The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 16, 1909, Image 4

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i mtmtjff
ii (Contract is Let
And the Carpenters are Waiting to
to Take Over the Building.
Rebuilding Sale !
Has been a wonder, greater than we have ever
I while we Are Making Alterations the1
iSale Goes on at Half Price
J And Wonderful Reductions on every article
I in the store.
If you ar going to Seattle, or if you are going to the eoast, it
will pay you to attend this sale.
Portland Mai or Simon an, I the
eetin Portland 11 mmmmII voted
In attend (In- V r l xmiikmI.iii In
u body (in I'tu-t laiul (Inn, July 20.
Sll It-Ill Oov. II. I; mm has Issued II
requisition tin' ill' coventor ( (.'all
foinlu fur Arthur Dean, wanted In
I. une ruunt foi h siatumrt offense
Portland Tlio Oregon State Deu
tul Association Inlil lis liith annual
1 1 1 ' 1 1 It ac III tills iH mi Mmiilat
Tuesday and udnchday.
i'ln- Dalles Articles of Inrorpor
atluii of the Funnels' I'nlun Ware
linn i ('.iiiiiuny ut hufiir havi- been
HI. 1 1 Hli the county clerk The
Capital IdlW Ik $ IIMKI.
Albany AlT.iligeiiionts it ud lie
i.iiiiiiii' tin' ilie. no ii nil an ii ii.t I
stiiiiniti Hlhli- at'hiiiii of the Albany
ColbafS ate completed. I'l iiinliienl
.peakeis will In- pi. sent ui tint .
Minus, whlrh will be held July 14
to It,
K" , Imrg Mi .ui. of iiii. city
luno awarded I he contract for their
BOW four-stiiiy luiildlUK for $20,67 5
Tin .ii in i ii i .. Is ui he (oliiilt'tt-d In
.November 1 This building will be
the tii.-,t four-story building lu Hose
burg. M.u- litlelil The lllllt daughter of
N'lii.i Print wat badly Injured by a
wildcat whlrh escaped from captlv
ll The iliilil wan playing uud was
attacked ami severely bliteu .nul
iii hid before the animal was
.ili -Owing in ihe backwardness
of tin spring, ilio alfalfa nop will
"iiiiurallvel light this year la
?A Dollar
For Bull Beef Is Offered
Ami do lakers. This juice is oilVrcd for any old
bull, tat or lean, that can break through an Anieri
t an fence properly constructed. We tlon't need
the belli, but will take them at t be above price ami
under the conditions named. We have a Mil stock
Of American Fence. Don't make a mistake and
take the kind that "looks jut like it," but buy the
old Reliable Bull Strong and Hog Tight American
Fence. c are sole agents in Ontario.
Malheur Mercantile Co.
All during this month, and
.1 mi. -hi county. However, the seed
crop bbl. fui io be . 111.,- good.
The farmers la thla section realise
i frnm t " to flot) an acre from the
seed. Hlld It la not tilicomuinli fur the
Mild to in I iik 1 1. 'II an mil'
Alhuny There are 61)7:1 cblldreu
I of school age In I. Inn (utility, accord -'
lug to the annual report of the mint
ly achool superintendent f thla
number 3524 are buy and 1IH
I girl. The report tin .how. thul
there are -HO leather, employed lu
thl. (ounty, of whom 5 7 are men
and -io wuiiu-u
The Dalles Lean than one week
after their marriage, which reaulted
from a correspondence courtkhlp.
Frank Kuller, of Hum., Or , I. lu
j. ul aud I'- bride, who waa Mr. El
len Hniilee, Is returning to her home
lu California liiiiiii-dlalelv ufter the
wedding Fuller piocccded to spend
his brliU'a uiiiiit'v for whiskey aud
sue ended lu gelling rid of about
$100 ot her woaltn.
I Falrvlew I'aul lnnl.ii loat bl.
. horse and bugg) and baiely e neaped
I with hi. life her Friday lie drove
' the outfit luto the Columbia .lough
for the purpose of washing the
buggy The horse became entangled
III a barbed wire feme uud wu. ho
badly cut that It bled in death The
gg wa. sucked lute a deep hide
aud lias not yet beeu recovered Hut
fui pi. imp! a ...I .Ian, . from the
uelgllbora, young Hiidu would huve
heeli drowned
lli'inl lllscovciy has been
iii.ii (he wood of the black pine of
I ennui Oregou tan lie muuiifucuircd
Into a paper pulp ot an exceedingly
Hue aud valuable grade. TI.e rckiill.
nt the dl.covery nt inarketabl - value
a Pound
lu timber lilitierto coitlderod alumni
' worthless a 111 be of vast Importance
to ihe entire Central Oregou coun
try, where the .laud la remarkably
! Salem At the midsummer meet
tug of the Stale Horticultural So
il, n held here alep. were taken to
compromise the dispute regarding
bequest of $lfi,S25 left to the o
clei by Cru. Iloaklu. of Yamhill
county, who died ubnut a year ago.
'I'll.- officers were utitliurlxed to aelile
the mallei ou the ba.l. of an even
division of ihe amount with the
widow, who 1. coiilukilug the will
ou the alleged giouud that her late wa. in-all.- when he made
the in -I i ui ! I.
Mar.hrteld 'I'he coroner I. en
deuvorlng Io locate ihe original nf
n kodak picture of a child which wa.
found lu the piicl.i'i of Thomas Wll
.oii, a logger who wa. an Ideulally
killed lu u logging camp. 'I'he man
i allle Mile 1 1 nlll CullUllu, but nothing
Ik known of Ills u-l.ilUes He bus
anmu property here. He had told
fellow-employe, thut the pit line wu.
that of hi. child aud the authorities
are em inn. that the little one may
be found to iceelvc llu- dead father',
I'ortlaud sime the first of the
yeur uppioxlinately $Jliou has beeu
received in ihe ofbee of the count)
clerk from the issuance of flkhlug
mid limning llceu.ea. To date there
have beeu Ik.ued 2320 bshiug II
cen.ea ut 1 each, 282 couibiuailon
bunting mid tl.hlng license, at I
each aud III huutltlg license, at (I
each I'he receipt, from ihe.u li
cense, are iraukiultled io the state
i.i. -.ii i ei ut ...... in and become a
pari of the fund established for the
use of i In- state game aud ri.h war
den for the protection of the tl.h and
game of Ihe .Tale
July Wheal Pa.sck lite II :n Mark.
Chicago, July 12 A new blgh
record for the .ea.ou waa .cored to
day by July wheat, when that op
tion bouuded to l 20 t bu.hel, at
h o'...iiIiik. amid a wild flurry.
The Year 1909 Will Show Won.
derful Development for Ontario.
Walcb Ontario Grow.
Interesting Happenings From
All Parts of the State.
Sermon Leads to Arreat ot Vonth.
Baker City Sensationalism Ip
Hrmon delivered by Blabop Quayle,
'in Spokane, baa been the Indirect
ciuse ot the arreat of Ray Amber
crotuble, a youth ot tbla city, and
the poaalble boycotting by the church
people of a grocery atore owned by
Auibererouible s uncle, where the
youth worked
Aiubi-ii tniiible extracted wme ut
terancea from Bishop )uayle's ser
mon, wherein the blabop told the
uilul.ter. they ought to know how to
park, bad them printed ou a hand
bill with aarcaatlc comment, of hla
own and circulated the bllla on the
atreets of Baker City. The handbill.
o Incensed the religious people of
this city, that they appealed to the
city authorities and bad Anihercrotu
ii. arrested ou a charge ul circu
lating haudhllls wlihout a license.
Furniture of We.ton N'ormal Sold.
Weston The dm mil. n v (multure
of the Weston nonual, Includlug the
furniture of aeveral rented cottagea
used by students who could uot be
accommodated at the dormitories,
has ben shipped to Walla Walla,
where nearly all of It was purchased
by one Mr m of dealers. The ship
wants aggregated uiuie than two
Ihe chemical and physics appari.
tua waa alao sold, aud only the
desks are left In the main building
With thla eii-eptloii the state's large
school plant at Weston, valued at
176,000. haa been pia. tlcally gutted
and the windows of the deserted
buildings stare stonily upou a dl.
bearteued populace.
Nluyer of Policeman ruptured.
Portland Melville U Bradley,
Ihe slayer of John W (linings, a
Portland policeman, ha. been run to
earth and captured sfter a search
that extended as far a. Houtb Africa
and continued almost conatantly
since the date of the crime, Decem
ber IS, 107. lie was arrested Sat
urday morning by Chief of Police
Fisher, of Idaho Fsllf. Idaho.
According to advices received
from Idaho Falls, lltadley has con
feaaed hla crime and la sullen aud
desperate It la piobable that be
will waive eitiadltinn and aubmlt to
being brought back to trial without
a legal fight.
IiM)'t I'nder Arrest.
I.a Orande The lateal aenaatlon
In i.a Urande Is the arrest of
Mayor Law on a charge of poaching
ducks. Law belonga to the "re
form" element and wa. Mayor un
til last Thursday night, when be re
signed and waa elected to a posi
tion In the city council, exchanging
poeltlona with Councilman Dawson,
as a coup to avoid the action of the
recall movement, which la now on
foot. The arreat on the charge of
violation of the game lawa comes n.
the i. 'suit of secret work ou the part
of bis enemies.
Two Years lull Mtole SI ".on mm
Salem The secretary of atate'a
office has completed a condensed
statement of the approprlaitlou. of
the I., .-ui leglalature, ahowlng the
total to have been l,llt.JI.n.
hniliig ihe biennial period eudlng
December It, mo, there was ex
pended In the administration of
, atate hu.lne.s, from the regular
.tale funds provided for specified
purposes During the present two
cm. this sum will be over 1400,
000. making the total coal of state
' government about four ami a half
Iteming it. -t. .red by a Hlow .
Astoria Defective lu hi. hearing
.luce hi. birth. John Jochlm.en, IS
yeur. old, by belug struck on the
In. i, I by a baseball ha. i .-covered
from hi. luflrmlty. While playing, a
j ilitowu ball .truck him lu the head
and he fell to the ground. It wa.
, feared by hi. compaulou. that he
hud been aerloualy Injured, but he
dutckly Jumped lo his feet and said
something lu his head had broken.
It was Immediately noticeable that
the boy's heurlug, equul to thai of
any of bis companions, was re
stored. Floating "Ad" for Wife.
Porllaud 1'oiind flouting on the
aurface of the Columbia river, near
Vancouver, a bottle bore thla in
acrlptlon. "Note lu bottle; pluk It
up." Ill the bottle was this note
with a 2-ceut atamp, uncanceled,
"Auyone Hudlug this, please hand to
some young lady who wishes to cor
respond with a young gentleman of
good habit. Haa a bank account of
120.000 Address K. K Claugbton.
It F D . Km ia. Freewaiei. Or."
Many at Hummer Hcliool.
Monmouth The summer school
now conducted at the normal la Ihe
largest lu the history of the school,
lit teachers belug enrolled.
In Ladies' Dresses
Skirts & Waists.
$2.90 and $2.80 Jumper Dresses, at $1.90
$.r.K and $0 0(1 White Dresses, at Jtf.ix)
Allinn .. 1 An .1.. tti i. .. ....
yaavv ami j.i.uu unite I, men
$2. W Cheek Wash Skirts ajJJ
$8.C0 and $3.00 l.ingree. Waists, beautifully trimmed '2.7f,
$8.00 White Japanese Silk Waists i ia
. -. -j
Colored anil White Sizes, infants to 4 years old Special Prices
0.t)O Wash Coat Suits, color white, tan and blue, at $8.90
$100 Chamhray blue ami tan Dresses, 0 to 14, only $1.00
Children's Head Wear.
Hip reductions in this department, all of the latest styles
ami parents should see these poods before purchasing elsewheie.
It Pays to Trade Witli
Rader Bros. & Lampkin.
Ontario. Oregon. v
K i ! l--M-'t-
linn Miguel Antonio Caro, eg
lilesldeiit of Colombia, la seriously
The people of Kansa. are opposed
to ihe tax on corporation, embodied
In the Aldrb h tariff bill.
A tol'liudo Siimlav de.tioyed five
bourdlug car. ou the C. M a at. I.
(rucks, killing five Italian laborers
aud Injurlug 16.
New case, of cholera numbering
121 were reported during Ihe 24
hour, ending Sunday noou at St.
I'eler.burg, Kiikklu. The death, dur
ing thul period numbered 47.
(it-nine w Finery, aged 7.'. teni
iniinl governor of I'ruh dtirlug the
adiiilulst' uiloit of 1'reklde.ut (
died at Marsbrleld, Mass., aulurduy
ii.,. ui e (be city fathers canuot
agree upon ihe list of favored omn
who are to receive lliiuor license,
for the coming veur, I'ueblo, Colo,,
Is "dry" for the first time In Ita
I'eter lluiiig, the first mayor of
Cilpple Creek. Colo., died Suiuiil.n
He u.slkied lu surveylug uud plat
ting the fuiiiou. gold camp city.
Princess de Sagan. nee Uoiild,
formerly Couteaa lloul de Castellans,
bus a I read i unified niirkes an I a
visit of the Stink I. expected to (UkO
place lu lie Murble I'ul.oo In Avo
n ut- Malukoff, furls.
Three persons were killed Instant
ly bi die exploklou of a bomb during
a posi pmied celebration of St. John's
day by ihe purl. holier, of Holy Hos
ary Catholic church, lu Kansas City,
Siinduv night.
The proposed winter cruise of
clergymen and students (o (he Holy
Land may be dlrecled by lit Kev
Charles Scaddlug. bishop of Oregou.
The proposed tour of Egypt aud I'.ii
esiin. . (o be known a. the "Crul.e
of the Students' League," will leave
New Yorn Jauuary next.
Mlas Aulta Stewart, stepdaughter
of the laie J. H. Smith, of Fvauslou,
III., who was known throughout the
count i us "Silent" Smith aud who
left an estate of 130.000.000. Is to
he married to Prluce Miguel, preten
der lo ihe 1'ortugese throne, accord
ing to a dispatch received from Lon
don. Johu D Rockefeller Friday In
creased hla donation, to the Gen
eral Education Hoard by a gift of
$10,000,000. This gift bungs Mr.
Ko.-kefeller's donations to the Edu
cation Hoard to $...',
It Is estimated by the department
of agriculture thut on June 1, t0,
there was In farmers' bauds IDS. 000
bushels of wheat In Oregon; Itle,
000 bushels in Washington, and
130,000 bushel, lu Idaho
Skirts $1.50
Till-: LARGEST LINK ov L1TTLI BOYS Boaatat ...d
Hlouse Suits and Mouse Waists ever shown in Ontario. See our
reduceil price- on these serviceable poods.
The I'nlte.l Slate. Senule passed
Ihe Piles resolution accepting the In
vitation of the directors of the A.-Y.-P.
Exposition to attend the fair after
adjournment and providing an ap
propriation to cover the expenses of
the vice-president, speaker of the
house, ten senators and flfteeu rep
reaenlatlvea for the trip.
There I. a atrong Imprea.lon In
New York and Vermont that Presi
dent lufi will offer (inv Hughes of
.New York, the first vacancy that oc
curs in the ( niied States supreme
Itewanl Pul I p for I - I. lug
Sun Frsnilkco, July IS. A re
ward of 500 for the capture of
I .eon, want.-,! lu New York for
the murder ot Elsie Slgel, ha. been
offered by the Chlueee Consolidated
Heiievoleul Association, known bet
ter as the "Chlueee Six Companies,"
uud (he most luflueullal orgaulxallou
among the Chinese In America.
Port Uud.
Mi. at -Track prices: Club, f 1 .IS;
bluest -iu. iiomlual; Valley, fl.17.
Hat ley New California, $31 per
Oats No. 1 white, $40 per ton
Hay Timothy. Willamette Valley,
fancy. !lll do. ordinary, fi.
Easteru Oregou, mixed, lffj)tf
do. fancy, Umijh, alfalfa, $14,
clover, $ i ..'
Hutter Extra. z$o: faucy, :s .(
He; alorc, H .j ..
Eggs Choice. 27 (i 28c.
Hop. l'jiis contract, t.. nice
per rt i . ISO crop. 104 lie. 1)107
crop, 4 tt So.
Wool Eastern Oregon, 1 $4J lie
per pound; Valley, medium, 22
Mohair ISO 24c lb.
For Sale
(MAN "Ii WOM.w)
A 320-Acre South African
Vetcrau Bounty Lund Certifi
cate. Issued liv the Department
of the Interior, (iovermneiit of
Canada, Ottawa, under the Vol
unteer Bounty Act, 1908. Good
for cttO acres of any Dominion
laud open for entrv in Alberta.
Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Any
person over the age of IS years,
mail or woman, can acquire this
land with this certificate without
further charge. For immediate
sale, 1800.00. Write or wire, L.
K. Telford. 131 Shuter Street
Toronto, Canada.
m n.i
It is surely government irri
gation. Keep boosting.
HtvJMfl I II v nmSi iH
Local News.
Wilson-Duffy Drug C. All
kinds of drugs.
Kvervlhing has advanced in
the lliuir line, but we are still
selling at the old price. Order
a -nek of Iinperiul Talent. M.
M. 0$),
Health is too precious to be
tampered with by incompetent
vendors of drugs. Try the
Wilson Duffy Ding Co., for
( -lean drugs, and expett service.
Blue Prints of any Township
in the Burns l.uud District,
showing unties of enti vtiien,
kinds of cull y, dnte.s etc., and
tonography I't ice $1 Ml. J.
C. Tnrnt-v, Burnx, Oiegoi .
We have received a large
shipment .,f Carpet. .in?rfefr.
tuore than we can sell at regular
prices and have decided to sell
at jobbers prices. Call ,j ie)
what tliey are. M. M. ('0
To Freighters W'j have"" a
large amount of goods i ship
io me illicit. 'i ,ii,, i will
good rates, bet ns hear
you if you aie interested,
iieur Mercantile Co.
HA .500 tons of hay for
sale at $7 ptr ton in stack M
M. Co.
D. B. Tuttle has opened a
second-hand store, two doora
north of the Argus office and
will buy and sell all kiuds of
goods in his line. He solicits
vour patronage and guarantees
his patrons a siiure deal.
Very choice seed wheat. Ab
solutely clean. Only a limited
quantity left. M. M. Co.
We have buyers I'or high dry
deeded land. Inqune oi Greer
A Fluglioff, real estate dealers
Ontario, Ore.
For Sale Two-year-old stab
lion; foul of Tartarus, sound ia
every particular; coal black iu
color; weight 1300 pouuda; gen
tle Inquire of John T. Hay, R.
F. D., Ontario, Ore., or at this
AY P i.M....itiou Mate.
via Oregon Short Line Bailroad.
$25.25 from Ontario to Seattle
and return. On sale daily, com
mencing June Ut. Ask ageutf
for further particulars.