Weekly Chemawa American. (Chemawa, Or.) 189?-198?, November 08, 1901, Image 1

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    4m w -
If I knew you and you knew me
If both of U9 could clearly see.
And with an inner sight divine
The meaning of your heart and mine.
I'm sure that we would differ less
And clasp our bands in friendliness;
Our thoughts would pleasantly agree ' .
If I knew you and you knew me.
If I knew you and you knew me,
As each one knows bis own self, we
Gould look each other in the face.
And see therein a truer grace,
Life has so many hidden woes,
So many thorns for every rose;
The "why" of things our hearts would
If I knew you and you knew me.
Nixon Waterman.
Education Circular No. 57.
Department of the Interior, Offiee7nf In
. dian Affairs, Washington, October 12, 1901.
To Agents and Bonded Superintendents.
The Indian School Rules provide that
"Once enrolled in a government' school
pupils will be considered members of that
school until separated therefrom by author
ity of the Commissioner of Indian affairs,"
and it is further provided that " When an
fluent isr notified to the return to his reser
vation of a pupil of a non-reservation
Bchool he shall take the necessary steps to
inform himself as to the legitimacy of his
return. Shall he find that the pupil, can
not produce satisfactory evidence or proper
authority for his return a full report of all
the facts must be made prompt I v to the
Indian office and the superintendent of
the school notified thereof.
The purpose of the foregoing rule was to
prevent frequent changes of pupils from
one school to another, which is demoraliz
ing to the school force as well as to the pu
pils themselves. Complaints has, how
ever, reached this office that superinten
dents of non-reservation schools are in the
habit or have received pupils who were
properly enrolled in other non-reservation
school without the sanction either of the
school in which it wa9 enrolled or of this
office. This is a reprehensible practice
which must discontinued. There shall be
a community of interest between all non
reservation schools and especially in this
matter, for their mutual protection. There
fore, wherever this office is informed that
the superintendent of a non-reservation
school has enrolled in his school a pupil
belonging to another non-reservation
school, he will be required, at personal ex
pense, to return that pupil to the school to
which he belongs.
Attention has also been directed to the
fact that sufficient care is not exercised
by the various superintendents of non
reservation schools in satisfying them
selves beyond the doubt that a pupil who
has heretofore been enrolled in- a non-reservation
school has not been discharged
therefrom or otherwise properly released.
To minimize this as much as possible, you
are hereby directed that in every case of
. the discharge of a pupil from a non-reservation
school under your charge to im
mediately notify this office and also notify
the superintendents of all non-reservation
schools, giving a description of the pupil,
and superintendents are forbidden to re
ceivesuch pupils intheirschool without ex
press order fron the Commissioner of In
dian Affairs.
Complaints have reached this Office that
the collecting agents sent out by certain
non-reservation schools have failed or neg
lected to observe Indian School Rule No.
17, which directs that such collecting a
gents, before attempting to collect on a
reservation, must first report to the agents.
Hereafter superintendents of non-reservation
schools who do not properly instruct
their representees and whose representees