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Wednesday, April 14, 1999
H he CI ac U mas P rint
The King is dead;
long live the King
that Lewis is a hero of mine, it
should come as no surprise to
learn that I suffer the same
But though intellectualism is
invaluable for awak-
ening the mind, it is
less potent in awak­
tar of an
ening the heart. I
wish, this week, not
to present reasoned
arguments or compel­
ling cases for Christ’s
resurrection —
though such exist—
but merely to throw light
ing, returned to the
on my own experience,
grind. It is easy to take
and let them with ears to
Easter for granted, even
hear, hear.
for those, like me, who
We are afraid. We do
find great significance
not speak of these
in the events com­
memorated in this Christian fes­ things, of deep joy and ferocious
tival disguised in pagan clothing. love and wild peace, because we
This year was different. There fear the scorn of rationalists, we
was an odd convergence, a com­ fear the shame of appearing fool­
bination of elements that threw ish, and, above all, we fear the
demand upon our life of the
Easter into radiant light.
I had the opportunity to attend claims of Christ. Nietzsche de­
a Good Friday service at my choir clared in despair that God is
director’s Lutheran church. My dead, but we repeat it in relief,
own Baptist comrades seldom glad of the removal of our awe­
practice such rituals, being sus­ some responsibility.
But I would speak of Him. I
picious of anything that smacks
of a formalized “liturgy” (seldom would speak of the deep love of
realizing that we practice a liturgy the God who stoops to conquer,
of our own, if a less elegant one). who reaches down to draw man
The beauty and gravity of the up. In every act of his earthly
service struck a chord deep life, in the blood and sorrow of
within me. The time for contem­ his dying woe, and now in tri­
plation, not of the Resurrection, umph, forever unsealing the
but of the death of Christ was grave, he calls out: “Come to me.
rich and meaningful. The mood, My peace I give to you. In the
music and candlelight all helped world you will have trouble, but
create an atmosphere where each take heart: I have overcome the
soul could in its way draw near world.”
That is the joy I have found. It
to God.
The suffering of Christ is of­ was renewed this Easter as I
ten discussed, but I think it is worshipped the God who has
not so often felt. The humilia­ drawn me to Himself. I ask for
tion, pain, spiritual wretched­ nothing but that the reader come,
ness and just pure alone-ness as I did, to the cross of Jesus of
of Jesus as he was tortured and Galilee, and look into the eyes,
killed are hardly real to us. But the face of one who bore our sor­
Good Friday helped to make it rows and died that we may live.
real to me. I spent time in con­ If you then can turn away, so be
templation and in fervent it.
I leave you with the words of
prayer. The presence of God
in my life was awakened as it Isaac Watts: “See, from his head,
his hands, his feet, sorrow and
had not been in weeks.
C.S. Lewis once confessed, love flow mingled down. Did e’er
“My own work has suffered very such love and sorrow meet, or
much from the incurable intellec­ thorns -compose so rich a
tualism of my approach.” As crown?” I show you a more ex­
many have no doubt guessed cellent way.
Two Sundays ago, a little holi­
day snuck by. Some fasted.
Some prayed. Some sang. And
some merely slept in, ate some
chocolate and, Monday morn-
• • •• • •••••••••• • *-• •••••••••••• • • •
Dr. Spew and Adam Corona
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TV, TV everywhere
... and not a show to see
I spent last Wednesday home SPRING BREAK coverage, which
sick. For most of the day, I means 24 hours per day of scant­
watched television, and I was a ily clad women. Pause. Click.
little shocked at what I saw. Or
The History Channel: 20th Cen-
rather, what I didn’t see.
With our basic cable, I
e iN a
have access to approxi­ To
mately 40 or 50 channels.
I started surfing around 11
er ect WoRld
a.m., at the local channels.
The plot on the soaps KARLKATZKE
hadn’t progressed since Associate Editor
my last sick day, so I
didn’t waft around. Click.
I blasted right through the tury
kids’ shows. Click. I paused a Mike Wallace.
second on the Discovery Chan­ Finally, some­
nel until I saw that it was another thing that I
showcase for wild animals hav­ could watch
ing lunch... I find it amazing that and
even the Discovery Channel has something from, without being
to resort to violence to lure view­ exposed to sexual axe murderers
ers. Click.
or something better. Then Mr.
I actually paused long enough Wallace introduced the subject
on CNN to hear the newscaster of the show - Mass Murders.
sound amazed that NATO bombs Click.
hit the ground. Click.
Oh, for goodness sake. Maybe
Isn’t the idea of MTV to show the sci-fi channel would have
videos? They were replaying their something remotely intelligent.
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News Editor:
Until “UFO sightings in Florida”
came on. There an old woman in
a muumuu... “Yep, it landed
raight over thar a ways... It was
big, and that thar’s where the
li’l green men were...”
I’d rather hear more about the
New Carissa. Gag.
Why do television program­
mers think that viewers are stu­
pid? It’s not that I’m particularly
brilliant, or that I think deep
thoughts for fun. I leave that
kind of stuff to my colleague Mr.
Shempert or the infamous in­
structor Dean Darris.
I felt utterly insulted by what
I saw that morning. Apparently,
most American viewers want
death and mayhem to be the fo­
cus of their television. With this
kind of programming on at the
same time as the kid's shows,
considering the fact that any kid
can operate a remote control, and
taking into account the fact that
most parents use the television
See Television, page 3
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