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TL ie CI ac I< amas P rìnt
Wednesday, April 28,, 1999
Students broaden horizons
International Week highlights different cultures
International Week
International Week will be heldMay
4-6 from 10a.rn.-2p.rn. in Gregory Fo­
rum. Thisisatimeforstudentstoedu-
cate themselves on different cultures.
Ellen Wolfson, International student
advisor, is coordinating the week's
"I think this is a chance for people
to learn about the differences and com­
monalities aboutpeople from other cul­
tures," says Wolfson. "Clackamas is
starting to have representatives from
all around the world, and this is a time
when we can celebrate that"
Each day, during the week, will be
dedicated to a different region of a
country. Variousclubsandforeignlan-
guage classes will perform music, re­
cite poems, and illustrate their culture
of choice.
The French class will come on at
approximately 11 a.m. First-yearand
second-y ear French students will sing
songs together. Heidi Cropsey, French
teacher at Clackamas, will be introduc­
ing the different activities performed
by the French students. The second-
year French class will be putting on
the majority of the show. They will
recite poems in English and French.
The two poems that will be read are
’ .
•May 4-6
• European, Native American,'Latin American,
Spanish, African and Asian cultures
• Music, Poems, Fairy Tales, Food
Tuesday, May 4
This day will be devoted to Europe.
On this day, both German and French
classes will be participating. The day
will start with music played by students
from the German class. There will be a
quintet of horns including oboe, bas­
soon, clarinet, and other instruments.
Jennifer Schmidt will be featured. Af­
ter that, songs from Estonia will be fea­
• Gregory Forum
TONI MCMICHAEL / Clackamas Print
Native American James Greeley, in preparation for International
Week, plays his flute for passersby in Randall Hall.
Derriain (Tomorrow') and Liberte (lib­
erty'). They will also put on skits and
read nursery rhymes. Twoofthesec-
ond-year students will act out the mo­
tions of two poems. They will be
dressed in 1950’s attire. The two po­
ems are titled Dejeuner de Matin
(Breakfast) andPourtoi, Mon amour
(For you, my love). All French stu­
dents will sing La Marseillaise and
second-year students will sing II
FaudraLeurDire with solos by Daisy
Hart and Tim Mellin. Two students
from the second-year class will act out
nursery rhymes or ‘confines’ as the
French call them. These nursery
rhymes are set to music, so the stu­
dents will dance.
"I think that ifwe can pull this off, it
will be a great performance," says
After the French students are fin­
ished with their performances, the
French club will be selling food. All
profits will benefit the French club:
L’aventure Française. They will be
selling crepes with strawberries and
cream, quiche, and green salad.
The German students will start near
noon. Dick Stones, German instructor
at Clackamas, has coordinated most
of die activities, and according to him
this will be a great performance. Both
first-yearand second-year German stu­
dents will put on a comedic German
play. Students from the second-year
class will read German poetry. Every­
one will sing German songs. Thepo-
eins that will be read range from die
Romantic Era to the Age of Realism.
Also, poems by Rilke and Goethe are
likely to be heard. Goethe is a very fa­
mous German, a brilliant author and
After the poetry, German students
will sing songs. The songs will in­
clude Alle Vögel sind schon da (All
the Birds Returned Again), Du, du
liegst mir im Herzen (You, YouLivein
My Heart Dear), Lustig ist das
Zigeunerleben (AHappy Gypsy Life),
Abschied-Mussldenn (Departure-
Must I Go?), and the traditional Edel­
weiss. After the German performance,
the German club will sell food. All prof­
its will benefit the German club. They
will be selling sausage, sauerkraut,
chips and drinks.
After the German classes put on
their part ofthe show, John Nilsen will
play the piano for all to enjoy. He will
play both traditional and non-tradi-
tional songs.
Wednesday May 5
Cinco de Mayo
This day will be devoted to Native
America, Latin America, and Spain.
Both first-year and second-year stu­
dents will participate in this day of cel­
ebration and joyous occasion to pro-
moteSpanish culture. David Miller and
Carol Ficht, Spanish instructors at
Clackamas are taking part in this day
by encouraging their students to par­
To start off the day, there will be nu­
merous music performances. Features
include guitar and clarinet duet, and
violin and clarinet duet Therewillbe
Spanish music all day long. The Span­
ish students are hoping for a really
good Mariachi band. David Miller is
confident he can arrange a band, but
some students are wondering if there
is till time before the event
The Spanish students will also put
together a story coma-that will involve
Spanish fairy tales. This should be
very enjoyable for young children, or
students that have young children.
The second-year Spanish students
will recite poems that they have been
studying in class. After the perfor­
mances, the Spanish club will sell food.
They are looking for Latino students
to cook authentic Mexican food. “Oth­
erwise we win have to get Taco BeU,”
says Christina Vann.
Vann also says that they aren’t very
prepared this year. In previous years
the Spanish portion of International
Week has been exemplary, so they are
hoping this year wiU be the same.
Thursday, May 6
Ulis day wfil be dedicated to Africa
and Asia. On this day there will be
native artifacts on display. Also, per­
formers from Portland’s Japanese
Magnet School will be there. Obo
Addi, African Drum musician, wifl per­
form fw our enjoyment
"This is great exposure: one day you
can listen to an African drummer, and
the next day you can be a part of some­
thing German," says Wolfson. "Bea
part of the celebration, and go to this
For additional information
on this event, or to get a pro­
gram, call ext. 2813 or ext.
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