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    Budget: No downsizing despite funding shift
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sociate dean who has Vet t0 sub’
----------------------------------- mit a formal written notification
to support. For a lot of these [de­ of retirement.
cision packages] we have figured
“Those three are all key people
out other ways to get them done.” in the college services division;
The 1997-98 budget year for and we intend to try and blend
Clackamas will start after July 1 those management responsibili­
and will include attrition savings ties into two positions, rather
in instructional
than the three
and college ser­
positions they
vices; shift tu­
represent,” said
ition waivers to
the Foundation;
Over the
and provide ad­
course of the last
ditional revenue
two years a
from indirect
couple-of man­
agement posi­
tions have not
tional revenue
been replaced.
from indirect
“It puts
funds is related
more pressure
to handling soft
on the other
money or our
managers, but I
grants differ­
think it is prob­
ably a better
Keyser. “So we
place to reduce
John Keyser
take a fifteen-
College President
if you can. If you
percent charge
have a good
off of all of our
sense of the way
soft money grants. We have quite you’re doing it,” said Keyser,
of few [grants] that come in and “it’s a better plan because it
those are going to handle some makes less impact on the stu­
of the general overhead costs. dents, student programs, services
They will be sort of a new rev­ and courses. It forces you to find
enue that goes into the General other ways to get things done.”
Official retirement notices have
Some of the attrition savings been received by the Human Re­
will be directly related to a reduc­ sources Department from several
tion in management. Three, staff staff members. (Please see spe­
members will be retiring next cial insert for list of retirees and
December. This includes Dean retirement dates.)
of College Services Gary Dirrim,
“There are probably 10 to 15
Human Resources Manager people who plan on retiring by
Rusty Painter, and one other as- the end of next year. That’s a lot
There are
probably 10 to
15 people who
plan on retiring
by the end of
next year. That's
a lot of
_______ n
Why Did He Do It?
of expertise. It means we have to
gear up our thinking about either
replacing those people or finding
other ways to do things. In some
cases it means we Can save some
dollars,” according to Keyser.
The savings come from replac­
ing persons who are retiring at the
top of the salary range with those
from the lower end of the sched­
“Our budget is in reasonably
good shape.. We’re counting on
the Legislature giving us what
they call 100-percent backfill for
the dollars lost as a result of Mea­
sure 47. Both the governor and
Republican leadership want that
backfill for community colleges,”
said Keyser.
Another small but important
budget strategy is the $1 tuition
raise starting with summer term.
“We feel comfortable about our
budget going into next year. We
did raise tuition by another dol­
lar. That’s not a lot of additional
money. It’s about $125,000 in ad­
ditional resources we can use for
programs and services,” Keyser
Those who were around when
ballot Measure 5 was passed in
1991 may remember the major re­
ductions in some of the college’s
programs and services.
“Since [1991] we have grown
quite a bit? We are doing more
with fewer dollars and we are re­
luctant to make any dramatic
shifts. Most of our programs and
services are needed and in more
demand than they were five or six
years ago,” said Keyser.
Retiring by
the end of
Retiring June 13,
Sue Hagen
Maureen Jones
Dick Marsyla
Bernie Nolan
Dick Ramsperger
John Rau
Retiring in
September, 1997
Peggy Hess
Retiring Decem­
ber, 1997
Retiring Decem­
ber 31,1997
Gary Dirrim
Rusty Painter
Sports Editor
The Marshall Dana Library
was closed and relocated over
spring break.
More than 8,000 books,
records and other library ma­
terials were moved into
modular units. The library is
now located in the Streeter
parking lot. Materials were
chosen by usage and age.
Some periodicals will be
available upon request and
will be stored in the small
dining room in the Commu­
nity Center. Other, materials
are in cold storage and un­
The Dye Learning Center is
one of three college buildings
are being repaired to solve wa­
ter leakage problems. Offices
and classrooms have been ac­
complished by installing
Wilsonville and on the Oregon
City campus.
Events scheduled in the Gre­
gory Forum, one of the build-
iModular 1 1K1
I Center j
’***■'* END HIGHWAY 21Ï
ings affected by the water leaks,
have been shifted to a variety of
locations. For more information
call ext. 2489.
A team of architectural, legal,
medical and environmental con­
sultants are working with the staff
and Board of Education to com­
plete the repair of the buildings.
The tentative deadline for
completion of repairs is April of
■ library
• The library
moved to modu-
lars, located in
Streeter parking
Wash. D.C.:
dents create contacts
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ii^T'hree reasons mainly:- first, they have night.
X and weekend classes so I. can get my
degree while working full time. Plus, there’s a low
ratio of students to teachers so you get good
instruction, and lastly, I like the atmosphere here.
That’s why I transferred to Marylhurst.”
— Dana Torrey
There are many reasons to transfer to Marylhurst.
Call for a free transfer credit evaluation; today.
Awarded a regional “Best Values” ranking by U.S- News & World Report*
Marylhurst College
Web site:>< ’,
Just 20 minutes south of downtown Portland.
• “America’s Best Colleges,” 1997 guide,
“Best Values - Sticker Prices,” Regional Universities, West
[Wednesday, April 9, 1997
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what you’ll be telling your friends. If you have
the drive; the Army National Guard needs you.
Serve part-time in the Guard and attend school
full-time while earning educational benefits like
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the Clackamas
Recruiting Office
letter from the Chief of Staff of
the Secretary of Education, which
thanked ASG for coming to the
conference, “and that if there was
anything he could ever do for
Clackamas, let him know,” said
Boeriisch said that people at­
tending the conference were able
to create contacts .with various
members of Congress, interact
with other student government of­
ficials from all over the United
States and attend the workshops,
student govemements have to deal
“I think we brought back a fresh
perspective as far as how educa­
tion is treated in other states and
how we should approach our stu­
dent body; I didn’t knbw that some
states were so harsh towards edu­
cation and education funding ... I
kind of had a reality check,” said
Senator Tiffany Fine.
Volume XXX, Issue 20