The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 30, 1909, Image 3

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To make room for our PALL GOODS we
must (liHpoHc ol" $5000 worili of Dry Goods,
Furnishing Goods and shoes by AUGUST l.
This is the chance of the year to make greal
savings in those lines. Voiicannoi appreciate
these values unless you see (he goods. Lol us
show you what we are offering:
Ladiei waiste, value
Linlies waists, viilue
Ladiei waists, valuo
Ladiei waists, value
sale price
tale priee
snlc price
sale orioe
One aiaortment, value $1.00 to $2.00, all al
Broken sizes ami j u -1 i few f i kind left.
II 65
$1 25
si OO
Ladies' Muslin Underwear. Great slash
ing in (he whole stock, nolh Off reserved, prices
from 88 to 50 per cent off, This is something
you will he interested in.
Shoes for Ladies, Children and Men, half
price and less. We have a table lull ot these,
and they are bargains, the best shown any
where. Summer Wash Goods at sterling values.
These goods must he seen to he appreciated.
Everything in the house is worth your in
spection. Our remnant counter will repay you lor a
visit to our store.
E. A FRASER, Manager
S The best residence quarter ;jj
in the best town in East-
ern Oregon. !
$ Prices now are $75 a lot and
upward on easy terms.
But Values Are Rising Fast.
We have farm Property of every deeeriptlon
for saloon termi to suit you. Productive ranches
can be purohieeH at bedrock prioee, lut land
will rise as ilm Irrigation Projeeta advance lo.
ward completion.
The best expert- endorao the Malheur Oil
laid wiiieh li now being thoroughly proepeeted
with big Standard Riga. VYe can ie!l you claims
now that will bo ubova price when the oil is
struck. dot in u the ground Hour!
Vale ealti( 4
investment tfo
Drcxel Hotel Building.
U S Commissioner.
WiNnn-Duffy Go, for nil kindu
In Hie Circuit Court uf the State
Ort'iri ii, for Malheur County.
I In tin' matter of tip' application uf
All kinds of land liliiiL's and M-"U.iwiiiii to rector the Mtte f drugs.
linal proof! icnn now lie made ,,,., Towrmhlp Elght-en Kontta, Vat ahata asset heal Al.
before QilbeH L. King, U. B.I Rug Portrwrm t. w. m, a. vary auoita aaau wuear. m
COmmiMioner. Otlire in Ontn- MnUTeil Oowit. OnfM AppMoMt, aMOtaly olein. Only a liinitei
rio National Hunk building, On Mhhi.- miiiit. rnuMtooiftUI anct an quantity left M. M. Co.
I . . ' I tl'l It UB U .-. . --- A. - .
IJM o, IMC. nuuu 11 sny iiihim. i'n-iiimm- . ,
i. .. -. . i i i. .1. i .... if i, ... mi i tit m . i ti ii i 1 1 ! t L i iii nVM I 1 1 1
i mi i mi i ii r i 1 1 ii uii i i j liiii". ii'i'i'. ',' " , i n " v
hi. .i,., wm iii...ii.v.ii.i Mont WiUon-DuIfy Drna Co., will not
n. owinti in Um Clnmtt Coart of mm
ht-nr eimnlv. MrcKoii. I r mitinl rirtn-j liesitnlf to tnit lli.i MtttDi'l
trillion. f MC titli-of tin' Imi.l in the ,
in in in u in r i.i'.ariuioi.
i mi
iiiition to HKlltn
In Mm- Cnnnlv Cutiil i.f tin- SUtn of titi.. ,.reiint..HU.v.-.1.... rll..-.
llri-Uoll. for Miillinir ( olllitV N,,... iii,I..m .mi ,i.,i.,ir , ii or l,..f.,...
in tii. itt..rof um Hmmjwm .io..,h ,. HNt u of ,V Hici, ii,i !, I Everythlun lias dvanced In
v.ili.T. i.-. ., ... emiw why Mich ppllmtlon rtMUI not ., ' , , .-,.
io Kiln. ii. i ajiiIi.t. mhI Aii. iii sli.Mi, baanwlM lUi mom -liiii Iwtalmi ul nour line, DUI vw are still
l.rZ UY, 7AA KK- KrVnii M. f' T'1' "i " '1,r'" "J1 "I"'1 s lluin at ll.e old prict. Old
i. .,.. inn.. i .1.1 '..iht I .link .ln iii-i'nrilini: to the iirincr ol tin' :i,li M '
lor. i.i'WH. nn.i Mr wninin ,,. ,Ui.l von will U- fonvi-r l.iu..
IiiIi.t. tin. known Mn, iiml nil olli.'r ( ,ia.Mitiiiir UM MOM.
Iu'lr- iinv. of lOMph A ToMuttiH Mlllrr. KiiiiiiiH(iN..,m.l
? a Had, in.. I io nil ptrtou n wiiom It Hi COaetra, ttw abort
unknown , . iwrntd, (ir.'ith u wawd l. fondanti
fv oi,i,.r of tiin iit..i' . niiti.'.i .'onrt ,i. ,,,,,., ,i ii, ,. stHtof Ohm
i.. in. I nil of you iir.- Iiiri'l.y it.-.l Voii nrv li.'nl.v roqaJrod loaMMraod
mil , ri'.iiiir.i.l loiiiHiirl.ifor..i.MilHi.. Hwpr Ilm iiiiliru Ion i,i.-, li.-r.-ln n ..01111 in tl oiintv court room ii. nil, ,i. ,,r .t,. ,,., ,,, i.r,.,..
a sack of Imperial Patent
M. Co.
. i
D. It. Tuttle lins opened a j
m n luid-iiiiod itera, two doors!
mn tli of die Aimm olliee and
Ml lni a. ill (! n kiln- ol
ul v.ii.. M.iIIiciii- .oiintv, iirctfou on n,H :ut, .l.ivof .luiv. i.h.'i. unit ii m.ii L,o.N in Ins line lie nolieitH
.1... 'J M .1., V of .Inly. UM !i, ,.t ftOllOlO MWWWforw.U.t thereof, tli- i k , .
ii.Mii.w uui-e. it iinvioii Iihv.i ,.1,.i,, ttill 1. I..U,.., ,. ,..,..l..,..,l i ""r iiiiiuiiiiuc linn Kuiiiiiuiei'n
niN iairons n sijiiare den I.
ii in
nl.i. . I. nii-lii. iiiliniiilnlriitor 1 ,i... .,....,, ,n i ,.i
uilli tli- Will in,. ,.m... of Hi- nl.ove ,,, ,. pr.iver of tin- ii.,li.Mtiou limliiiK
, .,( jiiiwpn A MhIht. iie,wi-,., hi. ,1( ,,,liirln the title or InUrwrtol
We have reeeived u large
w i ... I i. I i u .. I . . 1 ..I I . . . . . . . . .
......... n.n.i ,.,, ,,. , ., .,.,.. .. .... .,,,,,., , , ,, . . .
Iiml ilii-,:e, ,y ,ui or.l i of HlHiveilcKcrllwil Ihii.1 i.n.l ,1.- iiik tli- I Mil'inent of ( ar.el Sweepers
tin- o .inti court to hi
of Hili.l ileciiHeil
to-.-li tin .-hi e,tt.. MlIll ,! (,r,r)lll n. u,.Ki irHr f ,m,re tliun we run cell at remilar Till,. l ,l.l, lh .,. .,llrlW '" " I. Hill Wt I llll Mil III UK"""
tin- M: ..I s.ctii... 17. Tpwnihtp ;.h Hu.tinK hii.I .Im, rrffni that hmI.I .Ifffii-1 i.rieeN and have deeided lo -.11
Hon.tb. limiH-.i 7 ;.. W M . m..l tlm ,HllU ,,HVH ,.lia,., r(Ki nn... t i ' .. .
Mi4..f H..CI.011I7, IowiihIi.,. ;HSontl,,;,,.re,t (.uiln r ,. Urri.m- ami f.i- I l Pallid h pneen. ( nil und fee
M. II. CO.
Conservative Banker
Mi making loam muat know to n cer
tainly Hi. it In applicants or Ittrttlti are
respemiblt and uortby of credit.
Llkewlat, the pmdenl depositor
should know the ehann ti r and the ataud
ill", of the I in ii k with which he dealn.
Tin' boeiuOM lepntntioii of our di
rectors and the ccinncc and ahilily of
our ollii i t- it iih n n i oid of v nr.' of sin-
cessfnl bnainaei, is sniiii icnt guaranlei
tlial tlie intctest of i very depositor will he
rarefully protect l.
First National Bank
I. 11,1', I. .M X..l !- .1.. .... .. - .1 ...., ! . ...
.-, . . i ii. ii, . i juiiiuik me mi. -ii .111111-. iron, inn iniiiiif n mi Micv are.
Mn. -it.itioii ih piil.lislif.l In-..r.ler of , ,i. .,-. .,,,1 fr ,.ii ,.,,,i,, ,,,i.. , ,
tl - ( I niirt .linif I.V HUH. ,ir, lllM ,.),,,, n,,.,.,.,,, ,,r UiMtQ,
"I I'"' lln. II. i,,t,.,. tl.iH llth iinv of .l.ii.e, I'.i.m
J"'"!-' Ih- co.inlv .i.urt of Miillifiir (h,.i W Miii.ii. ('..uiilv Clork.
is.iuily. i.r-i;.... williM-iilof ,, :. , unity lv TIuhi K McKiiIkIiI U'l.iitv
H "Hlx; I l!lll 'III lln "I'llll.e. IM , W.ll,.nl
iNfuli II Mi i i,i y, Coiiniv flerk.
lit Tlnm K McKuii.'lii 1 1. oiiiv -
W, II. Mr. .ok-. Altorncv for A.liiiinl.
Irutur. j.'ls
SI II .11 O.N S.
' III III. ( II. .Ill Colli) ol ill- Sill I- of I Iff
fftn toi Mull., in Counit .
Kiniuii l'oH-, Plaintiff,
w iNi, n, (-n.i.iiit
III ill- mime of the St. ii. ..I I le(jol ,
'..l. .in Ii i. I,t ...put. I I., iiiohii iiml
I in mi tl jilalnl niiil iifiiii.-i t.n ,ii, I ,i.i
I ill in- HiMiic -iiiiii-.i -ii.le niiiiiii i-.
' te. k- il.nn tlieilute.,1 tile t i t t HI.
,1.1110.1 ul tllU -lllllllllUIH till' Kllll- Li -n '
.iilillrli-. ll.e In -I till. e ul. Jul) II
' .n. .1 II lull f.til m ( illi-tter. In
Waul tl" .' "i. I lie I'lilinliff will ,ii'!t Ul
th-(, mi I 1.1 Hie i-l.-l iii for. I
I . i...
. in.' ii'.'u . nil,..-, i .liiii. i. 'i.-iit HI..IIH
I i... I. in. I. ..I ... .1 i t it.. .,, . ..viwtl.i..
... ... - - .."i .
lieltleell tli- ..l lllift I lie . Ii I III ,
I.. I tin- t'llle .1 il I'llH kIi uf tli- linn,. I
-llll.ll-ll III' ..l . ti I Hill .1-1, ll'l. llll III. I
fill -inli liiilli-i i. in i iih the Colli I
in llie-l nil. I ..,Hl
1 lo- -i i iii hi. mi- Ih ,iiI,IihIii ,1 in ll.e Oil-
tariu A i u i - n tii -kit newpajmr f
' i . ... ..I .I.,... ... ii.i.'.i I...1.
" i "" i'-.-
N.'iii . lor I'nlillciitloii
1 1. mi I ineiit . .f the Interior
I' H I Hlice at lluri.H. ilrcHron,
.lull' S, lll"..
N..II Ih herein liivi n llint Culel. 'I'
Co.llter, of l' '. I I'l'KOII. Who llll
Inn- Is. Iiml mule le enlrt
Mis. No nl. "Til, foi I...I I
M".IIWI4 Section III. I Hi. K is I . I
lllnl Hl'lll. Hi'-lloll .'I, lotl'Unlill III
MMth, raaM it -uhi w llaatotto Mf
rlillitll ll I- III. .1 in ll-e of III 1 ill 1. ill to'
iiuike In. il lite S'eiir I'riMif. to en
111 to th- html iil'.'i- .I-
HCiihel, iH'fore It W Mulkev inly
clerk "f Mnlheiir ciiiuti .it llU olln-e ut
YmIc, 1 ircKon. 011 tin- li.ih tint ul u
j;iit I'.ni.l
Chlllllltllt IIHIIICH IIH Witlll H-n
Kiltturil I. II in mill S, in, ml Hill,
rmik II
Te rTrelgbten W Imve a
large amount of goodi lo ibiu
to the Interior and will uii
c;iiu. rated. Lft iim hear ft
yon if yon me interested. Mal
heiii .NIc lean tile Co.
Health is too precion.i to he
lam pored ""'' oy Ineomnetenl
ti-iiiiiiis of druga Trj lbs
Wilsiin lliilTt llint,' Oo., im
..1 1 ., '....1 .1
nriiii iiiii;"i nun ii-it avrTIW.
1. 00k at mn Alfalfa Item. va
lor. This will re-adjust ll.e al-
fa) fa Holds. Uet posted en what
be me M M Uo,
1, ! .ml lo III- l-li-l lir.lteil tul', Ii- ..... ... 11. .1, 1
,11 .. b . . 1 , t liireiim. I It irk. 1 I'
'l! ,l u II. iu- lu It I r 11 II . lee UT u 11 ,. ,,
. ..11 11 llll of MoM.lllte ll'ei;iil
ic nl. - 1 nlit -il em It nri'ii 1 il hhii t - .. ,,, ' ...... ,...
St. Ernv;is' Academy. '$
Dollar a Pound
1 01 Bull Beef Is Offered
And no takers. This prioe i- offered for any old
hull, tat or lean, that can break through an Ameri
can Kenoti properly eonatrueted. W'' don'l need
the In lis, I nit will take tin -ii 1 at tin- alinvc price ami
under the oonditioua named. SVe have a l.i stock
.i Aiiuiicaii Kenee. Don't make a mistiike and
take die kind tint "looks lust like it," lint buy the
Ohl Itehalile Hull Ktrong ami Hog Tight American
Penoe. We ire sole agents in Ontario.
Malheur Mercantile Co.
tVti pAaaa. HeiHW-r
Notice lor I'ol.lit niton
Itciiiu'luieiit uf th- lull rim,
C. S I.iiiiiI 1 iil.c ut lluriiH lire". 11.
.Inly II I'n'.i
Notice in herein ftrM Hint Winllehl
H .Mat Iwirt , -I l.iil.irl.i Ureifun Ii
Ii-1 I al in M. ill. 1 in cuiiiiii , 1 mi June '.'.'. I'm , untile I-.IH--I. , 1 eu
iii, -..11. l,t .1,1,1 ,,i tlie Hun It C . t try Nn SS47, Iwruil No o;,,h-, f,,r
Hi, Ii. 11. 1 .11. Cniiti .lii.l-e nf Miilheiii' ! ujnw) niul li'jii-' , ic IN l'i 1 -tilth ,
, ,111,1 . i lu'i'ini i hit i -I l nt Viiie, i in ",i raaaa W Mnt.wiluunetta M-i, Imi j
llllt jl). I''l. tlllit II'l ur.h'l lc,lllle. til-, I notion uf 1 1, 1 -III loll to llillke
-,l. -IIIiiIiioiih to l' iulillthlil lol the m Couillllll.ltloll I'l'' "f, I' - .
.-i,.l ill i-' i .ii iiilue -.s i.ihllHh chtliii Ul the Iiiiii'. iil-.te tie
,.i m-i . iii, in. iii. .ii juii- :.i, unci i Kite m HcrilM-il iM-fme ll. w Mulkev. is unity
l.l-l I. ill. In III. .11 I. I'.HI'.I
S.l Ail.nm i io i I'l. until!
. t t oiires Mn) siml I'iuIm- mi
s.. i i.ii l'riiei-iiliii-.
U.ulll.lKlnn, .llll) 7 II lllterestt
, .III he llttul.eneil III IBS H'lu I I .lie
Wllcll mimics I eu. ellllili'H IH't l)e-
eeiiiher, ll l BMeS """. Hkelt l hiO
U hpeillll euiu'i en: luiiiil i oinilllllee
The rouras ol studies sin- wllt i,e Bppotai4 "" pnka lata Um
I.I ,i IS till' Siglltll otililis III Clllll- ,.!,, i,t mi III of Ml Ih net III'. ttolK
HoardiiK) and Day School
for Oh Is.
y- iiinler ll t em -
it IIL'e .I'llnlll-il
.,i .. . 1. 1 iii, i ii. hit im
Collkllll, 1
Nu'lce (il iii.i. ...nit n ii. of wutei hv orei,iii
till- ll.lllil St.lU- llll-. I IS.. I , I, I, ill,.. j.o;j
.lliiri'll -,. Ii'''. llll. I nil'. I 111 llie oiit-e
cleik of Miilheiu coinitv .il hiHolhce it IIIOII studies, hiaccd Oil lllS -talc u u ttroaMMUM fOI UM SO
I'l.iiniiff. I VhIk. Oregon, on tin- f Ut ilui of An- sOUrSO Of studns, tin- Ai adcuiic p.n iiiuiiI ol juu.e iu..l his leinunei-
."'chiiunuti, mien HHWitni-H-.H ! "1" " '" ,'"11 !" and the alio.,. SMS fiom tl loll....-, un
lit III lit ' I ll.lllic-.,l I UMssWU). ' ... i I l . .1 i it i ii I i it
olWalt-r. H Ir.iwi Im- I. K. II. Colli ll.Crciul COUrse "" 'ine. inn. of the .In........ I
W. M.tlleti ..II . i iint.iriii, ! ,, .... Jnitihi-
I lie iiiusic ami iiiiiuiiio iic .
wm i-t.oii KeiHt r. partments offei splsudid advsn tsjji iliss lest si' TTsfTn wmmm
.1 .1... ..,...! r M....I, ,. ln.,. llllCS. t ,i Inlilll li. ili.ll . Hill -Ii III 1
in un' i- ,! i. 'inn ii , i.-i- i r
alluo o'.ilonk ii iii .... .-a i... -w,..r I u....i:.. ...;u i... !.... flic HmidM aiorolns wsteh Srtroyil
III !:: iiiice.tttiithorilvcouferre.l -'" --.I'l I ioni- my, ... ..-". ,...
upon uii i. n,- i-taryur tin-inte StMtm of itt.pruprtation of water hv '. ''"' ' '" loiinci paruuu.
riur iinii-r in.- lie Ai-tu t,lt, ,lU,.,, S.,t.. ,,,,,,.,, .,,r,,,h,, , ,r,. a,.,allat the AiaUeilll HI' IH
. mini t. ,ii.i nine i,. un.,- iiu.i March Is
III ll.Vil'llll'- Willi I lie lint ul lie
State uf Orei,'.'u I hcri'hv ii"tify ml It I- the llitnlltlull tu Use nit of the
'HiiriiliiH :".! iiiiii.i.r...nate, waters "I 1 ,,',. ;,, (
jlliithee ami it, tril.iit.iri-H in L.t,,,,,.- UM.,.r i. provUiuUi of tl.e
...., Marc, is mi. ...... ""?". '"I,!,,-- tluSl-ili; Si I'KIUUII' "i iiie.-i.ii- i-.iit:tii-i-i . .,.,,.,, ."
I'.iiki. at i no u dock a Hi
In iur-ii.uice ol the itiuhuriy con
Un- Stciel.llt .,i in
.....lire ,.-1 .1,1,1 ll-. I t , ,,,11,11 . n it. ,, . ....i, ,r n,,,l..r I 1,.. ItruVl-l ,IIS ..T till" ,. .l . ' I.
,..., ..,11. ii... r....!......! f Interior iiml. r tie proviii iiw or tin ... ,(),,.,,,, .sj,,,, ( l.i. ailroud
............... .,.,,,, i-,,,,,,,.,,... . i,-, um:. .um i.. " .
iwrtaiu Iiml- a- .ruv!,h-.l iimur haul H(.,..l,1.4l ,t, llie l.nt -lillu .-'at. 'f -''-' Holil lit.illu In Seattle
ft,-, ,., . .,-.e,.-. ami i-uu-hi ic.u mini QwgOM, I her. -I I Uotif) VOU that it lit r- le tilth, Ira.- a I. un further lip ,,,,,.,,, ,.. ,,!,. the .urpln. wol
JII t .H litl . HI ii" ir"VI'iri l H'-ri It'll I .!
.,f ciiiipter iin .-n.i. lawHor ii.".,. 1(Ul. ullll lt irtbnlarUi in oouuwrtiou
Vert res,ectfu'ly, ,, ,. .,i,iulon of certain aril
r t- Wl.tlloi ill. i.,i, uu,l..,l ,u,,l..r uU Act of
Connie,.-, ami ii-,.iet that -ucli n.itei
m withdrawn frum turili-i a. propria
SaperrWac Kafiat er
Boosting for
Department of the interior,
I'liiteil Slates I.aiul Olflce,
juiy in, isoa
Nutlre is h-r-I.V KHell that the tul
toW iBS tntiii-liip- hate Itei'U sill vet e.l
ami tl.- i,::,:.!! puts of sunt twill be
ul a in tin-, rtn e innii-t ;;i r.Hiti
TowaablpSI South. RaagcSSRaat.
TowaibipSS ' KaiiRe .'9 '
Townahlp M " Hane :iu '
Town-hip A'. " Ki.liKf -,'u "
TownablpSI KanK :w "
Towiinhip :;T ' Haiik'e l "
Towimliip is ' KaliKe :u "
1 on i. -hip :w ' Halite :n '
This otli.e will lw p.epareil to receive
appli.-aiun-i for the eutry of html- m
th- above lowu.hlps on uiiil after the
aanl iad day of Ana-int, I90B
wm pa it hk. Rogister.
I'l. in,. I)a KV, Kecellcl,
lion as provided bi leoUon lol obepte?
Tin hhaIoii laws or ih a.
-ry reBpectfullv.
I ti II.. i -ON
Sutert hiiik Basineer.
A V I' i:posiiiuii i;..i. -
und n tin ii (in siiic daily, coin'
msnciug Juns 1st, Ak sgsnti
for iiiitiui' psrtioulsrs,
ih r.uiii-iH' i.iiiiuiuK iious . tarat
in, n lost Ibelr lit-s I SSI "' '"It Ii
i'i , v , Oottas) iioi-. Ore , Qeoi e
Hi, i lihenll, Ki'ilinoiiil, lire, uiiil nil
iiiil.uoHii man who na hcIIIiik a
, IdertSg fluttl for a Stol, an- . on.
Salt Lake City, Angubt '.'-11.
Excursions via Oregon Short
Line, August 7th to I Sib, inclu-
live. Return limit, August tt.
Ask agents for rutes und fuitlur
uirtit ulaib.
The 4rgUS, all the news.
U. A. It. I 'iNVKMIiiN.
Salt Lake City, August i-1 I.
Excursions ia Oregon Short
Line, August Tlli to IUh, inclu
sive Return limit, August -
-k SgOntS for rates und fuither
(.in lu ulurs.
Salt Lake City, August -1 I.
Excursions via Oregon Bhorl
Line, August 7tfa to l.'ith, inclu-
live. Roturn limit, August 38,
Ask agent- im rates and further
N, l'uM-r Itoail I'oiineil.
(llyinpla, W' , July J'J Annlea
ol inioi pniittiou hen lil-d lore
hi I lie Spokane, Soiillniis'-' ii Itall
iiai C.iliiiali.i , of Spol, aii-. MUltal
$.',,1.1111, i. 'io, s ti ! ti proposes SatMlas
.. rsUsfS) Ii "in S. iiwin-, i,oiith-i i
iIhoiikIi tic- itelee al vsaklastos,
OregOB I .lull". N-iaihi Sad C ali
fiu ula
In Study Knstein .rion oil I ..Ills.
WseklBglOBi ''Hi II K-pichon-
tatlie KIUS loila.. a-In d ill- .III 11 lol
(if Ih- SolOgtcel snivey lo uialie an
iiivi'htiKa.ioii oi Un oil ii-i, is of Hast
en Oraaos i d-t-i uiiiic the asteal
of the oil deposils und the .oiniucr
etsl value of tin- oil.
Noli,, is herehy Kii-n that I, the in.
I i e.l, I I Ii i lie Hiilleil hid- up lo
lheh..iii o I p in Si .ti iiiIm i I, I IN HI.
I'D Ih- i.n-li nln. ii ul earth till- OS)
e. tin i ri.le iii the tlruth Lane bridge
iii.ii .h.i.'.ei allei Hald (ills lo !' re--miIiiiIi
ISO ami 4.1s leet in lenulli
mil. a. ...un u l.-et, up si rea I n, Uup
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For Sale
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A oJU-Acre Sunt li Al'rican
iiiiaii Bounty Land Ccilili-
caic Issued bi lbs Department
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Canada, Ottatta, mulct' the Vol
unteer Bounty Act, lOOa. Uoed
for SiSMI ai us ui any Dominion
land Open I")' eiitii in Alheita,
Saskatchewan m M.uiitulia. Any
persOU over the age of Is yeai,
man or woman, can atiUirc this
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fuither barge. Kor im mediate
sale, 80U U'l. Write m wire, L.
E Telford, 181 Bbuter street,
Toronto, Canada.
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in th. Iim n.s hand District,
K, . snult 1 IE uiiil -i in run l on ii,
cad the Argus and get the
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