Weekly Chemawa American. (Chemawa, Or.) 189?-198?, August 16, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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Where They Are and Where They
Vacation as usual distributed our em
ployes in different ways.
Mrs. Adair took a trip east, the first in
many years. Over the grand stretch of
country covered by the Canadian Pacific
with snow and glaciers often in sight and
within reach at times, over the great lakes
and down to the Buffalo Exposition where
she spent several days in sight seeing.
Thenceup to the famous Carlisle Indian
Bchool where she enjoyed a short and inter
esting visit. There she met several old
friends who greeted her in a manner that
was worth seeing. Then went to the city
of New York where "sky scrapers" kept her
eyes heavenward and people were as thick
as bees on a summer day. Then a visit
with friends in various parts of the east
whom she had not seen for years, and
then back home again, and glad to enjoy
the cool of Oregon again.
Dr. and Mrs. Clark took a trip east and
enjoied it exceedingly with the exception
of the heat which the doctor said was in
tense, He advises others who go on a
midsummer trip to take a supply of sleep
ing powders along. Among the principal
points visited was the Buffalo Exposition.
Mrs. Pattee, Cora, Freddie and Sopha
paid a six weeks' visit to their old home in"
Cherokee, N. C. with relatives and testify
to having had an excellent time. A fea
ture of the journey east was the trip
through the sunny south, where the negro
was the crowning feature. In returning
they accompanied a party of pupils to
Haskell Institute where a short and pleas
ant visit was spent.
Miss Miller took a trip to her old home
in Nebraska, where she will spend thirty
days or more with her old friends.
Supt. Potter visited his old stamping
grounds in Indian Territory and then
paid his respects to the Pan-American
Exposition. At Carlisle, Pennsylvania he
was welcomed by many of his old friends
nnd from thence he visited his old home
in Canada where several delightful days
were spent.
Mr. Campbell and family are spending
a few days at the Ocean Park, and Pluto
the faithful watch dog is getting somewhat
Mr, and Mrs. Becker have returned
from their vacation after spending a pleas
ant time visiting with friends in and a
round Portland.
Messers. Childers, Overman and Hilb,
with a party of boys took a trip to the coast.
Farmer Childers was the official reporter
and tells some very humorous stories rela
tive to the trip All in all they had a very
pleasant time.
Prof. Stoudenmeyer, our bandmaster was
one of the many Salem Elks to attend the
carnival held at Tacoma, and returned
Tuesday morning.
Mr. DePoe returned Saturday evening
from his vacation, which was spent in
attending the summer school, at Newporc.
We learn that he had a very profitable
time and gained in health and experience
during his stay at Newport.
Mr. Hunt, one of our most promising
young man has returned from a pleasant
week's visit at Tacoma. He reports hav
ing a very nice time and saw many Che
mawa students while at' Tacoma.
Mr. Williams, who so ably manages the
culinary department of our school is again
at his place. We learn that he had a very
nice time on his outing and took a trip
up the Clackamas River and by skillfully
manipulating the anglers line he brought
a catch of 125 trout. Mrs. Williams ac
companied him.
M'ss Lockhart spent her vacation in
buisness and pleasure in Montana.
Mrs. Cloutier spentamounth of plea
sure in iSan Francisco.
Miss L iufmau and Miss Dohse saw the
sights of Oregon.
Mr. Henderson and family are' spend
ing their vacation on the banks of Slab
Creek a tributary of the Nastucca. He is
enjoying himself and seems to have excep
tional luck in hunting and fishing.
Mr. Farrow returned form his vacation
and is now acting as comissnry general.
He visited Seaside, Oregon City and at
his home and had a very pleasant trip.
He came home with a heavy "growth" on
his face which adds much to his dignifltd