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Media Art
Artwork displayed in Pauling
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• Who:
Oregon School of Arts and
Cocal Artists: , ,-Crafts.^hared some of the teph-
’ niques- she uses when creating
her artwork. Three of her
are displayed in the
Christine Clark,. Pauling Gallery. They are titled
K T h e D i f f e r e n c e, ” “Rock
(hard)” and “Hq^ (The Indi­
Hugh Webb
vidualist).” '
and Bill Will.
Clark has been .working on
• What:
A show
featuring two
and three-
artwork. .
• Where
Pauling Gallery.
Thursday 8 ,
a.m. to 10 p.m.
and Friday 8
a.m. to 5 p.m.,
pieces, that resemble physical
.and psychological aspects of
,_‘T.m really interested in look­
ing at general characteristics
and things that people go
through,” Clark explained.
... Clark-prefers to develop her
artwork in sets of two or three.
She focuses on making her
pieces (which seem rough ’bri
the outside) like a person’s feel­
ings by the material she puts oh
the inside. For example, she has
created pieces that form a type
of metal cage. She then puts
various ‘stuffing’ on the inside
such as feathers; rocks, straw
and hair 'to create a personal­
ity for the piece; ’
Clark’s artwork has also been
showcased at the "Nine-’ gal­
lery in Portland.
The second artist-to give a slide
show presentation was Robert
Dozono. He is on the painting
faculty at Portland Community
College. His four pieces on dis­
play followed a theme of recy­
cling. “Save the Earth,” “Fu­
tures and Securities,” “My
Backyard,” “Dream of the Fi­
nal Theory” and “Save. Our
Home” were all made using
items that should be, but seldom
are, recycled... The items in-
cluded three dimensional plas-
tics, fast
food res-
t a u rant
I decided to
c e t. ,
some of my
junk in my
Soup la-
b e 1 s.
shorts and
boots, and
Robert Dorano
even a hair
Local artist
“I ' de-
cided to
recycle some of my junk in my
painting,” Dozono explained.
All of Dozono’s works are
done oneanvas, even though he
has to build' braces attached to
the ,back of his work to support
the weight of his recycled items.
“It’s about being responsible,”
Dozono said of hisdecision to cre­
ate a set of “earth- friendly” pieces.
One of Dozono’s techniques is to
Robert Dozono has four pieces displayed in the Pauling Gallery.
He is pictured with his artwork titled "Futures and Securities.
take a- photograph of what he Sees
and then squeeze the image from a
rectangle to a square, distorting it-
An • interesting point about
Dozono’s art work is that when a
person looks at it-clpse-up, it really
does just look like a lot of junk.
However, after taking a few, steps
back an image is seen, perhaps a
section of the forest or a raging
Dirt with liquid plastic to hold
it together, that’s all it reallyMs,”
Dozono explains.
The show may be viewed from 8
a.m. to 10 p.rri., Monday through
Thursday and 8 a/m. to 5 p.m, Fri­
day in the Pauling Gallery. The ex­
hibit is free and open to the public.
Massachusetts poet Agha
Shahid Ali to read at Clackamas
Nationally recognized poet Agha Shahid Ali will read original works
during an appearance at the college on April 11. Ali will read from 3 to
4 p,m. on Friday in the Skylight Dining Room. It is free and open to the
public. For additional information about Ali's reading, contact Clacka­
mas English Instructor Diane Averill at 657-6958, extension 2370.
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¡Wednesday, April 9,1997
Volume XXX, Issue 20