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    Th e C I a oka m as Pr i nt
Wednesday, February 26, 1997
George Lucas in an interview two weeks ago was
asked who the main characters will be in his up
coming prequel trilogy. He answered “the main
Characters will be OB-1 Kenobi, Anakin
Sky walker, The Emperor, a young Yoda, C-3PO,
R2-D2 and Boba Fett” The prequels are slated to
|e released on May 24,1999,2001 and 2003.
Preproduction is already in progress and principle
filming will begin in October.
13j Jowdka-n
Here’s the deal. This week’s Mindbender is celebrity name trivia. The answers may
surprise you. Taken from
1. What big box-office draw spent a year at a Franciscan seminary hoping to
become a priest and later dropped his “real” surname, Mapother, when he became
an actor?
A. Brad Pitt
B. Arnold Schwarzenegger
C. Tom Cruise
D. Jim Carrey
2. You know her as a famous TV doc, but iTer childhood friends know her as Joyce
Penelope Frankenburg.
A. Sherry Stringfield
B. Jane Seymour
C. Christine Lahti
D. Ruth Westheimer
3. Whose real first name is Coy?
A. C. Thomas Howell
B. Luke Perry
C. Jason Priestley
D. Shannon Doherty
4. Her last name is real, but she changed her first name from Alicia after her first big
break in show biz, baring her buns.
A. Marisa Tomei
B. Jodie Foster
C. Rosie O’Donnell
D. Mariel Hemingway
5. What TV hunk was called David Haddad by his classmates at University High
School in West Los Angeles?
A. David Letterman
B. David Hassel hoff
C. David Schwimmer
D. David Charvet
f i
6. What comedian-tumed-actor had to change his last nameJJeeajjse it already,
belonged to someone famous?
A. Sinbad
B. Richard Lewis
C. Michael Keaton
D. Billy Crystal
7. What young actress renamed herself after a rocked??"
A. Victoria Jackson
B. Jennie Garth
C. Samantha Mathis
D. Winona Ryder
8. Friends had to literally push Alan Stewart Königsberg onstage, because he
suffered from severe stage fright while doing stand-up comedy. Who is the scaredy-
A. Woody Allen
B. Steve Alien
C. Tim Allen
D. Marty Allen
9. Which of these stars doesn’t use her real name?
A. Laura Leighton
B. Meg Ryan
C. Yasmine Bleeth
D. Juliette Lewis
10. Anna Marie Italiano is the real name of which famous “ Ann” ?
A. Anne Archer
B. Ann-Margret
C. Anne Bancroft
D. Annie Potts
11. William Bailey is better known as which rocker?
A. Axl Rose
B. Jon Bon Jovi
C. Lyle lovett
D. Flavor Flav
12. Which famous director’s real first name is Shelton?
A. Steven Spielberg
B. Sydney Pollack
C. Albert Brooks
D. Spike Lee
13. Beautiful people don’t always have beautiful names. Which model-actress used
to go by the name of Eleanor Gow?
A. Angie Everhart
B. Linda Evangelista
C. Elie Macpherson
D. Cindy Crawford
Here is a copy of a press release from
In response to the overwhelming reception to the Special
Editions of “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes
Back,” the Special lidition of “Return of the Jedi,”
previously slated for Friday. March 71release, will now
open in theaters across
Canada on Friday^
March 14. The move will givemoriegoers an extra week
to experience the first two installments of the “Star z
Wars Trilogy” before “
arh of the Jedi” com othe
, *
Chairmanof 20th Dr
said, “The-‘^tarWa
parts. Ibu’tegotTu
_ three
___ __
S^fe^ee-the first
two parts before the third. This is much bigger than we
ever expected. The. release ofthe ‘Star Wars Trilogy
Special Edition? has become a true celebration for
' '
There has been no word yet as to a possible triple
feature with all three tnovies together at once. But we
will keep you up to date with any new information.
1. C. Tom Cruise was born Thomas Cruise Mapother III in
Syracuse, New York. Cruise enrolled in the seminary but
says he later quit because he realized he liked women too
much to give them up.
2. B. Long before she became “Dr. Quinn, Medicine
Woman,” Jane Seymour was known as Joyce Penelope
Frakenburg in her home town of Hillingdon, England.
3. B. Coy Luther Perry III was born on October 11,1965,
in Mansfield, Ohio. After seeing Paul Newman in “Cool
Hand Luke” at the age of five, Perry decided to call himself
W • \
4. B. Jodie Foster was born Alicia Christian Foster in Los
Angeles on November 19,1962. At age three, she was
chosen to appear in a now-famous Coppertone ad showing
her untanned bare bottom.
5. D. “Baywatch” babe David Charvet was actually born
DavidHaddad. “Melrose” fans now know him as the
conniving Craig Field.
6. D. Michael Keaton was born Michael Douglas in
Pittsbureh in 1951. When he joined the Screen Actors
Guild, there was already a Michael Douglas, so he changed
his name to Keaton. The real name of actor Michael
Douglas is technically Michael Demsky. His father, the
legendary Kirk Douglas, was born Issur Danielovitch *
7. D. Winona Ryder was born Winona Laura Horowitz 25
years ago in Winona, Minnesota. She told Rolling Stone
magazme that the inspiration to (mange her name came
from a Mitch Ryder album. Mitch’’s real name, by the way,
is William S. Levise Jr.. .
8. A. Woody Allen was born Alan Stewart Königsberg on
Dec. 1,1935, in Brooklyn, New York. He began using the
alias Woody Allen at age 15, when he took a job writing for
a gossip columnist. Actress Shirley MacLaine discovered
Woody and helped him get his first movie role.
9. B. Meg Ryan’s real name is Margaret Hyra.
10. C. Anne Bancroft was born Anna Marie Italiano in the
Bronx. She chose her stage name from a studio list
11. A. Axl Rose named himself Axl after a band he was
involved with early on. He took the name Rose after finding
out he was adopted and that rose was his birth name.
12. D. Spike Lee was born Shelton Lee Jackson on March
20,1957, in Atlanta.
13. C. Elie Macpherson was born Eleanor Gow on March
29,1965, in Sydney, Australia.