Weekly Chemawa American. (Chemawa, Or.) 189?-198?, August 16, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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. Blackberries are iu season.
Lawn sociable Saturday evening.
Our bean crop is a partial failure.
The aviary is completed, and soon the
hennery will be under way.
Haynes Dewitt had charge of the paint
6hopduring Prof. Stoudeumeyer's absence.
Nicholas Lewis is in charge of the tai
loring department during Mr. Overman's
Elvira Parrish and Josephine Williams
are ably managing the culinary depart
ment of the Hospital.
Farmer Childers and the farm boys have
finished harvesting the oats and will soon
thresh them.
The potatoes and onions raised on our
school farm this year are among the best
raised in Marion County. Look out fr
the first prize at the state fair next month.
Among the latest arrivals of our ex
changes, we are pleased to note the unique
form in which the Puddiu River Journal is
sent out. For futher inloimation address
Leo Geffe or Bert McCrea.
Gus. Lucier, a former student or Cliema
wa, now employed at the Hoopa Valloy
Indian School, visited the school. Judging
from dll appearances congratulations are in
Bob Frank, one of our Alaskan boys is
now employed in t he saw mills ufSalem.
We learn through him that lie is gain
ing valuable lessons which will help him
to fight his way through the world.
Frank ami John LaFave .'ire spending
their vacation in the harvest fields at home.
They are both gaining in health and will
return in li e fall ready for hard earnest
Freddie Adams, the clarinet soloist is
rusticating at the '"Cooler, the hot
weather and dust of Independence did not
agree with him, and he has decided that
it is not wise to take a "French Leave"
very often.
Albert Payne is in charge of the butcher
Basket ball is one of the favorite amuse
ments of the boys during the evenings.
Ada Whitney departed the latter part of
the week to spend a few weeks at her
The younger generation, of our Bruno
family are fast taking hold of Chemawa's
schooliug. In other words they are get
ting tame.
We are in the last month of summer
and school will begin in a few weeks.
Active preprations are now underway and
provisions are being made for that time.
Mrs. Adair has her regimentof little boys
fitted out in new suits ready to begin work
the coming year. The little boys have
always made a good showing and The Old-Man-In-The-Tower
feeis proud of them.
The young ladies in the dressmaking
department are very busy making school
dresses for the girls, Miss Bagnell is cred
itably carry ng on the class work during
Miss Laufman's absence.
How To Get On.
A young man inquires : "How can I get
on in the world?" '
First get some employment for which
you are suited. Keep at it. - Learn it
from top to bottom. Excel in it. Know
more than any other man; be more effi
cient in it than any (f your competitors.
Save money. Begin to hoard the cents
if you ' cannot afford to lay by a dollar a
month. Acquire the habit of thrift. ,
Get a good reputation for honesty, trutli-fnlce.'-s,
regularity and trust worthim ss. It
is business capital. Deserve it. Don't try1
to deceive the world. Your are sure to be
found out.
Treasure your health. Avoid excesses of
any decription. Keep sober. Aiise early
sleep enough.
With a business experience, frugality, a
good reputation and health, opportunities
for advancement in prosperity are sure to
come. Ex.