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Portland Labor Press i
Sentiment of the House Is
Non-Union Men Resent a
Cut in Wages.
MEN'S $ 2 0 .0 0 OVERCOATS, $ 1 6 .0 0
MEN'S $ 1 6 .0 0 OVERCOATS, $ 1 2 .0 0
MEN’S $ 7 .75 OVERCOATS, $ 6.20
----------- :
221-223 Morrison Street, Corner First
siili fit me om statut
293 IDS3Ü03 iiu m 3
W ith entire New Store and
N ew Fixtures
An Up-to-Date Store
C o m e S e e M e • ••
F . i p t r t o p t ic ia n In t h a r i j e
O p tic a l D e p a r tm e n t
E x a m in e
Y our Eye»
F re e
T h e Io w a J e w e le r
T H IR D a n d M O R R IS O N S T S .
D ry Goods
G ents’ F u rn is h in g s
a n d Shoes
_ The Fastest Growing Store of the Northwest
: N E U S T flD T E R
m A N U F A C T U R E P .S
n if l D E
i Î -jCCHASìey^cCOTHijjg
S A L E S R O O M : S . U l. C o r n e r F i f t h
P O R T L A N D , O R E G O N , M A R C H 3 K Ì9 O 4
V ol. IV
C o rn e r G ra n d
A venue and
S ta rk
S tre e ts
E a s t T a y lo r S tr e e t
Taubenheimer $ Schmeer
Carpet and Furniture Company
166 and 168 F ir s t Street
W e show a lino of FU R N IT U R E and CARPETS, CURTAINS
and PORTIERES to fit any purse, whether it be for a PALACE
or for modest COTTAGE. — — w — b » ---------——
W e have the goods. We sell at L IV IN G PRICES, LATE8T
d o n 't see th e label, we ask you to
govern yourselves accordingly.
T he M usicians’ A ssociation of P o rt­
land, local No. 99, A. F. of M., w ish
to call the atten tio n of m em bers of
Local 99, A. F. of M.
affiliated unions and th eir friends to
the fact th a t very few o f-th e am use­
Ready for Bnsinesa.
m ent re so rts in th e N o rth E nd of the
city em ploy union m usicians.
T he
The Federated Trades Laundry
reason for this discrim ination is b e ­ is now running and ready for busi­
cause th ey can get th e other kind a ness. Your patronage is solicited.
few bits cheaper. W e call the a tte n ­ Address, Corner Quimby and 17th
tion of union men to the fact th a t the Streets. Phone, Main 1465.
m usicians label (house card) will
See that the union label is on your
hereafter be displayed in all houses
em ploying union m usicians. If you goods.
ex cepting a coterie of friends of labor
on the m a jo rity side.
R ep resen ta­
tives L ivernash, H e a rst, W ynn and
o th ers had co n ferred and prepared the
plan of action, and th ey at least ac­
com plished th e resu lt of d em o n strat­
ing to organized labor th a t the house
is n ot genuinely for legislation bene­
ficial to labor, despite reiterated so­
licitude and reso lu tio n s of sym pathy
for union m en and all who toil.
At the conclusion of the reading of
the p arag rap h s p roviding for the con­
stru ctio n of naval vessels, Mr. L iver­
nash p resen ted an am endm ent pro­
viding the m oney ap p ro p riated should
Campaign o f Delay W ill B*» Pro­ n o t be expended upon co n tracts un­ T h eir Actions a K efutation o f
A ll T h at He H hs Said
secuted U ntil Cougrea»
less the c o n tra cto rs covenanted with
A gainst Unions.
day shall prevail in th e p reparation
of m aterial and the co n stru ctio n of
the vessels provided for. O b stru c­
tion cam e instantly.
D avid M. P arry , w ho is the avowed
L ate last S atu rd ay aftern o o n the
Chairm an Foss, of the naval com ­ enem y of organized labor, is to have
national house of rep resen tativ es
m ittee im m ediately raised a point of a p ractical illu stratio n of organized
passed the naval ap p ro p riatio n bill.
o rder, th at the am endm ent was new lab o r's stren g th . Seventy-five craters
T h e shipbuilding p ro g ram of th e bill,
legislation. Mr. L iv ern ash spoke to and h an g ers em ployed by the P arry
draw n in th e in te rest of the g rea ter
th e question and read th e rules, which M an u factu rin g Com pany, at the head
navy, w as attack ed by a few rep u b ­
clearly silenced th is objection. T he of w hich is D. M. P arry , p resid en t of
licans and a m ajo rity of th e dem ocrats
th e N ational M anufacturing A ssocia­
chair o v erru led F o ss’ point.
under th e leadership of R e p resen ta­
T h e leader of the m ajo rity , Payne tion and the N ational In d u strial A s­
tive Jo h n S h arp W illiam s. T h ro u g h
of New Y ork, w as sum m oned from sociation of A m erica, struck last S at­
the efforts, how ever, of sixteen dem o­
th e cloak room and he im m ediately u rd ay on account of a cut in wages.
crats, led by R epresentatives B enney
to o k the helm to conduct the opposi- All the m en are nonunion men. T he
and H ughes of N ew Jersey, R yan,
'I m en say th ey have been cut from 72
R yder and H e a rst of New York, W ade
D alzell, F o ste r and F o ss raised to 57 cents per piece since O ctober,
of Iow a and W ynn and L ivernash
points of o rd er, one after another.! and stru ck against an additional cut
of California, enthusiastic advocates
H em enw ay m oved th a t the debate be of 2 cents.
of th e g re a te r navy, th e p ro g ram w as
lim ited to ten m in u tes w hile H uges
S tran g e as it m ay seem, the strike
carried th ro u g h ag ain st all p ro test
of New Je rse y had the floor and was now on m akes itself a direct arg u ­
and legislative hostility.
show ing th a t th e eig h t-h o u r law, now m ent against all of P arry 's assertions.
T h e building p ro g ram of the bill as
before th e com m ittee on labor, has H is principle, he says, is th a t h a r­
it passed th e house provides for one
little chance of passin g congress this m ony m ust exist betw een em ployers
b attlesh ip of 16,000 tons, tw o arm osgd
session. H u g h es w as sw ept off his and th eir individual em ployes, and
cruisers, th ree scoutships, tw o col­
feet by C hairm an O lm stead, who rec­ th a t co n tra cts can only be legitim ate
liers and ap p ro p riates $850,000 for th e
ognized P ay n e, of N ew Y ork, who w hen so ag reed upon.
T h erefo re,
purchase of subm arine to rp ed o boats.
declared th a t th e am endm ent repudi­ P resid en t P arry asserts, lab o r unions
T h e m a jo rity in th e house w ent
ated co n tra cts now in effect and gave w hich interfere w ith the freedom of
squarely on reco rd ag ain st the estab ­
th e signal fo r co n certed opposition by an individual em ploye are abnom in-
lishm ent o f th e eight-hour w o rk day sta tin g th a t it should be voted down.
able. H e has boasted th a t his factory
for m echanics em ployed on th e co n ­
P arliam en tary ta ctics w ere invoked is nonunion and th a t he has never
stru ctio n of w arships and in th e m ills to accom plish th e defeat of the
had a strik e o r lockout. F ro m this
w here arm o r plate is m anufactured.
am endm ent.
fact, w hich he has repeatedly held up,
R ep resen tativ e E. J. L ivernash of
S ubsequently R ep resen tativ es Liv­ he arg u es th a t his men are all satis­
C alifornia p u t th e house to th e te st
ern ash and H u g h es offered am end­ fied, well paid and well cared for,
by offering th e eig h t-h o u r am endm ent m ents to specific p arag rap h s of the
and co n seq u en tly strik es are unw ar­
and he w as su p p o rted by R e p re se n ta­ bill, and these w ere ruled out of o r­
ranted. By sh u ttin g out labor leaders
tives W y n n of California, H u g es of der. W h en th e o p p o rtu n ity came Mr.
he said his m en rem ained contented.
N ew Jersey , C ochran of M issouri, L ivernash rep eated the am endm ent to
But S atu rd ay ’s occurrence disjoints
Van D uzer of N evada, Jam es of K en ­ apply to the $12,000.000 appropriation
all P a r ry ’s argum ents. W hile P a rry
tucky, L ind of M innesota and o th e r fo r arm o r plate. If the house had
is in W ash in g to n m aking stren u o u s
m em bers o f the m inority.
accepted th is tho u san d of em ployes efforts to com bat the m easures now
A rrayed ag ain st the eig h t-h o u r of th e B ethlehem and Carnegie foun­
p ending in th e national legislature
am endm ent w ere P ayne of N ew Y ork, dries w ould have been given a sh o r­
w hich had th e ir inspiration in the
the leader of the dom inant p a rty ; te r w ork-day. But F o ster and Foss
ranks of organized labor, advocates
F o ss of Illinois, chairm an of the sim ultaneously raised the usual point
of th e lab o r m ovem ent am ong his
house naval com m ittee; D alzell of of o rd er and C hairm an O lm stead
ow n em ployes are expressing th eir
Pennsylvania, H em enw ay of Indiana, supplem ented th e ir efforts by an ­
disapproval of the efforts to an tag o ­
F o ster of V erm o n t and O lm stead of nouncing th a t the p arag rap h to which
nize o rganized labor. A sym pathetic
P ennsylvania, chairm an of th e com ­ it referred had alread y been passed
strike in o th e r branches of the factory
m ittee of th e whole. P halanxed by a by th e com m ittee and th erefo re could
is now th reaten ed . T h e men wrent
united m ajo rity , th ese leaders, by n o t be am ended.
to the forem an of the d ep artm en t
raisin g p o in ts of o rd er and o b stru c t­
Mr. L ivernash th en offered the pro­ and asked him to speak to the su p er­
ing m otions, defeated a provision for vision as a new p ara g ra p h to the bill,
in tendent to secure the retu rn to the
w hich th eir p a rty leaders and n ational and th is was ruled. T h en he asked
fo rm er price, but he did n ot see fit
and sta te p latfo rm s have expressed unanim ous co nsent th a t the am end­
to g ran t th e dem and of th e men. H e
the g rea test solicitude.
m ent be m ade applicable to the arm or gave them the altern ativ e of w orking
T h o u g h all organized lab o r of plate ap p ro p riatio n , and a chorus of
for the 52-cent rate or of picking up
A m erica has been for m any years pe­ o bjections from th e republican side
th eir tools and w alking out of the
titio n in g C ongress for an 8-hour law to sm othered the last chance to get the
plant. T h e men chose the latter.
apply to all w ork done for as w ell as benefit lab o r seeks.
In the offices of the com pany no
by the g overnm ent, it has nev er been
E ight-H our Bill Destined.
one w ould discuss the m atter. H o w ­
possible to get th e senate to act upon
It is n o t likely th a t an eight-hour ever, it was said th a t th e re w as no
the-bill. W h en it has passed the pub­
bill, p etitioned for by organized labor pro b ab ility of the disaffection ex ten d ­
lic, as it did in the tw o previous co n ­
d u rin g th e p ast six congresses, will ing to o th e r branches of the plant,
gresses, it has been sm othered in
and th a t th e men would n ot be al­
pass th is session.
senate com m ittee or rep o rted out in
E m p lo y ers’ associations and rep re­ low ed to retu rn . O th er m en have
the closing h ours of the session, when
sentatives of tru st m anufactories are been secrued to take the places of
it was lost in th e stru g g le over ap­
endeavoring to p ro lo n g and delay th e strikers.
p ro p riatio n s o r p rivate bills th a t in ­
com m ittee h earin g s until it will be
variably gained precedence. H ad the
too late to get the m easure before
house passed R epresentative L iver-
the senate for action.
n ash 's am endm ent, the senate w ould
O n W ednesday, F eb ru ary 23, for A Movement on Foot to Build a La­
have been forced to show its hand,
the first tim e since the opening of the
but as it is la b o r’s dem and it is left
bor Temple.
session, a quorum atten d ed the m eet­
to the m ercy of slow acting com m it­
A tw o w eeks' M ardi G ras Carnival
ing of th e senate com m ittee on edu­
tees and subject to all th e devices and
cation and labor. Jo sep h K. M cCam­ is to be given on M ultnom ah field,
subterfuges by which g reat co rp o rate
m on, atto rn e y fo r the Cram p ship­ com m encing Ju n e 28 and ending on
influences prevent th e en actm en t of
yard, argued briefly th a t th e pending th e n ig h t of Ju ly 9. I t is to be p ro ­
any law designed to benefit the w o rk ­
eig h t-h o u r m easure is u n co n stitu ­ m oted by organized labor of P o rtlan d ,
ing people of America.
tional, and C hairm an M cComas, au­ an d th e a ttractio n s a te to be p ro ­
T h e in terjectio n of the eight-hour
th o r of the bill, read in contradiction vided by th e A lfresco & L a F iesta
question b ro u g h t on the liveliest co n ­
Ju stice H a rla n ’s decision in the K an­ A m usem ent A ssociation of N ew Y ork
tro v ersy of the session of congress.
sas case, w hich sustained the consti­ and P o rtlan d .
T h e last h o u rs of the debate on the
T h e co n tract for the carnival was
tu tio n ality of the eig h t-h o u r law. T he
naval appro p riatio n bill sizzled w ith
com m ittee w ent in to executive ses­ signed last M onday evening betw een
excitem ent, w hich affected m em bers
sion and determ ined upon the follow ­ the com m ittee appointed for the pur­
and sp ectato rs.
M em bers h astened
pose by the F ed erated T ra d es Coun­
front th e cloakroom s and com m ittee ing pro ced u re;
“T h at from th is day until Saturday, cil, and A rnold & H utchin, w ho hold
room s to he on hand to vote and
M arch 12, 1904, all p ersons who favor the Pacific C oast rig h ts of the com ­
listen to th e debate. W ord passed,
o r oppose m ay subm it in w riting or pany.
M a rc o n i-lik e , th ro u g h th e co rrid o rs
T h e show which is intended will
p rin t testim o n y o r arg u m en ts, sta ­
and to the room of the judiciary com ­
tistics o r o th e r data relatin g to the be som ething new in P o rtlan d . T he
m ittee, w here the hearing on the a n ti­
in u strial featu res will be elim inated
was in p rogress. eig h t-h o u r bill: and th a t on Tuesday,
and n o th in g but am usem ent pure and
A gents, a tto rn e y - and m em bers of
sim ple will be furnished.
the various em ployers’ associations pro ceed to hear o ral arg u m en ts by
It is to be a m o n ster circus w ithout
who are in W ash in g to n opposing la­
the hippodrone and equ estrian p er­
bor legislation hurried to the g aller­
form ances.
C o rresp o n d en ts
special m itted before the oral arg u m en ts be­
An ag g reg atio n of the very finest
w riters w ho prepare an ti-lab o r p ro p ­ gin. T h e com m ittee desires to be lib-
ath letes will perform th e m ost diffi­
aganda for the C itizens' A lliance and
tru st publications kept close w atch of sides, and w ill v ery likely allow sev­ cult feats, and the show will be re­
plete w ith spectacular effects.
every m ove for and against the p ro p ­ eral days for arg u m en t, but will not
In the m ain show ten t will be 7000
osition R epresentatives of o rganized
scats. A tw o -rin g circus will run full
labor, too, gave strict heed to the subm itted later th an S aturday, March
______________ blast, w hile a spectacular p erfo rm ­
proceedings. T h e m ove was a s u r­ 17, 1904.”
ance, played by 300 people, will hold
(C ontinued on Page 8)
prise to the m em bers of the house,
the cen ter of a separate stage.
T h e lease for the use of the M ult­
nom ah field has already been signed
with th e M ultnom ah Club.
R estrictio n s, the absence of w hich
have m arred nearly all th e carnivals
and fairs held in P o rtlan d recently,
will be enforced. F o r instance, in
the m ain show ten t th ere will be no
confetti th ro w in g w hatever. T h ro u g h ­
out th e g ro u n d s confetti th ro w in g
will be restricted to those w ho do
n ot abuse the privilege.
T h e tim e of the carnival covers the
F o u rth of July. O n th a t day th e un­
ions will hold a m o n ster stree t p a­
rade, and a pyratechnical display in
the evening. A few evenings la ter
an illum inated parade will be given
that will eclipse anything ever seen
in P ortland.
T h e F ed erated T rad es com m ittee is
com posed of A rth u r Brock, chairm an,
H arry G urr, G rant M cD onald, M. E.
Gill and L. D. Reed. T his com m ittee
is endow ed w ith full pow er to p ro ­
m ote the scheme. O rganization will
be im m ediately perfected, and by the
last of April extensive ad v ertising
will be com m enced. T h e sixty-five
unions of P o rtlan d , and also the un­
ions th ro u g h o u t the N o rth w est will
be invited to co-operate and assist in
exploiting th e carnival. T h e m a tte r
will be taken to the convention of
the S tate F ederation of L abor, w hich
m eets in O regon City the first M on­
day in May, and the delegates will
be asked to in terest th eir unions in
the affair and distribute hand-bills
and po sters in their hom e tow ns.
T he nurpose of this carnival is to
raise funds for the purchase of or con­
stru ctio n of a building for a labor
temple. M any cities th ro u g h o u t the
co u n try have such buildings, w hose
population and financial stan d ing is
far below th a t of P o rtland. Besides
desirable halls are scarce in the city,
and in anticipation of the com ing
Lewis and C lark E xposition th e re is
a tendency on the p art o f landlords to
ru t w hat hall room there is into sm all
ones for the accom m odation of the
thousands of guests th a t will visit
here during the sum m er of 1905.
T h e th ree score and five unions in
the city are badly in need of a hom e
anyw ay, and it will consolidate the
m ovem ent u nder one roof.
T h ere is already a disposition on
the p a rt of m em bers t« actively en­
gage in th e m aking of this carnival
a grand success, and it will grow
to little less than unusual en th u s­
iasm as the prep aratio n s are perfected.
A little unity and a pull to g eth er
will land organized labor of P o rt­
land in a hom e of th eir own inside
of tw o years.
L E A T H E R W O R K E R S ’ U N IO N .
T h e L ea th erw o rk ers’ U nion held its
regular m eeting on the evening of
F eb ru ary 23. T hree applications for
m em bership were accepted and the
candidates initiated at m eeting of
M arch 2. T h e condition of trade has
been fair all w inter, but not quite as
good as usual. Y et there has been
only one o r tw o idle leath erw orkers
this w inter, a num ber having found
good positions outside of th e city in
sm aller tow ns. T h e houses are now
prep arin g for the spring rush of
T h e union has perfected its scale
of prices for th e ensuing year, and the
bill is now being p resen ted to the
bosses. T hq bill of prices is th e same
as th a t of last year, th e only excep­
tion being new styles which w ere not
know n last year. No trouble is an­
ticipated by the union in securing
th e signatures of the bosses to the
agreem ent.
R. H. McCallum, vice-president and
m em ber pf the in tern atio n al executive
com m ittee, is on his w ay hom e from
th e M iddle States. H e w ent to Chi­
cago a few weeks ago to atten d a
convention of the executive com m ittee
and th e L ea th erw o rk e rs’ A ssociation,
called by the latter, to devise an in­
te rn a tio n a l plan of settlin g all dis­
putes w ith o u t the use of strikes, on
the arb itra tio n plan. A form of ag ree­
m ent has been drafted and is now in
the hands of the locals for referen ­
dum vote. It will not be know n for
several weeks w hether or not the
proposition subm itted has been elect­
ed. Mr. M cCallum was last heard
from at O m aha.
T h e Can^-M akers' U nion of San
F rancisco m akes the com plaint th a t
the A m erican Can C om pany is violat­
ing the wage agreem ent en tered into
recently with the union and that no
satisfaction can be obtained from the
m anager reg ard in g the differences.
T he m a tte r has been placed in the
hands of the executive com m ittee of
the C entral L abor Council.