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Don't Forget That We Do
For the Malheur Project.
all kinds of Printing at
the Argus Office.
Representative Newspaper of Mi lheur County.
1 9011.
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Local News.
Wilson-Duffy Drug Ce
kinds of drugs.
Attorney A. N. Soliss waa in
Boise on legal business Thurs.
J. F. Lawrence, the Vulo mer
chant, was in Ontario on busi
ness Friday.
SL'r.. Kelt i Payne arrived
homo Tuesday fro;n her visit to
Portland, Seattle and the coast.
our August reduction Ml is
now going 00 iii geod shape.
M. M. Co.
Albert Belislc is attending the
land drawing at Coum DAIeno.,,. . ... . ,
, ,. . p iser left I uesdav tor a
mid Bopkaue.
weeks outing in the mountiui
County Clerk II. V. Mulkcy f0iWtt
wiuin uniar.o am. reiser w.c
, i ,i .... I.
Hi " III'' Wl "k.
A. K. Brown and family spent',,
Tlnrsdny end Friday in Ontario
eniuiite to Seattle to see the big;
Mrs. .1. .1. Burbri.lge took her
d 'purture Saturday for n visit
wi h relatives and friends near
Salt Lake.
Attorney 0. W. Hayes, of
Vale, returned Sunday from
Portland whore he bad beeu on
legal business.
W. 0, Beagle is home from
Lower Willow creek where he
hi' been engaged for some time
renovating the dray residence.
('has. Madden and family,
Frank C Solders and family and
I! A Stewart and wife took theii
departure yesterday morning
for an outing in Long Valley.
Oront Thompson and family of
Harney Valley will he in On'a
rlo Fiiday on their way to Se
attle .Mr. Thompson repoits
conditions llotii'Miing in his
A. II. McCregor nnd T. D.
It ii ton of A I" II v.y I'oit, of
this city, took their departure
S.iturday for Salt Lake City to
at end the annual reunion of the
J ind Army of the Republic.
T. F. Moore, who recently
purchased the Sproul property
on North Oregon street, has
moved his family Iroin Medfonl,
Ore., to this city and they are
now located in their new home.
Mrs. 11. 0. Whilwoith left
Saturday for Spokane where she
will visit relatives, and attend
I'm- national irrigation congress
as one of Ontario's delegate.
From tt.ere she will go to Seattle
and attend the fair.
D. (i. Sutherland who came
lure recently from Iowa is back
from Seattle and will take up
his permanent residence in this
city. II family will arrive
from Seattle where they are at
present, in about SO days.
Mrs Frank Davis took her
. l-jut laic Friday of last week
for Seattle. She will join her
husband at Portland, where he
has been receiving medical treat
ment at a hospital for sometime,
and together they will attend
the fair.
County Commissioner W. J.
Scott returned Monday from a
visit lo his son in British Co
lumbia and a trip through Ceu
tral Washington stopping off at
Spokane. He was greatly im
pressed with the 1'alouse country
a id says the wheat crop there
will l-- great this year.
County Treasurer T. W. Hall
iday took his departure Satur
day for Spokane, where he goes
us delegate to the National Irri
gation Congress. He wus ac
companied by his wife and
daughter. Mrs. Halliday and
Mi-s IVarl will attend the fair
:tS attle while Mr. Halliday ! progressing nicely, iinsuuiia
will visit with bis brother bJ lug will he occupied us un auto
Spokane. ' g"g-
visiting in Boise.
Try a gallon of pure honey
vinegar; 35 cents. M. M. Co.
L M. Seaward made a trip to
hit Bois valley ranch this week.
Born In this city, Sunday,
Aug. H, to the wife of K. B. San
ford, a daughter.
E. A. Fraser, wife and son
Eddie took their departure Sun
day for Seattle to take in the
Miss Eva Vanderhoof and
Miss Clarice Oanlicld are Oil
visit to the
above Vale.
Venderhoof nun!
flit, Tri.if 1 . . mi. I U
J. M. Butler ami wife
electing til ''.lowing offiOCN
Will .Morrison and hi die
f .1 ,., .. II.,.-.. II lii-nnel
'l)rnPr left this inciriiinir for'"'11" " U'"r-N " ,,ri,u"
' rt .. .. .... . ,
OOVr, imp. on ii iiniii lino
hnnUn . ill01l.
John Olass, of ale, was in
,. u . i
Ontario Saturdav en route .
Hpokane to attend the national
irrigation congress.
i ne minimi Hireling m 1 ue
stock holders of the Owyhee
ti . -I .: .i.l
Ditch company will be held in
this cty Tuesday, Sept. 7th.
G. W. Thomas and wife and
Miss Ruby Landinghum arrived
home Tuesday from their Alaska
trip and visit to the Seattle fair.
B. N. Etnison and wife of
Nyssa, arrived home Wednesday
from a trip to the Seattle fair
and a visit to relatives in Port
land. The Coxy Theitre is open
every night. Don't fail to hear
forty's latent attraction, the
whistler and illustrated song
Miss Edith iiii-ti-d returned
Sunday from u two weeks visit
with her aunts, Mrs. S. II Boss
and Mrs. A. Belisle at Nyssa
and Arcadia.
W. T. Lampkin returned Sun
day from Portland. He reports
that Mrs. Lampkin is comfort -
ably located and already im -
proving in health.
J.I). Billinnlv and familv.
- ' i
Blue Mountain Springs.
Miss Hntiii- (ilenn took horde-
a J-.. U.-.....I- l'I. .
pariur wmm mj swesMis, nm
..... ..) ill I isinli in- li.r con. in
Miss Wade and the two ladies
will visit the fair together
Miss Bessie Lockett returned
last week from California ami
went to Vale Wcilm -da
attend the tea. Ini-' . "nit
lion. She will tea! Il at Jun
again this fall.
Postmaster A I.. Spin,;!, ,. .
of the delegatea lo tb nal
iriigation eongreM,lefl Baturdui
for Spokane, lie will visit var
ious points in British Columbia
before returning home.
Misses Nellie Plutt and Mar
garet MoGiftfl of tins city u:nl
Miss Claudia William.-, el Jor
dan Valley, three popular Mal
heur county teachers, went to
Vale Wednesday to attend the
teachers' examination.
J. II Morrison, of Pawnee
City, Nebraska, stopped oft' last
Saturday morning and spent
two or three days with his
cousin, Kev. O. W. Morrison.
He was highly pleased with
what he saw of our country and
hopes to return and locate.
W. J. Mink has the contract
for the erectiou of the one story
brick structure being erected by
J. K. Blackaby just west of the
Baptist church. The walls are
now up 12 feet and the work is
Robert Odell and family and highly entertaining. It is work H0 t,ut arri,lul wj he
Dave Magill and family are beautifully mounted and rich in ; j(i u Il0siliol, lo ,.nU.,1(1 his in
home from their outing trip to i costumes and crowned with in-' ioll of QmImI Oregon in an
Telephone Company
Elects Officers
At a meeting of the stock
holders of the Ontario Inde
pendent Telephone eompnny
held in the Commercial Club
room Friday evening the by
laws of the company were
adopted and the following seven
directors elected for one year:
E. A. Fraser, CI. Sinael, 0. B,
Kenyon, Dr. J., A. I.
Sproul, II. B. (irauel and II. 0.
Bover. All the directors reside
in Ontario exci ft C. '. Sinn !
il I i
: . '. . i 1 1 i 1 1 i I
I.. K ig and
. llpOU their dutiM
II. C. Bover vice
It, I. Priming secretary
and C. Iv Kenyon treasurer.
.1. V. Thompson, who, ,"1' Ihe
ptsl Ihl J .ii- Ii I bet ii man
ager of th" Bell Telephone com.
pnnv htre until lie resigned re
ernlly, Was ClIO; en iillllingei
th new eOBHttnv.
Work will commence at once
to install the new system here
and it is the intention to have
it completed and in operation
within the next three months.
A new telephone eompnny is
also being incorporated at Vale.
These two lines will connect
with all independent telephone
companies in Idaho end Oregon
and free exchange service will
be given all patrons between
Ontario, Payette, Pruitlaud, New
Plymouth, JNyssn, Owyhee and
possibly Vale.
"The Captain
and the Lady.'
The Captain and The Lady"
will be the play of the engage
incut of one night of the
hardt Company ahly Mipportiug
Miss Dtlfry in this city Sunday
) Night, Aug. -J-Jml for a stay m
lone night only. 'The Captain
and the lady" abounds m
. bright and brilliant lines ami
cidents ami olimaxes in a hand-
somely artistic setting and
every set glitters with bright-
; ,, T,,0 ( w, hl. bauli.
I .. .
, fully mounted in the cornet
and painstaking way which
marks all the plays produce!
, under the liianaueuient of Mr
Oliver' J. K Uiart. Mr. Whit
ill will 1"' a member ol
, 0I,
i . ,
Ira II ipeatal agent of
the B - !:. terve Life In
'. of Omaha, Neb . la
in tin- city in the Intereeti ol
bit i ompeny. Mr. Rogers may
locate here as he is Favorably
Iruprei ed With Ontario ami
surrounding oouutry.
Topics for United Presbyter.
ian services next Salhalh will
be as follows: morning, .Some
Dangers from I'ncontrolled
Powers;" evening, "Made
White." A cordial invitation is
extended to all. Fans free.
F. M .Nines and wife, of Orove.
: ii li i m
"rmcu "ome """ "WBWg "'
- J. i. !. .
u - ii i' a vi-i in iMvi-iiiioi i
Wash. They also attended the
Seattle fair and the national irri
gation congress at Spokane.
Mrs. Dellaven, of Dead Ox
Flat, was shopping iu Ontario
C. O. Thomas, the Yale real
estate man, was in Ontario Sunday.
Porters Block Harriman.
Uncle Sam has taken a hand
in the Deschutes railway fight.
A retrftMiug order has been
issued by Federal District Judge
Wolverton, forbidding the Har
riman interests from entering
upon the southern lid miles of
the Oregon Truck right of wav
botWSOB Madras and the mouth
of White Creek. This injunc
tion will be in force until
August b'J, at which date the
DeeehOtOI Hailwiiy Company is
ordered to appear in court and
show cause why it siioui.t noi ne
. .n.-nlly restrained from
ring upon thle right of way
aimed by the Portal Interaete.
Cvoryday witneveei import.
i velopntenta in the
. . . .
i but. i controversy. Every Ore
gonien following the work it
I king who is back of the Por
ts i ami what is their ultimate
ilestination. They say they will
build into Central Oregon, but
leave the terminus unnamed.
Madras is mentioned as the tem
porary destination I ut any road
building there must go on, es
pei dally if in competition with
such a line as Harriman is
clearly intending to build.
Il is conceded now that the
I'orters have ample backing,
mean business an-' will build a
railway. That Harriman must
build a line if Porters do, is also
lonceileil. Central Oregon now
seems assure 1 of two strong
lines leading into it from the
north, one from Natron, possibly
one from Nevada, and probably
one from Ontario. If so, there!
Will In- one 01 Hie most Urilliuni
spurts witnessed ill the North
west for the next live or ten
years ill which all of the slate
will shine heavily.
Popular judgement still clings
to the idea that Hill is back of
the Porters. However this may
he, ami it is strenuously denied
by every one identified in the
Poller work, the result promises
much for Oregon, and will also
move prolitable for the enter-
priaing buUdora who get into
the Central Oregon empire lirst.
The inference is that no time
is to he lost to complete till-
easterlv direction from some
point on the new Southern
Pacilic main line to connections
with the Oregon Short Line at
Ontario. KvoniOg Telegram.
Fowler Elected Preident
The national irrigation
Congn II .ii - " ilt Spokane
'., ,i :i a Fowler, ol Phoo
I i. i 1. nl ami Arthur
Icane, leeratary.
i Mr Kowler,
...... ii beN having been
chosiu as the lirst director of
the Water I'seiV association
when the Malheur irrigation
nroicct was lirst taken up five
years ago.
Sheep Herders Wanted.
a. K. Brown of Lewes, Har
ney county, informs us that
sheep hearderi can lind ready
imnlovineiit iu his locality at
l." a month. Mr. Brown wants
two or three goxl men.
D. B. Tuttle has opened a
second-hand store, two doors
north of the Argus office and
...:il 1 ,.l M..II .11 Li... la .f
w'" "" "- 7" r ' ;;,,":
v.. up im i .ni.ii' .i i.l ii (l.i i il.-es
.'" r-- --- b
his natrons a muare deal.
Health is loo precious to be
tampered with by incompetent
vendors of ;lrugs. try
Wilson Daffy Dttlg J, for
clean drugs, and expeit service.
Kev. 0. W. Morrison
preach at Cairo school house at
4'Jil Sttbhath afternoon. Sab
bath School at o o'clock.
Col Wood On Van
Gilses' Letter
Colonel C. F. S. Wood makes
the following comment on
Robert van (Jilse's letter which
occupied two and a half columns
in the Nyssa Sun:
It seems to nie Mr. van Qiloi
presents his view of the case in
I very temperate ami courteous
way. I agree with him that
J'.i'l grants have all been grafts
and that it would be a good
thing to coniftl in some wav
the man who will not use land
( t() gjvjl way to y0 who wjl
J know of only two such legal
u.ievcs. 1 The Single Tax or
Henry Oeorge Dootrine. I Title
,tl, uA ,,v ),(.,M,m(i()M tmj
le'-',user. n should not be allowed
to gain ground that I am or any
one is opposed to Private Irri
gation Companies, (liven sub
stantial men a fair business
like contract and I certainly
will favor any Company who
will bring water to arid lands.
I am committed to (iovernmeut
Irrigation and I prefer it to
this particular Private Filter
prise. It has not seemd to me
lni. i Hewn litii II tin In
-. ! ..ii i
me a- if it, with no settled and
disclosed plans, had prematurely
rushed into a field and made a
factional light against govern
ment or any other occupation of
that field though the govern
ment was lirst on record. I
gave only one or two criticisms
of the contract. It seems to me
it is open to many possibly I
am mistaken. 1 have no douht
Mr VU) q ,eu,v,.p u j,.
l..,.Hilv ami naturally lie will
feel very strongly toward the
men whom he thinks are trying
to kill a worthy enterprise ami
keep water from the land.
From what is known of it how
ever the Boise Futcrprisc is the
one which lirst hegan to try
and throttle the government's
effoi ts to give water to the people.
I think every effort siiould be
made to stop this hitter factional
light ami try
each other.
C. K. S. Wood.
Good Rod to the Bench
The Bridge
pent Saturday OH the Payette Malheur project Mr Trow
Bench making arrangements to says that the Clinton-Hurt tele
start the grade of the bridge M grams from Portland published
the Idaho side. They report in the Boise Statesman were
that the best road iu Kaslcrn I pure fabrications and sent out
Oregon will be put in between I for effect and that prospects look
town and the Idaho Pencil one I brighter than ever for Ida Mai- .Will lie a model colllitrv
Another carload of material
for the bridge arrived Wednes
day. The large steel pieis are
now being put in place ami the
work is programing nicely.
Committed Suicide.
L. C. Shilling, a brother of
W. N. Shilling, committed sui
cide last week by drowning him
self in a well at his home near
RttpOrt, Idaho. He lirst at
tempted self destruction by
slashing his throat with a knife.
Deceased was a veteran of the
civil war, had been a resident of
Idaho for IU years and was un
married Ho was well to do
and no cause is assigned for the
rash act.
Croy ii Delias of the Pastime
billiard and pool rooms, one of
i the finest in the noi lhwc-1, in-
Vital your patronage. The lirm
' "
also cu'ies cigars, tobacco, line
coulee! inery, etc., The fruit
and .ii -i Hutu i v store is senar-
.iti in the billiard room, and
tin dies of Ontario are es
pr tlv invited to make their
; purchases at the Pastime, just
south of itoyer Broa. m Co.
Mrs. A iiiimei man visited
j relatives at Payette Monday.
I ril rtLkiit-
Wilson-Dnffy Co. for all kjfbls
of drugs.
Saratoga chips, l"i cents pack
age. M. Mi Co.
Lloyd Burhridge went to
Boise Wednesday.
Mrs H. A. Duffy is visiting
her parents in Boise.
A. A. Brown made a trip to
the Deer Flat section last week.
I II, Duncan and John
W..11I were in from Nyssa Sat
in day.
W liite Rivet Hour is the best
on the market: trv a sack. M.
M Co.
John Bay and family were in
from their home near Arcadia
M. F. Naylor returned Wed
nesday from a business trip to
Mrs. C. l: Emison, Miss La
vine Smith and Miss Kdna
Williams visited Payette Friday.
Change of program three
times a week at the Electric
Maze, Mondays, Wednesdays
end Fridays.
Mrs. Frances Russell of Cald
well and Mrs. Jessie Byram of
Payette visited relatives in On
tario Friday.
A. F. Buyer and wife ami 11.
0. Boyer and wife took their de
parture Saturday for a two weeks
visit nt the Seattle fair.
B. Stevens, who has been
visiting with his daughter, Mrs.
O. W. I. veils ami family, re
turned last week from n trip to
Seattle and the fair. He left
Saturday for his home iu Iowa
and will stop off at Salt Lake to
attend the grand army reunion
and mingle again with his old
comrades. Mrs. I, veils accom
panied him as far as Pan mi and
will visit her daughter Mrs. I
A. Iteagar.
A. W. Trow was in Wciser on
business the lirst of the week.
Mr. Trow was one of the dele
gates recently sent by the cit
ana of this section to confer
with Secretary Ballinger and the
iiilaamatioii ollicials in Port-
um j,, regard to taking up the
hi in- nroieet
..- -.. -- .
A. Ni Solis.s arrived home
Sunday from Seattle and Port
laud. In company with his
wife and sou he took iu the
fair. Mr. Soliss says the Ore
gon exhibits are line and the
only frost is the eihibil at the
Idaho building, the display
there not being credible to
what the state can produce in
mineral, agricultural and horti
culture and the criticism of the
Idaho Commission by the Boise
papers is justifiable. Outside of
this the fair is all that could he
exnected. Mrs. Soliss and sun
will remain in Portland until
the weather is cooler.
The report that there were
over HI cuses of typhoid fever
at Vule seems greatly exagger
ated, as the Vale papers claim
there are only eight cases and
one death from the epidemic.
The Vale city council has
authorised thecitv health ollicer,
Dr. S. D. Taylor, to use every
means to stamp out the disease.
The city of Vale will install a
new sewerage and water system
to improve the sanitary condi
tion. Mayor Mulkey was iu
Ontario and Weiser this week
securing information along the
lines helpful iu instituting such
Former Price. No v.
QIOVM 11.1ft "
(Moves 1.00 i'i
(Moves I'll BO
Cloves 7ft in
Balls l.'J.'i 78
Balls I. "Il ii"
Balls 88 80
Balls '-!' 18
Masks 1.18 1.00
Masks :. 80
Caps '.'' 16
Belts "' :I0
Belts -'." 18
Bats 1.80 1 OH
Bats 1.00 80
Bats 7. Hi
Geo. Candland.
Ontario ()" "u
See our line lilli' of ('LOCKS
.lust in and going at vitv
Moderate Prices.
The very latest iu lint Pins
and new Designs iu Jewelry.
A complete line of Strings,
Sheet Music and Insii iiiuenls.
Guaranteed Watch
Harry B. (Jrauel
The Jewelry and Musical House
Ol I httario, Oregon.
is our until! intaroat, and
we do not g into OUtaido
lilies. ILlier We ille able to
giv you a line itook ol
iPiu'iiitj Prescriptionists
Of the County.
Drug Co.
Hevej) Kentucky-bred lacks,
standing 18 to III hands high.
among the largest and beet ever
shipped to this country. BUY
NOW, so that your purchase
will become aci ua i nti 'I and ac
customed to his home ami ac
climated for neitepriug service.
It. d. Hi i'mw,
i lutario, ' 'regi'ii.
I Mil iiIISI V U K I li-M'N--
via Oregon Short Line.
Daily for tickets one way via
Portland. Frequent dates for
other routes. See Oregon Mtort
Pine agOWla for further details.
The .'Argus will. le(l you all
about it.