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    D Portland Labor Press (
T R A D E U E IO E S A R E T H E B U L W A R K S O F M O D E R E D E M O C R A C IE S — W. E . (J L A D S T O R E .
is th e m a n w h o h a s
a n a d e q u a te E n d o w ­
m e n t P o lic y i n t h e
[ equitable
Bill to Promote American
life ,
‘ Strongest in the World.”
Call or writ» for Information.
L Samuel. Manager. MS Oregonian .
Building. Portland. Orego“
H otw i thetanding that tka S Q U IT A B L B
Is »he atronggat la Ik«
world, rates are ao higher than other oompanlaa. Inform ation cheerfully
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MEN'S $ 1 5 .0 0 OVERCOATS. $ 1 2 .0 0
MEN'S $ 7 .75 OVERCOATS, $ 6.20
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¡S3 xsui;o> uu m s
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New F ixtures
An Up-to-Date Store
Com e See Me..,
e p e r t O p t ic ia n In C la a r g e o l
O p tic a l D e p a r tm e n t
lin e
F re e
T h e Io w a J e w e le r
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T H IR D a n d M O R R IS O N S T S .
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and Shoes
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j ia t a a a it a a a a a a t .a t a ia .a i.a a a a a t a t a .a t t a .a ta a t a a a t a ia
: N E U S T flD T E R
w an paw T rn ~
B R O S, i
of U N I O N
m nD B
P O R T L A N D , O R E G O N , F E B R U A R Y 19, 1904
V ol. IV
SA UH SRO O M : S . U l. C o n n e r F i l t h a n d S t a n k S tn a a ta
F A C T O R Y : C on n er G ra n d A v . n u . a n d B a s t T a y lo r S t r e e t
Thubenheimer fy Schmeer
Carpet and Furniture Company
166 a n d 166 F ir s t S treet
W e show a line of FU R N IT U R E and CARPET8, CURTAIN8
and PORTIERES to fit any purse, w hether it be for a PALACE
or for modest COTTAGE. a
— ---- — —
W e hare the goods. W e sell at L IV IN G PRICES, LATEST
The Measure Is Designed to Give
the Pacifie Ucean Back to
the White Race.
R ep resen tativ e E dw ard J. Liver-
nash has introduced in con g ress a
bill to prevent the em ploym ent of
Chinese upon A m erican vessels. T he
m easure is presented at the request
of the In tern atio n al S ailo rs’ U nion,
and is designed to give the Pacific
O cean back to th e w hite race.
F o reig n vessels th a t em ploy Chi­
nese at low wage rates have an ad-'
v antage w hich will be overcom e if
th is bill becom es a law, by reason of
a subsidy equal to the difference in
wages paid to A siatic and w hite sea­
D uring the Chinese exclusion de­
b ates tw o years ago, sim ilar provis­
ion failed, and an am endm ent to the
ship subsidy bill was proposed w ith ­
out result.
T h e objection m ade was th a t ves­
sels under the Am erican flag with
w hite tre w s w ould be com pelled to
com pete at a disadvantage w ith fo r­
eign vessels m anned by Chinese,
w hose w age rate is o n e-th ird th at of
Caucasians. T he L ivernash bill car­
rying a com pensation subsidy brings
the shipow ners face to face w ith the
proposition of w hether they prefer
Chinese to w hite seam en, o th e r con­
ditions being equal.1’
F ollow ing is the full text of the
A bill to prohibit the em ploym ent,
aboard vessels holding A m erican
reg ister of Chinese persons n ot en ­
title d
adm ission to the U nited
Be it enacted by the senate and
house of rep resen tativ es o f the U nited
S tates of A m erica in congress assem ­
bled. th a t from and after the passage
of this act it shall be unlaw ful for
any vessel holding an A m erican re g ­
ister to have or to em ploy in its crew
any Chinese p ersons not en titled to
adm ission to the U nited S tates or
into the p o rtio n of the te rrito ry of the
U nited S tates to w hich such vessel
plies, and any violation of th is p ro ­
vision shall be punishable by a fine
n o t exceeding $2 000, but said pen­
alty shall n ot accrue in the case of
an y such vessel w hich shall suffer the
loss of a p o rtio n of her crew by rea­
son of d istress or stress of w eather
in any foreign jurisdiction o r p o rt,
and shall be com pelled th ereb y to
em ploy Chinese seam en to com plete
h er com plem ent c i officers and men.
Provided, th at to relieve from said
p enalty in such cases it shall be show n
to the satisfaction of the ap p ro p riate
officer of th e U nited S tates th a t in
such foreign jurisdiction or p o rt no
seam en o th e r than Chinese w ere o b ­
tainable and th a t every such Chinese
seam an w as discharged from th e ser­
vice of such vessel im m ediately on
the arrival there of the tran sp o rt
w here seam en o th e r than Chinese
could be obtained and th at, if dis­
charged at an y p ort under the ju ris­
diction of the U nited S tates, no Chi­
nese seam an was perm itted to de­
p art from such vessel, but th a t such
Chinese seam an was fo rth w ith tra n s ­
p o rted as a passenger on such vessel
at the expense th ereo f to a foreign
p o rt and th a t no such Chinesef*srx-
man did re-en ter the service of such
vessel afte r such discharge.
Section 2—T h at any vessel holding
A m erican reg istry and d irectly and
reg u larly com peting for freight and
p assen g er traffic with any vessel or
vessels holding foreign reg istry and
reg u larly em ploying Chinese seam en
as a m a jo rity o r m ore th an a m a­
jo rity o f crew, shall, for a voyage
from and to a p o rt of the U nited
S tates, be paid out of any m oneys in
th e tre a su ry of th e U nited S tates
n o t otherw ise app ro p riated a sum
equal to th e difference betw een the
w ages usually paid to her seam en and
the ru lin g w ages w hich w ould have
been paid for corresp o n d in g service
by C hinese seam en, said sum to be
com puted by the ap p ro p riate officer
of the U n ited States.
Section a—T h a t “the ap p ro p riate
officer of the U nited S tates,” w ithin
th e m eaning of th is act, is th at officer
who is appointed for the designated
service by the secretary of com m erce
and labor of the U nited States.
Section 4—T h a t when the officer
designated by the said secretary of
com m erce and labor to m ake the
co m putation m entioned in section 3
shall have m ade such com putation the
aw ard shall be final and not subject
to review by th e judicial branch of
the governm ent of the U nited S tates:
Provided th at an appeal from said
aw ard m ay be m ade on behalf of the
vessel concerned, or by any officer of
the departm ent of com m erce and la­
b o r on behalf of the U nited S tates to
the said secretary of com m erce and la­
b o r w ithin n in ety days after the said
aw ard.
Section 5—T h at the said secretary
of com m erce and labor shall fix th e
tim e and m anner of paym ents h ere­
under, prescribe the vouchers, which
form s of accounts and verifications
upon w hich such paym ents shall be
com puted and m ade and shall p re­
scribe w hatev er regulations m ay be
necessary to ca rry into effect the pro­
visions of th is act.
Section 6— T his act shall take effect
sixty days afte r its passage.
Only Real Agency for Dissemination
of the Doctrine.
A w ord as to th e absolute necessity
of labor p apers m ay not be deem ed
in ap p ro p riate at this tim e, says the
C hattan o o g a (T en n .) L ab o r M onitor.
ft is universally adm itted th a t im ­
provem ent in th e condition of the
m asses can be accom plished only by
the developm ent of intelligence and
th o u g h t in the ranks of labor.
T he causes th a t prevent w orking
men from sh arin g fairly in the wealth
th ey produce m ust be studied and
th o ro u g h ly understo o d before there
can be anv p erm an en t im provem ent
in the condition of those w ho toil.
It m ust be seen at a glance th a t a
new spaper, published from week to
week, discussing labor questions of
cu rren t in terest, from th e standpoint
of a w o rk er and a seasoned union
m an. of one of th e oldest and best
I«,; ns in th e land, m ust necessarily
be of the g rea test possible advantage
to the cause of labor.
Such a p aper n ot only dissem inates
know ledge of the proper ch aracter,
b ut stim u lates w orkers to th o u g h t
and activ ity in th e ir own behalf.
T he daily press, with the rarest of
exceptions, can n o t be depended on
to ren d er p ro p er service to the w o rk ­
ers in the w ay of educating them up
to th e ir rig h ts or even to tell the
tru th w here th e in te rests of capital
are involved.
D aily new spapers are alw ays owned
and co n tro lled by men who, if not
alw ays in sy m p ath y with capital and
its m ethods, are at least fearful of
offending it, and, th erefo re, c jn n o t
be expected to furnish inform ation or
arg u m en ts in defense of labor and its
It is the policy of the daily new spa­
pers to side w ith the w ealthy and
pow erful, o p enly o r covertly, in every
co n test in w hich labor engages in d e­
fense of its rig h ts o r for the b e tte r­
m ent of its conditions, and to always
be careful th a t it subserves the in ­
te re sts of capital and not labor.
Tt is not n ecessary to enlarge on the
point or to cite exam ples to prove the
co rrectn ess of o u r assertion. E very
in tellig en t union m an know s th is as
well as we do.
All this m ig h t be changed and will
be changed w henever labor so wills
it. Tt is o nly n ecessary fo r lab o r to
learn to stand by its friends as
staunchly as th e co rp o ratio n s stand
by theirs. T h a t’s all.
But until th a t day com es th e re will
exist a necessity for distinctively la­
b o r papers.
W o rk in g men have tw o w ays of
su p p o rtin g th e ir labor p aper—by su b ­
scribing for it them selves and by p a t­
ro nizing those busfness and p ro fes­
sional m en w ho use its advertising
colum ns.
T h ere can be n o th in g m ore vital to
y o u r best in te rest no d uty th a t is
m ore incum bent on you, th an th at
you p ro tect, fo ster and sustain it.
Four thousand shale miners in
Scotland have been locked out. They
refused to arbitrate in a dispute over
higher wages.
Beady for BusinesH.
The Federated Trades Laundry
ia now running and ready for busi­
ness. Your patronage is solicited.
Address, Corner Quimby and 17th
Streets. Phone, Main 1406.
No. 2 8
tal rights. T h a t m an or p arty th a t
stands for th is eight-hour law will go
dow n to defeat. Civilized society will
not perm it socialism to o v erth ro w
gov ern m en t.”
P resident G om pers, replying to A t­
to rn ey D av en p o rt’s asp eratio n upon
union men and th eir rep resen tatives,
shot harsh w ords straig h t at his op­
“ Mr. D avenport tells you th a t we
are all socialists, law -breakers and
rio te rs,” Mr. G om pers rem arked.
“ Such as he created th e socialists.
L et nie inform th is com m ittee th a t
the A m erican F ederation of L abor
has repeatedly and overw helm ingly
Hearst and Gompers la k e Vig­ frow
ned down socialism w ithin th e
orous Reply to Corpora­
organization, which now has a m em ­
tion Counsel.
bership of over 2,0 00,0 00 w orkingm en
and women.
“W e com e' here and give our cre­
dentials. You know w ho we rep re­
T h e hearing before the house com ­ sent, b ut he appears as th e spokes­
m ittee on labor last week was in te r­ man of secret com binations. H e ac­
estin g and instructive.
cuses us of crim es and violence and
R epresentative W illiam Randolph union men sit here and are com pelled
H e a rst and Samuel G om pers, p resi­ to listen. W e are never first w ith
dent of the A m erican F ed eratio n of incrim ination, but we m ust and do re ­
L abor, effectively replied to criticism sent. W e are called ‘b lath ersk ites’
of the m ovem ent to b rin g about the and o th e r ep ith ets.”
eight-hour w orking day in g o v ern ­
“ Mr. D avenport did not apply those
m ent contracts.
term s to you p ersonally,” in terru p ted
A ttorney
D avenport, of I Com m itteem an H ughes.
B ridgeport, rep resen tin g
w hat
“ I w ant no im m unity th a t is n o t
referred to as "secret o rg an izatio n s” given to my friends and associates,”
antagonistic to organized labor, vio­ i continued Mr. G om pers. “ D avenport
lently condem ned all labor unions and . cannot disassociate organized labor
declared th at th e sh o rter w orkday
I from crim e, yet it is know n to every
m ovem ent is the culm ination of so­ , --tudent th at w here organized labor is
cialistic tendency in organized labor. stro n g est, th e re is the g rea test in-
He asserted frequently and unequivo­ ' dustrial peace.
cally th a t the eig h t-h o u r day, if m ade
• “ D avenport does not tell you who
general, m eant serious injury, if not
i his principals are; he rep resen ts se-
absolutely ruin, to all business in te r­
i cret organization. H is opposition to
ests. D avenport declared th at it was
i this bill is only incidental. W h e r­
im possible successfully to conduct
ever an y thing is being done to lighten
large business concerns w here the
the burden upon m ankind, to p ro tec t
w orkday is lim ited to eight h o u rs;
the w eak and raise the stan d ard of
th a t industrial conditions are sim ilar
A m erican life there you will find such
to m ilitary conditions, and an y th in g
men as D avenport in opposition. H e
that tends to m odify these relations
sneeringly and sarcastically refers to
and lim it the co n tro l of the direct-
o u r sentim ental desire for m ore leis­
“ N ot as a law yer,” said Represen-
ure th a t we may m ake our hom es
ing mind insures disaster,
b etter, read m ore books and visit
tative H earst, “but as an em ployer,
m ore parks. H e calls th a t the ty ­
I should like to ask you in w hat way
ranny of labor. It m akes it ty ran n y
you th in k any essential liberty of ac­
to w ant the o p p o rtu n ity to make our
tion of the em ployer is d estro y ed by
lives and hom es b rig h ter ”
labor o rg an izatio n .”
"M r. D avenport tells you th at he
“T h e fundam ental relatio n s of em ­
has devoted tw o years to stu dying
ployer and em ployee a re ch anged,”
the labor question. W e set against
L aw yer D avenport answ ered, “and
that o u r entire lives. He speaks of
the eight-hour day is one of the re ­
L et
sults w hich tend to b rin g the finan­ inquiries at industrial centers.
me suggest th at his inquiries were
cial and social d isaster.”
“All of m y people w ork on the m ade w here la b o r is unorganized.
eight-hour schedule,” Mr. H earst said, T he record here refutes the sta te ­
"and none of these relatio n s are m ent made at form er hearings con­
cern in g the B ethlehem steel w ork­
“ It is v oluntary th en ,” D avenport ers.”
"A nd the answ er th e re to —" in te r­
replied. “A nything which w eakens
Mr. M cGam m on. the rep re­
the em ployer's co n tro l o r . disturbs
o f C ram ps shipyard.
fundam ental relatio n s is bound to
"D o you m ean to infer th at I am
bring failure. Some one m ust be the
boss. If you can n o t conduct your not telling the tru th ? " asked Mr.
business m ore th an eight hours a day G om pers.
"T h ere you go, alw ays w ith a chip
you are helpless.”
“My new spapers run tw enty-four on your sh o u ld er,” the law yer re­
hours daily,” Mr. H e a rst resum ed, plied. “ I intend no asp eratio n .”
“No, but you intended a denial to
"but individuals w ork only eight
hours. I find no difficulty in co n d u ct­ ap p ear in the record. I know Judge
ing my new spapers and sta rtin g new M cGam m on very well, much b etter
than he thinks. H e is like the m em ­
ones on the sh o rt day basis.”
of congress w ho alw ays bobs up
"Y ou are fo rtu n a te ,” said Mr. D a­
“ My inform ation is th a t to get into the reco rd ,” said Mr.
these changes in in d u strial econom ics, G om pers.
Capital Attacks the Eight
Hour Measure.
when the em ployer loses control,
b rin g failure. If you are in th e con­
trol of these labor associations, you
are not free.”
"F u ndam ental relatio n s are not
changed,” said Mr. H ea rst, “and the
associations do n o t in terfere w ith
proper and legitim ate co n tro l of men.
I have all the co n tro l necessary for
the conduct of m y b usiness.”
A tto rn ey D avenport d ropped this
feature of the question and took up
the legal phases of the bill under
consideration, m ain tain in g that the
m easure was loosely fram ed, indefi­
nite as to its o bject and im posed u n ­
necessary burdens.
R epresentatives H u g h es, Gobel and
G ilbert discussed th e question of the
co n stitu tio n ality
w ith the attorney.
In the course of his arg u m en t A t­
to rn ey
D avenport often
slightingly and sarcastically to re p ­
resen tativ es of organized labor and
spoke of them as “b la th ersk ites" and
inciters of offenses ag ain st the laws.
H e assured the com m ittee th a t he
had spent tw o years as th e agent of
a secret association in v estig atin g the
industrial conditions of A m erica and
had found th at n eith er em ployers nor
em ployes w anted sh o rte r w orking
“T his labor m ovem ent is a great
social disease w hich is d estro y in g
the vitals of in d u stry ,” he declared.
“All or nearly all th e leaders are
socialists, and th e y are preaching
doctrin es w hich paralyze fundam en­
T h e M usicians' A ssociation of P o rt­
land, local No. 99, A. F. of M., w ish
to call the atten tio n of m em bers of
affiliated unions and th eir friends to
the fact th at very few of the am use­
m ent reso rts in the N orth End of the
city em ploy union m usicians.
T he
reason for this discrim ination is b e ­
cause they can get the o th er kind a
few bits cheaper. W e call the a tte n ­
tion of union men to the fact th at the
m usicians label (house card) will
h ereafter be displayed in all houses
em ploying union m usicians. If you
d o n ’t see the label, we ask you to
govern yourselves accordingly.
Local 99, A. F. of M.
T he reg u lar m o nthly social and
dance conducted by the m em bers of
No. 162 and th eir ladies was repeated
last T u esd ay evening.
T he union
m eeting was th erefo re of sh o rt d u ra­
tion early in the evening. T h ere was
an unusual large crow d and ev ery ­
body had a good tim e. T h ese socials
are becom ing m ore popular all the
tim e and gives life to the o rg an iz a­
tion. T he dance continued until a
late hour, and all w ent hom e an tici­
p atin g with pleasure the next one.
W hatever you tray, examine it to eee
It M ara the union label. I f it
M * eux