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Public Safety busy in fall
Mairin-Anne Moore
Staff Reporter
Fall term is one of the busiest
times for Public Safety.
The fall term brings new in­
coming freshmen who are not used
to the environment — with all the
new buildings there is a lot of con­
fusion — and many are testing the
boundary lines and laws for the
campus. With the new apartments
being built adjacent to the campus,
many find it as a playground and
target for fun
The busy days for
Public Safety are Monday,
Wednesday and Friday
from 6 a.m.until about
noon. During these times
there are a lot of visitors
seeing the sights along the
campus. Many crimes oc­
cur during this time be­
cause the campus is at the
end of the Tri-Met bus line
and many new people meet here.
After school hours, the park­
ing lots and campus area becomes
a meeting place for some. Public
Safety has had several calls of sus­
picious persons and cars wander­
ing the campus. Chief of Public
Safety Larry Dexheimer explains,
“Basically the campus closes be­
tween 10 and 11 p.m. Around
those times you will start to see
people lingering. A lot of suspects
caught are not even students. They
are mostly wanderers in their mid­
thirties or forties.”
There now are more routine
patrols at all hours. About three
Many stolen vehicles have
been recovered. It is easy to find
those that are being dropped off
since the cars are left overnight in
the parking lot. Once found, the
owner is contacted. By calling the
owner, costs are cut since the tow­
ing-lot fee of $85 to $100 per day
is avoided.
This year has brought a lot of
traffic, including speeders and ac­
cidents. Though none have been
serious — just minor fender benders
— the accidents are a
concern. The safety
committee met this past
Thursday to discuss the
danger in the road con­
“It is pretty, but
dangerous. The road
curves and, when
someone is pulling out;
-Larry Dexheimer,
someone could be
Chief of Public Safety
speeding around those
curves and the cause is
routine of patrolling, much has
been stopped. Also, a new patrol an accident,” said Dexheimer.
Dexheimer urges all to slow
person has been added to the list.
“Melinda Roe is my eyes and down and be aware there could be
ears for me. With two now, it a car coming around the curve. A
makes it that much scarier for radar is clocking speeders and
them. They never know when one tickets are being given out.
No certain area is the target for
[patrol officer] will come driving
crimes and concerns.
through,” said Dexheimer.
Dexheimer comments, “There
Gangs have been a problem
once before and are being cracked is no certain area. Crime is of op­
down on now. A variety of police portunity and, when they see what
officers meet once a month to dis­ they want, it doesn’t matter,” com­
cuss and deal with the latest gang- mented Dexheimer.
Public Safety is doing its duty
related issues. They hope much
gang activity will be stopped in and cracking down on problems; the
public’s duty is to simply be aware.
this way.
The Clackamas Print
Wednesday, November 20,1996
times a year there are mentally
troubled lost on the campus, such
as one in late September.
“An elderly woman, probably
with Alzheimer, somehow wound
up on campus around the library.
She was lost and looking for her
car. We drove around about three
times ‘til we found it for her,” said
There were about two break-
ins per day at the beginning of this
fall term. However, withthis new
6 6--------------------------- -----------
There is no certain area.
Crime is of opportunity
and, when they see what
they want, it doesn’t matter.
_______________________ 9 9
Photo by Joel Coresor
Dean of Instructional Services Dian Connet led the second
"Friday forum.” The topic of discussion was Measure 47
and its impacts on the college.
The next Measure 47 forum
will be held Nov. 21 from 12:30
:o 1:30 in McLoughlin room
206. Again, the topic(s) of
iiscussion will be Measure 47
md its impacts on the college,
low the college is reacting to
Measure 47, what the college
has already done to lessen the
impacts of Measure 47.
One of the major topics of the
last forum was how the college
could limit expenses without
raising tuition.
All students and staff are
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