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June 4, 1997
Photos by Jennifer Salas
Joe Uris: Joe succeeded teaching me
Faculty/Staff Thank You Notes
These are a few of the
numerous comments graduat­
ing students have written about
how faculty/staff have made a
difference in their lives; These
comments were submitted as
part of the "Faculty of the Year"
award that will be announced at
Bob Misley: Thank you for giving me
the tools to think critically. I have
appreciated your mentoring over the
past three years.
I have truly
appreciated having you as an instruc-
tor/mentor. Thank you!
the art of critical thinking! Although I
was pressed for time, I chose to take all
of his social classes even though I did
not need to finish my degree. His
unique approach made learning a lot
of fun!
Jeff Knorr: It is unfortunate that I
only had the opportunity to take one
class from him. I discovered his
magnificent teaching ability during
my last term at CCC. Otherwise, I
would have taken every class possible
from him. He teaches with such great
poise and knowledge that it is
remarkable. His classes were always
inspiring and made me want to learn.
I’ve already recommended him to
many of the new students entering
CCC. Thanks again, Jeff. You’re one
of the best!
Bill Briare: Thank you for expanding
my horizons as a young man. You have
helped me find my understanding of
God and religion. I have come to a
higher level of happiness about my
life’s purpose and needs. I have truly
enjoyed your tutelage and discussion.
Without your
guidance and instruction, I would not
be close to where I am today. You
believed in me when I didn’t believe in
Donna Ford: Donna has been a force
behind me always saying “What’s
next?” and encouraging me to go a step
higher. She has helped me develop as
an independent thinker and doer which
I know will be helpful to me in the
She has given me many
opportunities to find success in myself.
She has made my time at CCC a
valuable and great learning experi­
John Snively: Mr. Snively’s enthusi­
asm and love for geology are
unmatched! He is genuinely con­
cerned about every student’s success.
He is willing to help his students in any
way. Out of all of the classes I have
taken at CCC, his class is the one and
only class I am always excited about.
Margaret Bate: Margaret has been
understanding, approachable and very
informative. I like herstyleof teaching.
You always get additions to the basics
being taught. She is very easy to listen
to, maybe because she seems to be
relaxed. That takes the edge off of
stress and also makes her class
enjoyable. She is very supportive.
Conrad Johnson: Of all the classes
I’ve taken to get this degree, Interna­
tional Marketing was my most favor­
ite. Facing a four-hour evening class
didn’t sound like much fun after
working eight hours, but Conrad did
his best at keeping it interesting and
Robert Nelson: Bob is like the wise
shoulders to cry on, the advice and
encouragement to go on and. for just
being you. I’ll never forget you, and
I’ll keep encouraging other to join the
LCOP program.
Eric Lewis: I am thankful you are at
CCC. But any four-year college would
benefit from your teaching! You
changed my life! Eric: You not only
know your subject, you know how to
teach it!
Wednesday, June 4, 1997
Norm Berney
Kathy Woods
"You are a true winner. You
have been a great inspiration to
a lot of students at CCC. You
will always be remembered.
Thanks, Kathy, for being you."
neighbor on Home Improvement!
You can always count on him for this
word of advice.
I have gained
valuable knowledge from learning
from someone who has worked in the
horticulture industry. His friendly
disposition and sense of humor make it
a pleasure to be around him.
Kathy Woods
Paul Fiskum
Ginna Jones: Ginna has been great to
"You are a true leader! Thanks
for your support and leadership. I
think you are the greatest. A true
star! "
work with under all circumstances.
She is a very positive and uplifting
person. I have been motivated greatly,
and all her advice in the design field
has allowed me to set new lofty goals
for myself.
Emily Orlando: Her style of teaching
gives every student an opportunity to
become involved in the class and be
successful. Emily has been inspiring to
me as a future educator, because of her
genuine care and concern for all of her
students. Emily has always been willing
to help me during class with projects. I
appreciate the effort she puts into
making each student a part of CCC.
J.D. Wiseman: Due to the education I
earned and the job opportunity that J.D.
gave to me, I have been able to begin my
career in law enforcement working for
the Clark County Sheriff s Office as a
custody officer. Little did I know that
when J.D. Wiseman handed me the keys
to the entire campus, he was opening up
the door to my future!
Paul Fiskum
Christina Strickland
"Thank you for your sincerity
and caring ways. You know how
to make biology a fun subject to
learn. I didn't realize how inter­
esting and fun biology could be;
until I met you. I will always re­
member you, and I hope that I can
be as good of a teacher as you."
Christina Strickland
Tim Schell
"Tim is one of the most talented
instructors I’ve encountered. He
shared just enough of himself and
his experience to clarify the
materials and be an inspiration to
his students. His class was full of
laughs, connections, embarrass­
ments, triumphs and truth."
Penny Kreinberg and Anne
Pardington: You both were the
beginning of my future at Clackamas,
in life, as a mother and with myself. I
wish that a "thank you" was enough for
what you both have been a part of, but
it is not. Please accept, from the
deepest part of my heart, the gratitude
that I have for both of you. My success
here at Clackamas has a great deal to
do with what you have helped me find
— my dreams, my goals and myself!
Sharon Sample: You helped me
LCOP Team: Thank you for the
Norm Berney
"You have quite possibly been
the greatest role model in my life
outside of my parents.
courage and passion have helped
to shape me as a leader and citizen.
I hope you understand how much
you have improved my life. Thank
you for accepting me in spite of my
previous failures."
succeed beyond all of my expectations.
You are an asset to the future of
students, as long as they work for what
they want. With you, it can be achieved!
Bob Topping: Thank you for you
innovative teaching style, profound and
expansive knowledge of business and
building construction, your genuine
concern for students, and willingness to
listen and give students more than they
ever expected.
Tim Schell
Carolyn Knutson
"Thank you for giving
me the opportunity to give
back something to Clacka­
mas and for sharing the
experience with me. It will
take a lifetime or more for
me to be able to repay the
college, but you have
shown me many ways that
I can start when I get on
my feet again."
Carolyn Knutson
Volume XXX, Issue 28