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Illinois Valley News, Cave Junction, OR Wednesday, June 2, 2004
She snatches handfuls of cat food and dog food
from their bowls, and, with a shy smile, delicately
samples the haul. She even hands some to the appro-
priate animals, who watch her with open mouths and
lolling tongues.
She splashes with great purpose and good aim in
the dogs’ water bowl. When she wants to say, “Thank
you,” she exclaims, “Hanks!” She knows lots of
words, and has little problem asking for food, drink or
She has enough energy to power a nuclear subma-
rine, and two destroyers on the side. “She” is grand-
daughter, Natalie, 21 months old thankyouverymuch,
and kindly get out of her way: She has important busi-
ness down the hall. Or just outside the door. Or in the
next room. Just get out of the way.
Came all the way by infant seat from Carlsbad in
San Diego County to honor us with a visit. And we
are indeed honored that anyone would endure some
900 miles for that visit.
Got a stack of magazines or children’s books? Our
beautiful Natalie, who has already worked twice as a
model and has her own bank account, will take care of
them for you. She’ll examine each of them carefully,
then nonchalantly toss them one-by-one onto the floor
with reckless abandon. They seem to look better to
her in disarray than in orderly fashion.
We have a small pond with too many goldfish,
and Natalie is always eager to feed them and their
greedy gaping mouths at the end of the day. She grabs
gobs of fish food and tosses it into the pond. At least
most of it. Then she carefully lobs the container into
the pond. PaPa (that’s me) gets flat, removes a shoe,
stretches and retrieves the floating container, and
hands it back to Natalie. She immediately throws it
back into the water. Hey, it’s a new game!
Natalie comes into our room and climbs into bed
with NaNa (that’s Jan). But not for long. She finds
something of interest in about 12 seconds that re-
quires her to slide off the bed. Then climb back on.
Then off. (It’s the energy noted above, plus great curi-
osity.) Likely it’s a favorite children’s book that she
wants NaNa to read to her. Or perhaps a container of
nail polish, and she either wants someone to read the
label to her or take care of her nails.
Her vocabulary is growing greatly. In fact, she can
count from one to 10 in Spanish, always finishing
with, “Diez!” and holding up both arms as though she
just scored a football touchdown. As every grandpa’
and grandma’ knows, their grandchildren are the best.
So it is with Natalie Kaplan, daughter of our daughter,
Vicki, and her loving husband, Matt.
Oh yeah, Matt and Vicki were here too. But
they’ll have to wait for their story.
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Illinois Valley News
An Independent Weekly Newspaper Co-owned and
published by Robert R. (Bob) and Jan Rodriguez
Bob Rodriguez, Editor El Jefe
Entered as second class matter June 11, 1937 at Post
Office as Official Newspaper for Josephine County and
Josephine County Three Rivers School District, published
at 321 S. Redwood Hwy., Cave Junction, OR 97523
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Post Office Box 1370 USPS 258-820
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Volume 66, No. 11
Staff: Cindy Newton, Chris Robertson,
Michelle Binker, Shane Welsh,
Becky Loudon & Kacy Clement
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commentary expressed in let-
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Wake up America
From J.D. Freeman
Cave Junction
A foreign nation has
conquered us. Why do you
think that prices keep go-
ing up and up - including
the price of gasoline?
The reason is a surplus
of false “money.”
In 1913 the Federal
Reserve Act was passed in
violation of the U.S. Con-
stitution. Specifically Arti-
cle 6, paragraph 2; Article
I, Section 8, Clause 5; and
the 10th Amendment. Thus
a foreign-controlled corpo-
ration controls the value of
our “money.”
People should look
these up and study them.
Also, learn the 10th Sec-
tion of Article I.
The act establishing a
mint on April 2, 1792 has
not been repealed. Section
9 defines the “Dollar” as
371 1/4 grains weight of
pure silver. All coins ex-
cept the nickel and the
penny are to be made of
silver. Yet today they are
made of copper or zinc,
merely slugs. Quarters and
dimes are coated to look
like silver, proving that we
are being deceived. A
worthless piece of paper
claims to be a “dollar.”
Our so-called “money”
is created out of thin air by
the lender writing figures
on a piece of paper. This is
credited to your account,
and you write more figures
on worthless paper or use a
credit card. All pure imagi-
Article I, Section 10,
“No State shall… make
anything but gold and sil-
ver coin a tender in pay-
ment of debts…”
When the state speci-
fies a certain price for
taxes, registration, permit,
license or fine, it becomes
a debt until paid. Since
there is no money in circu-
lation, none of these can be
Because certain of our
ancestors allowed them-
selves to be deceived or
forced into passing the
Federal Reserve Act, we,
the children, suffer.
“My people are de-
stroyed for lack of knowl-
edge: because you have
rejected knowledge, I will
also reject you… seeing
you have forgotten the law
of your God, I will also
Singing Loom
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P.O. Box 1370, Cave Junction, OR. 97523
‘Mad TV’
From Larry Herman
Cave Junction
To the many who have
given their lives, I salute
To those who would
give their lives in the fu-
ture, I caution them. They
are true patriots and have
wakened the country to the
enemy within.
A rogue government
has robbed their minds and
bodies; it’s time to take
back their lives.
To those who have
died, having been misled
by their unelected officials,
I mourn.
It’s a fact. It’s easy for
a government to do awful
things in the name of truth.
While all the time lying
with a smirk on their faces.
It’s time to wipe the
smirk off their mugs, be-
fore would-be dictators
become so in fact. The
only theater of operations
these bozos should act
upon is “Mad TV.”
My own brother,
picked up for vagrancy
(homelessness), was raped
in prison. This has de-
stroyed his life. The abuse
is a course that runs
through physical, mental,
sexual, and economic re-
Almost two million
people are being held in
U.S. prisons and jails.
Many of them work, re-
ceiving a wage. On the low
end, figures like 47-cents
an hour are not uncom-
mon. Who profits? Isn’t
this the same question
we’re asking about Iraq?
American Express and
General Electric (owner of
NBC - our news filterer)
own stock in private pris-
Are our investments in
the stock market support-
ing more abuse? AT&T,
Sprint, and MCI charge
inmates six times the rates
everyone else is charged to
make a phone call.
Chevron, TWA, and
Victoria’s Secret rely on
prison labor for data entry,
to book telephone reserva-
tions, and make lingerie at
23-cents an hour.
The Federal Prison
Industries Inc. (UNICOR)
forces inmates to engage in
the production of missile
and bomb parts, and other
military materials, to be
used overseas. Are these
the same materials used in
Iraq? Isn’t this the same
strategy that was used in
Nazi Germany?
In a time when our
unemployment rate is so
high, why are corporations
contracting for labor so
cheaply, in prisons and
other countries, when jobs
are needed right here in the
United States?
The course of abuse
flows into our living rooms
daily. We see it in Iraq, our
prison system, and we see
it in our pocketbook. Now
is the time to ask for an
accounting by those higher
up in the chain of com-
Now is the time to ask
for transparency and a fun-
damental change in doc-
trine, not just in Iraq, but
here at home.
What’s abuse?
From Debra Cleary
Cave Junction
I agree that our prisons
are places where abuse is
rampant. It’s difficult not
to make the connection to
the abuses in Iraq.
On Memorial Day for remembering loss, honor and
service it is not unpatriotic to long for a time
when the soldier will not have to die and when
honor and service might be measured in the
eradication of poverty and ignorance.
‘The Boston Globe’
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dren.” (Hosea 4:6).
We are the children.
And if we refuse to learn,
we deserve our fate. We
must understand man’s
law. Most, if not all courts
today are under Admiralty
jurisdiction. Use of the
Constitution is forbidden
today in these courts.
Wake up America;
there’s a lot to learn. If we
would be free, we must
have knowledge. Igno-
rance and slavery go hand
in hand. We cannot be ig-
norant and free.
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Cave Junction
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