Weekly Chemawa American. (Chemawa, Or.) 189?-198?, October 04, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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The band practicing in the early morn
ing gives the rest' of us a jolly happy
feeling which we carry with us to our
Hops are picked, primes gatheied and
now our boys and girls are ready to settle
down to good earnest work in school-rooms
and shops, -
Even Minnesota cannot out do Oregon
in September and October weather if one
excepts the mornings. These clear star
lit nights are inspiring.
Messrs Pugh and Van Patten have
staked out the location for the laundry,
Machine shops, and Girls' Quarters, and
work will begin at once.
The Chemawa school exhibit tills year
was far ahead of any former exhibit. The
location given in the Pavilion was most
desirable and displayed the work of the
pupils to advantange.
It will pay the store-keepers of Salem to
patronize the columns of the American.
The pupils and employes of Chemawa have
money to burn, and are looking for the
hungry merchants, who want their trade.
Ernest Brewer met with what might
have been a serious accident in the school
room. In reaching for some books he
over turned a cup of carbolio acid upon
himself and was burned on the face and
hands. At this printing he is doing well.
Mr. Potter is very fond of animals and
on last Saturday ha brought home another
one, this time it is a deer, and it is so tame
that it follows the girls arouud on the
grounds like a dog. We will soon have
enough wild annimals at Chemawa to
make a genuine menagerie.
Dr. Buchanan, Superintendent and Act
ing Indian Agent of the Tulalip Agency
arrived at the school yesterday with eight
pupils from the Lummi Reservation in
Washington. The employes of Chemawa
welcome the Doctor with open arms and
are very glad to have him with us.
The latest is The Ohemawi National
Bank, This is an Institution established
entirely for the pupils. Dr. Clark very
efficiently fills the position of cashier and
book-keeper. Pupils are obliged to fil out
their own checks aud thereby learn' iu a
practical way the method of banking.
Prunes are still tho mcst interesting
things to the Farmer and the sma'l biy.
Farmer Childcrs will tell you that he has
tound a place where the small boy is a
jewel. Little hands and short hack do
good work in a prune orchard. About 75
of the small hoys have baen picking prunes
for last two weeks, and several tons have
been dried for winter use.
Supt. Potter, sent Julia Sorter and Cora
Richardson to fill positions of assistant'
cook and assistant seamstress at the
Government school on Umatilla Reserva
tion, Miss Gaither having written that
she needed two good competent girls to All
those position. Julia who was an old
Chemawa pupil has just finished a Two
years' course at Haskell Institute,
The latest arival at Chemawa is Bessie
Deer from near the mouth of the Columbia
who by her great beauty .and kind lovely
disposition has won the hearts of pupils and
teachers. She will enter the kindergarten
Dept. and promises to be a Chemawa fa
vorite. Her coming reminds several of the
older pupils of the day on which Jack Back
Bear first made his appearance at this
school. ' ' .
One day Tommy accompanied his mother
on a shopping expedition, and seeing a
large candy man in a confectioner's win
dow, lie pained in front of it with a wistful
look; then turning away regretfully,. he
"Mamma, I could lick that fellow with
both hands tied behind me."
The Indian Leader.
H foCS-
"Sallie, what is 8 minus G?"
Sallie could not answer, which was noth
ing unusual, wereupon the teacher, think
ing it might aid her by slating it less ab
stractedly, said: .
"Now Sallie if your mama went to thf
barn and found eight eggs and used six of
them to make a cake, what would she
have left?"
With a smile of comtempt, Sallie an
swered: "Why, shells?"
n Red Man and Helper.