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Don't Forget That We Do
For the Malheur Project.
all kinds o! Printing at
the Argus Office.
Representative Newspaper of Malheur County.
I Patronize Your Home Mer- J
chants Ontario Goods for J
I Ontario and the People of I
Malheur County.
Local News.
A mnn without a little sand
in hi craw would fail to get fat
in I'uradise.
If n town will -land by its pa
per, the pa (Stifw ill le n credit
to lb" town, Oftentimes id is,
Hogs, cattle, sheep, horses.
Near Ontario is where they
flourish and make rich their
Itador llros. A Lantpkln have
n new adv. in this issue that will I
interest everybody M ho wears
Mrs. S. 1'. Newman ami -1 a 1 -
dren arrived from Shoshone
yestordoy on a visit to rclotm--mid
Tint Turnbull was in the city'
luring the week. Helms shoved
the lilacs from his face ami
Iook- quilt different.
Louis liiirtoni, the Wcslfoll
shec mum, is a husiness visitm
to the city. lie is hobnobbing
with Dona'd Macdonald.
The Associated Press sent OU
the atnaxiug news this week thai
Mm. Tuft was an expert ten
milker. Truly wonderful!
Any physician thai knows the
Vil" lofty F uj Co., will not
h.y ilale to tiust Ins patient's
4fi.K'ii' to it for prcp.uatioii.
I). D, Pnrcoll and C. II. Drown
left for Portland on Monday (
ittond the grand Icdgt P. v A.
If., being doNgatoa from Acacia
. rtg. No. IIS, of this city,
Johnny Rood went to Ball
I .a e the liist of lie week on a
husiness trip. 'Ihcicls im tlll!h
in the roporl ll at l.e I ml n lip
on it bang -'all race at the Mm
mini town.
Attorney A. N. SIis was in
Dakar City on Tuesday on legal
buaim ia, W note that he rtgb
tried at the QtifOT Oiand, and
at meul time was furnished wiih
a finger howl.
W. t". Colder, who is well
known in Ontario, was man led
List week at Sun Francisco to
Mrs. Alice Mason, widow of the
Lite A II. Mason, M mayor of
Portland- Hrandun, who is i.uw
... . i l . I. .. I I. ...I- .., .. ,.l-
uith I'.ckiiarui i ,eui, is. ii ' i
ng good
u..;-o 'II... l......
ll'II-. ,1 v Vr,
miners WV lie i- tin' g
the good III
any part he portrays and is a
favorite with the theater loci s
H. J. Brown ami wife are in
the city from Cruuo Creek, Uni
..... . .,i,i,it t,ii sure v ooks
... , ., .' i
like u rancher there dayr, and
has lost his buss-drum front
following the plow.
Harry U. (iruucl bus the finest
stock of jewelry carried in Onta
rio. When you want u watch
that will run, buy it from Harry
as a guarantee goes with every
time-piece. When your wutch
need repairing, take it to Mr.
Oruuel, as he i an expert in
that line. Cull on him before
you purchrse your jewelry else
where. Ontario people should not
knock other towns, nor feel ag
grieved at their springing up
anywhere nearby. It is inevita
ble thut in a closely settled und
irrigated country towns are go
ing to be started. The thing
for Ontario people to do is to
niuke Uutano the center oi the
wheel, and not ullow it, by rea
son of short-sightedness on the
port oi it property owners, to be
on the rim.
Local News.
Road the Long Clothing adv.
in this issue.
Wilson-Duffy Drug 00. All
kinds of drugs.
Those ice cream cones at
"Oortv's" are dumlies.
If. W. GlaUltnt, the real estate
man, was in ule on weuncs
day on land matters.
Attorney W. II Hrooko is
home from Caldwell, where he
aticmlcd district court.
Mrs. 10. M. Cricg departed for
her old home in Iowa hist Satur
day to spend the summer.
W. II. Isaac, everybody knows.
Billy, was up from Caldwell on
Wednesday renewing ocipioiu
tanccs. Mrs. F. W. Allen and baby
are home from it two-week's visit
to lloise, and Councilman Frank
is all smiles.
For sale for cash, or trade for
new hay, one mowing machine
and, lake; good as new. V. It.
staph s, Ontario, Dragon
D. I. Tuttle, assistant general
freight agent of the O. S. I. ,
was in the city during the week
on business connected with the
Fayette is going to celebrate
the (Morions Fourth in grand
style and invites Ontario to drop
over the Snake and participate
in the festivities.
Hurry Farmer is now a
rancher, or thinks he is. lie is
developing his desert claim on
the Own bee, having discarded
the rotor for a grabbing hoe.
Mrs..). R. llbickaby last Sun
day received n com mission from
the Alaska-Yukon exposition
appointing her hostess ut the
OngOn building, on Oregon
day, July II.
Mrs. R.dtt. Odell and children
left Sunday for Portland to visit
relatives and friends. Sheriff
Mob fnllownl on Monday, bfing
called to the metropolis a ll
willi ss before the 1'nitcd Sl::tes
A. Venator, the prominent
Harney county stockman, is reg
istered at the Caiter House.
Thcne's left shoulder ia out of
commission. Cause, a fuz-toil
got obstreperous, fell and rolled
on him.
Chin. Thebuud of near Vale,
the well known breeder of
thoroughbred stock, left fur ol
Pake on Tuesday. Charley has
been suffering from an acute at
tack of rheumatism for some
'i1' !'"-
Rev. W. S. Young has ac
cepted the postulate of the Con
gregational church of this city.
The gciitleman is a gruduute of
the Oregon I'niversity of the
class of 1M)S, and comes to us
highly recommended
Postmaster Sproul and family
have moved to the Cburley
Adams residence, next door to
Hob Odell's. Mr. Moore of Med-
ford, who recently purchased
the Sproul property on Main !
will soon arrive with his family j
to reside in Ontario.
Sid Knight, the well known
stockman of Sheaville, wus iu
the city Tuesday. Sid is u demo
crat, and a good one, too, but no
republican preijdent ever re
moved him as postmaster, a
position which he has held at
the above place for uianY years.
Judge C. II. Brown arrived
Ii from un extended visit to
i.........i ;.. u.j cJ,.;i
com pained by his brother, Hj8iluated on LoWer Willow Creek
ly. BrOWO of Nebraska,. The. wu8 gold last week for $24,000
judge suts li. K. is all right
with one exception he is a
tlemocrut, but says be can't
blame him for be lives so close
to Billy Bryan.
Bright Future
Ontario Steadily Forging to the
Front Year After Year.
No town along the line of the I etc, fruits and berries of all
O. S. L has brighter future ' kinds and varieties bavo a pro
prospects than tho city of Onto- lilic growth and yield immense
rio. crops nnucr irrigation, and in
Located as it is in the verv this rich made soil almost ony-
boort of one of the choicest ag-
rieulliiral districts of tho west,
which is being rapidly developed mid the plentiful bright sun
aml brought into cultivation by shine of this section will grow
means of irrigation; the feeding and ripen to perfection, almost
and shipping point of thousands beyond belief,
of head of livestock annually, Other irrigation projects arc
and fast becoming recognized as being inaugurated in the vicinity
a natural distributing and sup- of Ontario, have already been
ply point for a rich interior sec- financed, and within the next
lion of country, Ontario is stead- i.vear or two will furnish water
ily and permanently forging to and bring into cultivation thou
the front and assuming metro-1 sands of acres inoro of choice
polilan .hi sage brush land which, when re-
Real eslulo transactions in claimed will prodiiceand blossom
both city and farm properties is
quite active and many improve
ments are being made in the
town. Many new residences
.nid business buildings are con
templated mid at the present
writing several are under course
of construction.
Investments in Ontario realty
is sure to bring good leturns,
and through tin steady ami per
manent advance in values will
pile up the goldtfu dollars while
you slei p
Ontario merchants are doing a '
thriving business and everybody
generally in this section is pros- ties and contentment. Truly
perous, us is the case in all irri- Onlitrio ii the mecoa for the
gated sections, where the farmer hoir.esceker and the home
does not have to depend upon builder from the overcrowded
rain for moisture, and knows to districts of the east. Here he
. i certainty and full knowledge will find plenty of pure fresh
that when he seed his ground air, a balmy atmosphere, and a
he will harvest a crop, ami tan climate that for health and love
almost estimate beforehand to liness cannot be surpassed any
the bushel or ton what the crop where and seldom equaled. Ex
will jield pat OOffOi Wllont school facilities; good
Under the present irrigation business opportunities; in fact
system at Ontario there is about all the conditions are to be found
lf.,000 acres of land under colli- in this prolific section thut bring
ration, which annually produces about the adequate and highly
from 7 to 10 tons of choice al- profitable remuneration of labor,
falfa buy to the acre in three cut- happiness, contentment, and of
tings. Wbeut, outs, hurley, rye, life, worth the living.
Mr Neweil's Report
The amount of money paid
into the reclamation fund from
no! to IMM was M,Ot8,000.
Of this there was expended, up
to March It, I90Q, i-W.TO'.i, 588,
leuving u bulunce in the treus
ury of I8,ft8,t?8. 'Ibis is not
tukirg into at count the money
which affUOItllatod 'luring the
yeur 1900 to 1908, which would
amount to something like $7,
500,000 if the year averaged us
much as did the seven jeuis,
1901 to 1008. Resides this there
8 IIsMM in the fund which
bas been repaid from irrigation
projects aireuuy num. rigure
it out for yourself: $H,: 13,478,
plus $7,500,000, plus l,ti8,808.
The reclamation fund i accumu
lating continually, us all the
money accruing from the sule
of public lauds goes to this fund.
Amount on bund by the rec
lamation fund March 31, 1000,
The ranch of the late J. O.
by Or O. M. Hudson, admiuis
trator of the estate. The pur
chaser was J. A. Hoskins, one
of the contractors of the North-
west lUlllOud.
thing you put in the ground
with the application of water
us the rose, and which will all
bo tributary to Onturin, and an
nually pour into the channels
of trade of this city un enormous
wealth in products and golden
The home of the busy bee and
the laud of alfalfa and honey;
the land of choice fruits I
berries: the land .of luscious
watermelons, cauililottpru und
musk melons, lit In tickle the
palate of a king with their de
licious flavor; the land of beau-
Hful (lowers and gardens; the
land of sunshine, health, hnppi-
flanley Trial
In commenting on the result
of the 1 1 an ley trial the Orego
niau says, editoriully ,
It is proper to explain that
the verdict of "guilty" against
lluuley involves no question of
reul moral guilt. The indict
ment did not claim thut Mr.
Hunley ever had anything to
do with the construction of the
fences in question. But the luw
permits u icuu to be tried if the
fence is maintained on In.- pro
perty, whether originully con
structed by him or not, und ull
thut this verdict declares is that
a fence was in actual existent e
on property of which Mr. llan-
ley i maiiuger. Upon
charge thut he hud ever obstruc
ted entrance upon the govern
ment land, or hud iu any way
preveutod ucces to it, he was
found not guilty. Mr. Hanley's
life record is opposed to the
fencing of government laud.
He stated under oath at the trial
that he had never fenced a foot
of government land in his life.
AY I i:iM,Uloii Hates
yia Oregon Short Fine Railroad.
820.25 from Onturio to Seattle
and return. On sale daily, com
mencing June 1st. Ask agents
fur further particulate
Election Notice
Notice is hereby given thuton
Monthly, the BStU day of .lime,
1000, ut the city council cham
bers, in the City of Ontario,
Malheur county, state of Oregon,
it special election will be bold
for-tbe purpose of submitting to
the qualified electors of the said
Oily of Outario, Oregon, tin
question of the issuance ami aU
of Municipal Coupon llonds of
the said City of Ontario, Ore
gon, In denominations of Five
Hundred Dollars each, payable
in Twenty (SO) years from dote
of issuance, redeemable at the
pleasure of the said City of On
tario, Oregon, at any timo after
the expiration of Ten ( 10) years
from the dote of issuance, bear
ing interest at not to exceed
Fivo (ft) per cent per annum,
payable semi-annually anil shall
not be old for less than par
value, nor otherwise than for
cash, said bonds not to exceed
fJ-MHIO.nil; said bonds to be is-
nr. i ami soiti to ' "ii i un,.
fund tO bo expended for the fol
lowing purposes, to-wit: To the
extent of $8000.00 for tho pur
pose of taking up (he outstand
ing warrants of die City of Ou
l. ii to, Oregon ; to the DXtOnt of
$4000.00 10 provide rewntii) Un
til toxpaying time in 1010: and
to the extent of $10,000.00 for
the purpOM of aiding in the
construed of o bridge across
Snake River near tho ('ily of
i Intario, tr gon, which election
will be held at 0 o'clock iu the
morning, ami will continue un
til 5 o'clock iu the afternoon of
said day.
I luted at Outario, Oregon, this
oth day of June, loo: i
11. W. Cl.KMKNT,
City Recorder of the City of
Ontario, Oregon.
Secretory of the Interior Mall
inger will soon be here ami d. -citlo
iu favor of the Mallnui
government irrigation project,
as thut is w hot the people want
government irrigation of our
fertile lauds. Tho government
always lives up to its promis. -I'm
lc Sum told us what to do,
we done it, that is, secured the
iu i c -.ii 00 per ' en( ol land
owners, and the government will
keep its pledge.
The ball game last Sunday be
tWOtU (lit- Ontario and Roswcll
nines resulted in a victory for
Ontario by a tcore of 14 to 7.
The redeeming features uf the
game were the klule fur life by
Manager Sharp of toe Onturio
bunch mIicu Jones, the third
baseuiaii, collided with the doc
tor in an attempt to cuptuie I
foul, the batting of Arthur
Moody ""'1 "'e oaatlj errors of
the visitor's catcher. Never
theless, it wus a gootl game, re
plete with brilliant plays, no
wrangling, and the Roswell boys
are gentlemen and Outario fans
will turn out lor a second game
between the nines.
Ontario Postofllce.
July 1, l!0i), the first day of
the fiscal year, the salary of
Postmaster Sproul will be iu
tnasttl fgOO per year, from
$1800 to 0 1 TOO. This will be in
accord with the lixiug of salariis
of postmasters according to the
receipts oi tne oint e. uniarios
,,.,o.... .wv.r. " "" .' .. I'
ll March 31, 1000, were
$5086.74. Money order receipts,
I--', Km. That is going some.
Eugene T. t'utiaut ami Miss
Marie New were united iu mar.
riage the first of the week. The
In i. U- and gooiu are highly re
i.j.uti.l rii',.i i ,1 i fur lit, vj'iir .,..
spected young people, ami we
all wish lliein bou voyage, much
happiness and prosperity over
the matrimonial sea of life, and
the Argus will add that dene
was indeed fortunate when
Cupid chose Mane tor Lis wife,
Instantly Killed
by Electricity
Awful Death of a Highly
Respected Young
Hickman Staples lost his life
in a tragic manner Wednesday
morning at the sub-station of
the Idaho-Oregon FighttV Power
1 1 was engaged iu painting
the interior of the building und
w.i- at work under a switch
board, about three feet from the
flu r, and must hove b"en kneel
ing at the time, ami when he
arose the left side of his head
come in contact with a live wire
ami he received 2-'t00 volts, kill
ing him instantly. His bead
was frightfully burned.
Hick Staples wa- aged 88
years and resided in Ontario for
the post II years. It there ever
was a good soul, Hick Staples
was on1. Iloiadiolid sunshine
with his perpetual smile and
always looked on the bright side
of life. Rut he is gone, and
every heart in Ontario is tout died
with adnOM ot his untimely
He leaves a wife and baby,
father, mother, three sisters and
four brothers ami warm friends
innumerable to mourn his de
mise His mother is visiting
iu Henderson, Kv.
'fo the stricken relatives the
deepest sympathy is extended
by all iu this vicinity in their
ten ii lc bereavement.
The fiiiicial took place from
the family resilience at 2 p. in.
yi sterdav, Rev. Myers ofliciat
in , ami was largely attended,
.nesting the high esteem in
uln. Ii Hick was held in Ontario.
Coroner Iiuiiifmi.
Coroner Payne summoned the
following jury to inquire into
the cause of death of 1 1 1 kinoii
.1. I). Rillingsley, ('. W. Plait,
II. C Whitworth, A. U. Cox, B.
M. (Jrlogi 0. R Km'son.
Af(cr hearing the evident e
a verdict wos rendered that the
deceased come to his death b
coming iu contact with live
wires ut the Ontario sub-st.-.tion
of the Idaho-Oregon Light ,V
Tower Co.
Beuoflt to tho Band.
It will be of interest to the
pcoplo of Onturio that a must
entertaining program is being
urruugctl for the benefit of the
Ontario Band. The ploy is in
rehearsal now, dim ted by Ktbel
Tucker (Mrs. Brandon.) This
entertainment will be Mr Bran
don's farewell pet forinaiice in
Ontario. Wt all know how much
we are indebted to the band and
what inspiration ami help the
baud has given ccry projet t
of civic significance. So let us
show that Ontario can be loyal
to her own by giving the Onta
rio Kncore Rami a standine,
rooin only bouse.
To Assist Here.
(i. Stuhblelield bus been sent
tu Ontario by Mr. Whistler to
milt Mr. Paul with the engi
neering wtnk with the Malheur
Iiiojcct. He was associated with
li. Whistler on the project
four years ago, and spent two
years iu currying on the mr
veys and making estimates, In
complying data ao.l ostiinatcs
before Secretary Balliuger's
arrival Mr. 1'uul considers Mr.
Slubblefield's service a very
great help us he is familiar with
the entire project and a well
known irrigation expert.
Electric Maze
duced rates will be made via the
'1 he Electric Mu.e has iu- Oregon Short Line railroad, ami
stalled an electric fun which tickets on sule from Idaho and
keeps the building cool, much Oiegon points June l'th, I lib
to the delight of the niuny put- and l'dli. 1 loin I 'tub und other
ron The pictures every night points June 12th, 8th anil 14th.
are first class a,ud Messrs. Brown Ask agents for rates, or write W.
and WUliOMI W pleasing the T. Jack, Hurley, Idaho, for fur
people uighlby- Ithcr put In ul ai-
of every (Iriifj, chemical
or medicine in our store
is guaranteed.
Purity Is Always
Found Here
Let us fill your pre
scriptions. Geo. Candland.
I. i:ihnu DttVOCllwT
Ontario, OragOn
F. L. Helfrich.
Shoe Repairing.
Shop In K
uess Store.
W. Allen's Har-
Music Department
Is Complete.
Latest Sheet Music.
Our Pianos are unsurpassed
in tone ami finish. Step in ami
try (hem.
New and up-to-date articles in
Jeweliy, Sterling Silver, Hollow
ami 1'latetlwarc ore now coming
Ifcnieniber, we guarantee satis
faction in all repairing.
The Jewclrv ami Musical House
of Ontario, Oregon.
l our iiiaiii loteroot, and
w'e do not go into outaida
lines. Hi mi' wa ara aldo t
give yon a fine stock of
Leading Prescriptionists
Of the County.
Drug Co.
"(HK) At ina Static I.anks.
To be so'd at auction at Ititr-
I lev. Idaho, on June loth, de
itm limn miiii irrn-iiaramTi6TaaiansftTririTBBitisaarait