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Nov. 26th, 1997
Campus A&E
Hollywood promises a scary Christmas
Painting Exhibit
The work of Ann Shiogi will be
on display In the Pauling Gallery
through Dec. 10. Shiogi has done
oil and wax on hemp paintings,
and four drawings.
“What you see is the residue of
wheels moving through dirt and
probably pigeon guano and some
wheat paste mixed with graphite,”
Shiogi said. “The drawings were
cut down, laminated to rice paper
and made into scrolls which I felt
was consistent with the lifestyle
and methodology of the drafts­
Move over Sigourney-Winona's here!
Movie: Alien Resurrection
Release Date: Nov. 26
Rating: R
Bottom Line: Looks like a great show, but for Thanksgiving?
Alien Resurrection is the fourth installment in the line of Alien
movies. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, and the ever-
ferocious aliens, Resurrection promises thrills, chills, and quality
kills. Weaver, who is now living and with a full head of hair
thanks to amazing DNA technology, battles a stowaway alien
with "Little Woman" turned-buff mechanic Ryder. The newborn
alien raises quite a stink for the two husky women who obviously
do more than change its diapers. This movie actually shows
some promise, so if you enjoyed the alien carnage of the previous
three movies, go and see it.
Assemblage Sculpture
Theresa Mistretta’s assem­
blage sculpture and acrylic
paintings can be seen at the
Family Resource Center through
Nov. 30.
Student Art Display
Oil and acrylic paintings by stu­
dents of David Andersen are dis­
played in the McLoughlin Hall
Theater lobby.
A Flea in Her Ear
The Communications and The­
ater Arts departments presents A
Flea in Her Ear. Directed by
David Smith-English, A Flea in
Her Ear runs from Nov. 20 to 22
at 8 p.m., Dec. 5 to 6 at 8 p.m. and
Dec. 7 at 2:30 p.m.
Cost is six dollars for adults,
three dollars for students and
free for seniors (with reserva­
tions). For more information,
call ext.2356.
Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder and Ryder's gun-weilding
companion battle unruly aliens. ...For the fourth time.
Look out Sigourney-Bond never dies!
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Release Date: Dec. 19
Rating: PG-13
Bottom line: Bombs, blondes, and BOND!
Tomorrow Never Dies is the 18th Bond movie, and looks
like it will become a hit at the box office. Pierce Brosnan,
who previously starred as the famous secret agent in
Goldeneye, is back to rid the world of evil. In Tomorrow
Never Dies, Bond is the one man who can stop Elliot
Carver, a corrupt television magnate from making the news
rather than reporting it. And, in this case, this means that
Carver has the power to become a catalyst in an interna­
tional incident. Expect many of 007's usual hijinks:
Bombs, explosions, steamy love scenes and secret docu­
Bombs, blonds and Bond! The 18th Bond movie looks to
become a success, following in the footsteps of Goldeneye.
Sigourney, run! Here comes Rayden!
Movie: Mortal Kombat - Annilihation
Release Date: Already in theatres
Rating: PG-13
Bottom line: Brainless action movie with many fights.
Discount Tickets
The Institute for Science, Engi­
neering and Public Policy is offer­
ing the 97/98 Science, Technology
& Society Lecture series. The lec­
tures begin at 7:30 p.m. at the
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.
For more information, call John
LeCavalier, ext.2357 or email to
The gang is back in the sequel to Mortal Kombat, the smash-em-
up fighting movie of 1996. But this time, noone is playing by the
rules. The evil annihilation forces are taking over the world, and
only Sonja, Lu Kang, and the rest of the "good guys" have the
power to stop them. Annihilation basically has the same thought­
less plot as the first movie (good vs. evil, good wins), and the
acting is just as sub-par. Even in lieu of this fact, many people will
want to see it, because of the hype and hoopla surrounding both of
the movies and video games. But there is one small twist: One of
the good guys dies!
Parlez-Vous Franca is?
The French table has started up
again! Belgain American Maurice
Brouha will be hosting the french
table every Tuesday from 11 a.m.
to noon in Bl 12.
Mortal Kombat Annilihation appears to be just another
mindless movie filled with violence. So, the American
public ought to love it.
Other Upcoming Releases
(Wednesday, November 26th, 1997
Release Date
Dec. 25
Nick Nolte
Dec. 12
Morgan Freeman
An American Werewolf in Paris
J. Deply
The Big Lebowski
J. Bridges
Deconstructing Harry
Dec. 12
Woody Allen
For Richer or for Poorer
Tim Allen
Good Will Hunting
Dec. 25
M. Damon
Great Expectations
Dec. 31
Ethan Hawke
Jackie Brown
Dec. 25
Robert DeNiro
Office Killer
Dec. 12
Molly Ringwald
The Postman
Dec. 25
Kevin Costner
Scream 2
Dec. 12
Tori Spelling
Dec. 19
Leonardo DiCaprio