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Wednesday, May 19, 1999
ASG Constitution
should be changed to
promote democracy
TI he ClAckAMAS P rìnt
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A little-known clause in the Constitution of the Associated
Students of Clackamas Community College reared its ugly head
this week. Many students didn’t realize that, during the Associ­
ated Student Government elections, it was not possible to con­
test the results of the election.
The clause in the con-
I— d ¡TO D ¡ A
I stitution reads, “An elec-
L_ U I I O lx I A L tions committee shall be
r v J b cMhbr
established to conduct a
hearing upon submission of a written complaint... [A] challenge
of the voting process must be filed prior to the beginning of the
tallying process” (Section IX - Elections Challenge Process).
In other words, a written challenge to the election must be
submitted to the ASG before the ballot is counted.
Originally, this was to keep people from contesting the elec­
tion simply because they disliked the results. Currently, though,
the ASG counts the votes immediately after the polls have closed,
so there is no opportunity to contest the election.
This year, the ASG advertised that the elections would run
until 8 p.m. so that night students could vote. On Tuesday, the
ASG closed the ballot boxes early; around 6 p.m.
“We’d been open for about 45 minutes prior to closing down
on Tuesday; only two or three people came up to vote,” said
Let me preface this by saying transcript was Friday, May 7.
midterm, I should be allowed to
ASG Vice President Bryan Fuentez.
that I don’t have any problems
My instructor handed midterm drop the class without repercus­
Unfortunately, several night students claimed that they came with the grades I get. I deserve grades back on Monday, May 10. sions, and take, the class at a later
down to vote during a break in their class. They each stated whatever I’ve worked for and re­
whom they would have voted for, and they were angry that they ceived.
Most of the classes I take
Unfortunately, the college
were prevented from voting.
But I’d still like a way
seems to disagree with me.
While their votes wouldn’t have been enough to change the out if I totally flub up.
Instead of changing the with­
e in a
results of the election, these students were deprived of their
Unfortunately, when
drawal deadlines, why can’t we
right to be involved in the democratic process. And who knows— the midterm came back
change the dates that teachers
were there more students affected than those who complained? in one of my classes, I
give midterms? It’s currently the
This raises a question. Should the voting policy be changed? discovered that I didn’t
teacher’s free choice as to when,
It is the opinion of The Print that any policy that prevents stu­ have a way out.
or if, they give midterms. Many
dents from taking part in a democratic process is fatally flawed.
The «college has
other colleges and universities
The fact that the ASG didn’t stick to its word is also part of the deadlines for with­
have established midterm weeks,
drawing from a class. Your last don’
or at least a deadline for mid­
The ASG must change this policy as soon as practicable. Al­ chance to withdraw and get your have a lot
low students to contest elections that they believe are flawed as money back was the end of the of tests or
Why can’t Clackamas have
part of the democratic experience, or students will lose faith in second week in the term.
such a system, and why can’t we
Your last chance to get out of measure­
democratic processes.
set the dates for midterm evalua­
a class without a ‘W’ on your ments of
tions early enough that students
would still be able to withdraw
before the midterm. There’s no afterwards?
way to find out if I’m actually
This system would require mini­
learning the material in the mal effort on the part of the in­
class, or if I’m just taking up structors, teachers, and depart­
space and the subject is flying ments at Clackamas, and would
over my head.
allow students to save them­
Since I had no evaluation be­ selves from a possibly damaging
fore the midterm, and I didn’t find grade. Why hasn’t it been insti­
out that I was totally missing the tuted already?
point of the class until after the
Exams should be returned
before students are trapped
To B
WB kamas . P rint
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