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the day
"You see
things as
they are and
ask, "Why?",
But I dream
of things that
never were
and ask,
"Why ’not?"
April 9,1997
Spring has sprung; Clackamas
Print gets new layout & design
this was to concentrate on the con­
tent ofournews, feature, arts and
entertainment, and sports Stories.
pring is traditionally known Various positive comihents from
as a timé of renewal,'new throughout the college and the
beginnings and rejuvenation. > community let us know we had suc­
It is the time when most of uptake
ceeded. -
stock v.of who we áre and where
Our second task was to create
wé wa®Kobe in the future.
a new and more lively look, to the
For wol||pf us at The' Cldckq- paper. We sent our 'design team
mas Print, the arrival of spring gave to a workshop where they culti­
us the opportunity to revise, reno- vated a myriad of ideas. Once
vate a«Wrecreate the college news­ presented to the staff, we weeded
■ out the ideas we wanted and put
, What you hold in your hand to­ them towork. -j
day is. the¿ premiere issue of the •' With any -new undertaking or
newly-des|gned Ciack^rna^Print,^ t change; there -is always a time of
M^iy. hours
. ; adjustment
qpjy for the, staff
butalso for our. readers. We .look
We could have continued crank­ , forward to this because change
ing out the same old design for the can be both goqd and positive.
next terin. To have done so would
We will be. incorporating some
not have given each of us the op­ special sections in the coming
portunity put to use oúr collective weeks and hope you take the time
and creative talents.
to enjoy them. \
One of our goalsj which was sét
Please feel free tdcall me at ext.
way back in the fall, was to have 2576 with any ideas for stories or
the best college newspaper in the cbrhments on our new design.
West. Our first task to accomplish
- George
Don't miss
Fair Day
Fair Day is
coming to the
Center and
Skylight Din­
ing Room .on
April 16» The
event' will;
open at 9
a.m. and. run
until 3;30 p.m.
tatives from
local busi­
nesses and
the military
will^be dri
hand to answer
Craft vendors
will display
items for sale
in the Skylight
Call ext.2^47^
for informa­
tion.’ r
Study &
travel in
is offering
Spanish stud­
ies in Oaxacd,
Mexico from
June 28 to
July 26.. Stu­
dents * will
opporunity to
study Span­
ish, learn na­
tive crafts,
visit ancient
sites and ru-.
ins. Deadline
to apply is
April 28. Con­
tact Ellen
Wolfson at
ext. 2550 for
News Briefs & Campus Update
Club seeks
outfits for
fashion show
Clackamas Horticultural Club
in full bloom with Smithsonian event
A visit by Smithsonian Horticulture
Chief Nancy Bechtol is scheduled <
Clackamas’ Qregory Forum on
Thursday, April 10 from 7 to 9 p.m.
Bechtol will present a rare overview of
the collection of historical and contemporary
American gardens. Seating is still available but limited.
The event is sponsored by the Horticultural Club and
tickets can be reserved by contacting Dianna Fine at
ext. 2246. Bechtol will also be speaking at noon today
at the Metro Washington Park Zoo and at 7:30 p.m.
Clubs Council meeting
slated for end of April
It’s timeTor the spring-term
C1 ub s
It will be
held on
d a y.,
April 30
inCC126from l:3Qto 2:30 p.m.
This is a VIP meeting, according
to Tifani Jagodnikj because the
council will be discussing the end-
of-the-year banquet. The ban­
quet has been tentatively sched­
uled for sometime during die week
of May 5 through May 9.
Jagodnik would also like to get
club meeting schedules for the
ASG files. She can be reached
at ext. 2447.
The International Education
Committee is looking for students,
staff and faculty members who
have ceremonial outfits from other
cultures and countries. The com­
mittee is sponsoring an international
fashion show. They would like for
contributors to be willing to wear
theiroutfits for the event to be held
May 5 through May 9 as part of
the International Week Celebra­
tion. For more information call
Judy Andersen at ext. 2297.
Tour the solar system
with Smithsonian
geologist next Tuesday
James Zimbelman, geologist at
the Center fpr Earth and Planetary
Studies at the National Air and
Space Museum will visit Clacka­
mas on Tuesday, April 15 from
7:30 to 9:30. p.m. He will illustrate
die explosion of new information
about the nature and history of the
physical objects within our solar
system. The event will be held in
the McLoughlin Theatre.
For information call ext. 2351.
L__r_ j
The Clackamas Print Staff
19600 S. Molalla Ave.,
Oregon City, OR 97045
¡.j. ;cccprfnt@'6l^<^afli^.cxssWW
Laney Fouse
Editor-in Chief
(ext 2576)
Brad Zimmerman
Managing Editor
(ext. 2576)
Karin Redston &
Christina Mueller
Feature Editors
Jon Roberts
A&E Editor -
Brendon Neal
Sports Editor
John Thorburn
Asst.Sports Editor
Business Manager
(ext. 2576)
Hines Kurfman
Copy Edi tor
Joel Coreson
Photo Editor
Joel Gunderson
Kim Harney
Maggie Bragg
Staff Writers &
Linda Vogt
(ext. 2310) '
JoAnne Gale
(ext. 2309)
The Clackamas Print aims to report the
news in ah honest, unbiased, professional
männer. The opinions expressed in The
Clackamas Print do not necessarily re­
flect those of the student body, college
administration, its faculty or The Clacka­
mas Print advertisers. Products and ser­
vices advertised in The Clackams Print
are not necessarily endorsed by anyone
associated with The Clackamas Print.
The advertising rate is $4.50 per column
inch. All signed letters to the Editor will be
considered for publication and must be
submitted by 1 p.m. the Friday prior to pub­
lication. The Clackamas Print is a weekly
publication and is distributed eyery
Wednesday except during finals week.
Ten of the best
examples . of
technology edu­
cation, including
activities for the
classroom, will
be on exhibit as
technology in­
structors, princi­
pals, counselors
to share ideas
and experiences
at the Clacka­
mas ¡sCodnty
Technology Fes­
tival from 1 ®5
p.m., Tuesday,
April 15“. The
'event will be held
at theAppren­
ticeship Training
Center,- Rooms
117 and 120.
Call ext. 2689 for
Preschool & School-Age Activity Leaders
Are you tired of working
weekends,nights, and holidays?
Do you enjoy helping
children learn and grow?
Are you talented with arts, crafts,
music, sports, or story-telling?
If so, come talk to us at KinderCare! We have
employment available throughout the Portland community.
- Relaxed dress code
- Flexible schedules
- Friendly & fun environment
Call Mauri, today, for more information: 635-8982