OMeal Hank in ii-tint. Ilariiry nnil Mnllimr oiintle.
Paid UpCflpiti', 60,000.
Burplus - - $15,C00.
cv'i opoii titi nn in i Hiiiii w iili tltf New National. Wc pay 5
PWfi ' I . .
per tt'iit en i nut' ttepoi us,
I ';
$ i !
satajamsW '
I I it it
i i
Stock Inspector ol Malheur
m ii Kerroot, Ustario.
II II rfigrh, iil-
I I' lliiiifii.-k. i lid' '.. i v.
' rgS I'l'iin. Wfi-t.-r llti.l -..
I" M Warrea Rltratatde FVrrj
i.i Bsstoa, Nnss Very,
w h Hklnner, Jonlan Vivify
I"i. .1 Uilfciiisoii Mel mutt
Empire Limber Co.
Pomplcte Block of Lumber and Build
inv v.ii' rial iil ays 'n hand,
When Contemplating Building coma in
nml cc ii-.
Oxtahi i - - Oaaoon
llaaotattoa ni CoportaersJilpa
The conartnarahin heretofore
ti-iiiiK between L. J. Rlckanl loawD Dam . i'r-
II. M .. Ill I .1 . f N. I' t'MIII Ml II. II-
and II. If. Carlila In" tin lnv
been disaolrad br mutual "n
miii. All bills doe tin- City
Meal Market will be colli eted
by l.'it kiit.l tV Blair, and who
will pay nil bills againal the
lata Hrm of Rickard .v ( iarlile.
L .1. Ll. K Vlih.
I;. M Caw u.a.
Dated, Ontario, )!. . Joly ''.
And iltf .r141iM gives tlif news
.1. I. I . M 1 I I H-llllT.
A. t' Wiiiii-r. As.t Cu.hlrr J
It A Qenoral itanuimr ltn aesa 'ini-nini ITstaaaiga
.. lMItl 1111 nil I nils nl il.,- v . .;.'.
-,. m km. 1 1.1 u .1. lui i' . I'.iiy. n . r I :.i.r.i.r. J W. Qearr,
- ,. H Kilo I I'l II-- .I.llll l. I'.llV. P, I : I 1 1.1 r. .1
II. M. Horloii. A J. .1. .In:.. 11 U.A. II ni--.. I I t.nnlt.
MALHEUR COUivfY lid (1IW. '-
M.l". U UON.
A. N S0L1.SS.
Will Practice in nil tho Courts.
Oil I IP ItllOIIIN I , -.., I.uckry
1 ''" 1. . iiii;,i ... Ore
The Only Coiiipiele Set el fbsiract Books il daltoh bioo.
in Malheur County. S L a. ,.X'"U:t 'Z.,,.
Will l.l-ii.-l i.... In all imii.l.
, , , , una mt 1 1.1 .11 .nun,,
I 111 el' tin- iiiniiniM-inriii "i I'.. - .-'1111111. nu I- im
rieneed abstracter. Abstracts furni bed delay J
nml t-urrectntMi gnarunlccii. n
Wul prat Mas lu ull t-onrta.
t'ol.. . U.k.v Hoi-k. nijstalra.'.
Alt. 11 in v nlLiiw.
I'lit-Si alv n.aitii - 1- iniidit of liiuli grade,
!;i.i- cotton, no! lintera, Myriads ol long,
fleecy libera oarefully iiiti'rlm'ked and evenly
distributed, fortning 0 ingle bat, withoiil uni
or binding. Clean, ure, sanitary, Cheapir
than hair, more comfortalde' than feathera.
1 luaranteed lor -' 1 vein -,
- '
Will Practice in nil Coiiitt.
Notary Public.
Office Over PostoOee,
Buaaa, On,
Anoaaai at Law.
MoeCj t.i on improrsd
I'll HUM.
I 'it ll'i.)
Sio tri o o a o mt o en ft ci-d
Furniture ;inl Infprf )tini nnL
1 uiiciiin oiiu ivn 1 luiinn) unu . ,
I IrMictvl I mMmiuT ' i
Ludy Assistant. Pi
l . r k. r . m .. mW as. M
' L. SHARP, l. M. l.
HI-: NT 1ST.
All UuJa ., .1 . . .
a".", , ' '""1 wora OOOS lu
I tlrst-uluss i.rtK-r.
r t 'Hiiiiiaiiti Drag iiass,
niii.f sjeoft 1 t.. i 1 to ,v 7 tot
bysician and Surgeoii.
It sttilli.,- Iluiiilliiir
IMsss ni..:.. 1 Mmktmm 1
Iniuiaiiii' (i.iuu4iil- M..-I.
I'orilunil 'l'lii-etluv msil..-il the
SpeaUMJ "' tliu 14' I. annual int-.-lliig
u( tin- Am. 1 1.. in Association of Mu
tual lesaraaes Oasisaalss Taa us
ao.-luiiou Is raprCSSBlaC' u every
stult- in lbs union wiili (tie exern
Hon of t'oloratlo an. I I'allfornla. j
whose laws prohibit llif une.alluli u(
mutual Insuraiiff i.iuianles.
Ittjj Mo.l... lioiitl It I'altl.
Suli-111 I lo- t. au- (reusuier's oltlie
reseaili ii'1,i isa iai of the Mease
will tioutls TIk- . lain... 111 was i'has
Slut link, a So.ilhe. u Oregon mau,
and lu- SeeO from the staff the sum
of 113 47
Not Knougli rare.
I't-niilt-ioi. Willi motive iiower
lusutflt It-nt to handle the o.-si.t
enormous freight uti.l passt-nger trgf
ti and Willi Hi.- wheal shlppiug sea
sou Just opoiilug up, the 0 It a N.
Co Is teeing on- of I he most illitl
cult proiilcu.s lu us history.
.".' . .'qsq v .jttfnSMmHmxJsi
City Meat Market.
J. PltlNlNU,
nivan iw am, BCMsjaej,
Office A. M Uekey Hloek.
Office Phone SI, Keaidenee t.
o K. UL UK. l'i..p
Dealers in Fresii nndSalted Meats
.... . . . . ...... ..I i.
Cr Ilifilu-.-t Alarki't rrice rani Mr linu -- ami r ins.
.w patronage solicited.
IMK At UlltHCII M l ....V. I AI'ii-llltlN, UTl.l-:.
Pros ai.iv tii.- Btoat itrlklsa rtraclurs .n ihs irwaaAi -f lbs Aiaska-
YuKou I'ai lilt Kxpo in. .11 1 III.' Au.liio.iuin it i. I.inl.l.d of it-inti'i. .M
t'Olirri'ti'. i-t..l In I. I. ami Is a pa, 1 ol ih. i i, I, JgtC) w hit II is to be
hundt-d Aetss lo tin- Stats I'sltrsrsli) whss las I an l over.
Tin- iuliioi inni -.iii.l ..ii .ni .nun, m.' uverluuklBS the main en
train. (0 tin- KxpoaltlOD QroUBJi 'l Is now in n-.- ns .1 l.-tlinv room!
bv tilt- t litv'tisll.i l.att : hool aud foi all a-- lut'h- ol -t ailt'lit w it bull
a sealiug lupaiil) of ClaSS to ISSS, wi.uh i..n l.e liimtly luireUMt-d. ,
Samiile Itooins. Kire Prof, Modern, Ele
ti oant Sn am Heated, Klectric Lighted. AllOut-
0 hie itooins, Near Dej ot.
The Conveniences
Dy tin use el Klecric Light
I " ''' C wliiili i now within
ib ii 1 1 ii.- ol all, ars naaay and
SI it (I.
'i tell Clcctrio lions, Molars
end other Electric afiaralus at
li Interested rail up Main 7".
Vv t au ;,t your Ml in-
Idfho-Oregon Light l
PcvvGi Co.. 8?WRK
li 1 lit., nit.i., m,
it .ui tiu- Argus.