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Jan. 28, 1998
Clinton's alleged love affair...
Clinton's personal life should Question #1: Do you think it should matter whether or not
not affect his presidency
President Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky?
Staff Writer
Question #2: Does a President’s morality affect his ability
to lead a nation?
What is going on down Bill Clinton’s pants is none of my
business. If he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky it’s none
of my business either. In fact, I’d rather not know.
I recognize that there is a problem with the way that Clinton
has handled the allegations of adultery or sexual misconduct.
The important question is: if the allegations are true, did in
fact Clinton lie to cover up his affair?
I don’t think that by any means
the President of the United States should
be impeached because he participated in
a sexual act with someone other than
Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s choices to mess
around with someone shrink his credibil­
ity, but they do not warrant his impeach­
Many Americans are or have
been participants in adultery. Don’t get
Bill Clinton me wrong; I’m not advocating adultery,
but affairs are common. Before we kick
is just
Clinton out of office, we should look at
ourselves and the affairs Americans are in­
himself to volved in.
Bill Clinton is just proving him­
be human. self to be human. I’ve made mistakes in
my life, as I know everybody else has. A
natural way that people cover up their mis­
is to lie about it as if it never hap­
pened. I think that those who lie need to
Staff Writer
be accountable for what really happened.
When it all comes down to it, you have to
ask yourself if you are being true to your word.
So, let’s speculate that Clinton had more than one affair.
Oh no. I don’t think that our nation will come crashing down
because Clinton was not faithful to his wife. What I think will
happen is that he will lose a lot of credibility and trust from
the people who elected him President. This makes me sad to
know because it will be hard for him to make up this loss to
the nation. With a camera in his face and the media crashing
down on him, he has little chance to redeem himself.
An affair alone is not enough to boot the President out of
Office. An attempt to cover up the truth, however, is enough
to make me want to see him impeached. When Clinton crosses
the line of honesty and betrays his country with dishonesty I
would be for impeaching him.
Up until now, however, allegations of an affair do not turn
me away from believing Clinton still has the ability to be our
President. I believe that he is capable of doing his job prop­
erly and that he has the skills to make national decisions. I still
see Bill Clinton as the family-loving, honest man the majority
of us Americans put in office.
Clinton says he didn’t do it and is thereby standing alone on
his words. In the end when there is nothing left, all you have
is your word. I will stand by the President and believe that he
is speaking the truth.
The Clackamas Print Staff
19600 S. Molalla Ave. Oregon City, OR 97045
1. “I don’t think it should really mat­
ter. I just think they 're trying to dredge
up stuff on him like they do with every
President. If he did I guess it would be
a big deal, but if he didn’t, I guess they
should just leave it at that. ”
2. “To a point...if it’s true to fact,
yes...but if it’s somebody dredging
something up, then no. ”
Robert Hollister
1. “No. I don’t think it matters. I think
1. “I don’t think so much the affair, just - it’s unimportant. ”
the part about him lying or him hav­
ing her lie for him. He’s the President 2. “I think the morals of one person,
as long as they’re not pushing their
and he shouldn’t be. lying. ”
morals onto another person, has no ef­
2. "Probably a little bit, just because fect on whether they’re a good leader
he’s in charge of everybody and he or not. ”
makes all the big decisions, so I would
think his background and his morality
should count a little bit. ”
Gregg Matteucci
Student Access Senator A
Tiffany Smidt
1. “I don’t think it really does. He’s
there to do a job and get it done; this
can’t hinder him, but I think the main
purpose in him being President is to
run the United States. ”
Information gathered
by Laura Armstrong
Photos by Timothy
2. “Yes it can. There are those type of
people who take that side, the moral­
ity side, and there are those types that
just don’t really care. So it’s kind of
halfway down the line, so yes, I think
it (morality) does matter. ”
Dan Esquivel
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