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The Clackamas Print
Wednesday, November 6,1996
Skajcsspsars s Romeo
Erin Bennett
Business/Ad Manager
“Two households both alike
in dignity/ In fair Verona where
we lay our scene/ From forth the
fatal loins of these two foes/ A
pair of star-crossed lovers take
their life/ Whose misadventures
piteous overthrows/ Doth with
their death bury their parents’
Shakespeare’s classic epic,
Romeo & Juliet. The plot of
Romeo & Juliet is timeless, re­
flected in literature and movies
through the ages. Last Friday,
Buz Luhrmann (Strictly Ball­
room) released his controversial
version to massive crowds. De­
spite the doubt of the critics, the
film was an excellent portrayal of
Shakespeare’s masterpiece.
In 1968, Franco Zeffirelli
released a heralded version that
Julief o^ens fo ra>ve reviews
embraced the text and the setting
almost exactly as Shakespeare had
written it.
But the skepticism from the
critics that shrouded the new film
before its release was not eased by
Welcome to the Verona of the
90s. In Shakespeare’s time, the
weapons of choice were swords.
In Luhrmann’s world, everyone,
including Friar Laurence, sports
at least one gun. Shakespeare’s
characters sped away on valiant
horses; Luhrmann’s insanely
drive their luxury cars.
If Luhrmann’s purpose is to
make Shakespeare more acces­
sible to today’s generation of
short attention spans, his film
serves that purpose well. The
eccentric movie draws you in
from the very beginning scene
of an anchorwoman in an anti-
The two star-crossed lovers as
„ , . , . .
. .
played by Leonardo DICapricio and T13 ed televlsl0n set recitlnS
Clare Danes
the ines 0 . Chorus from the
original play.
the trailer and teasers that did
Leonardo DiCapricio does
little to explain Luhrmann’s vi- an excellent job as an
sion, boasting Old English with ultrasensitive Romeo with a flare
an American accent set in obvi­ only he could have pulled off.
ously ultramodern society.
Clare Danes as Juliet plays a
character that is shy, yet strong,
alluring, yet headstrong.
Though I was familiar with
the plot, I still found myself hop­
ing Juliet would stop Romeo be­
fore he drank the lethal poison,
that somehow these two troubled
lovers would defy the stars and
survive in their world. Alas, it is
not the case and many tears could
be heard at the dramatic climax
in which Juliet takes her life, not
with a dagger as Shakespeare in­
tended, but with Romeo’s 9mm
Overall, the movie was well-
written, extremely well-acted
and appealed to all of the emo­
tions Shakespeare originally in­
“For never was a story of
more woe/ Than this of Juliet
and her Romeo.”
All pictures used for this
article are available at http://
( Report\
il 1
AjMutsrbi A,
'Sleepers'Ms the mart
Jon Roberts
A&E Editor
The movie “Sleepers” is
based on the controversial best
seller by Lorenzo Caraterra. It
centers on four boys growing up
in Hell’s Kitchen during the mid-
60s who are sent to hell-on-earth
for a practical joke that turns
tragic. The boys are sent to
Wilkinson Home for Boys, where
they are put through hell by the
guards. This movie stars Brad
Pitt, Jason Patrie, Kevin Bacon,
Robert DeNiro and Dustin
Hoffman. The movie is an
intense walk through the lives of
the four boys. “Sleepers” is not
for the meek, but it has still
grossed almost $36 million in its
first three weeks.
Brad Pitt (far left)
and Jason Patrie
play two of the
Hell’s Kitchen
boys as adults.
Robert DeNiro (right) plays
Father Bobby, the young boys’
mentor and priest.
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Milknhim: the next X-files?
Brendon Neal
Sports Editor
Millennium, a new sci-fi hor­
ror series from Fox TV, has
shown tremendous potential in its
first two weeks.
The central location of the
television series is Seattle, WA.
The main character, Frank Black,
(played by Lance Henriksen) is
an ex-cop/FBI agent who tried to
quit after an unknown stalker
began taking pictures of his wife
and young daughter and mailing
the photos to Frank. Frank thinks
the stocker is gone but, at the end
of the first episode, he opens some
mail and finds pictures. This part
of the plot may wear thin as time
goes on since it very similar to a
show on Channel 8 called
As the show begins, Frank
and his family have just moved
to Seattle and is working as a con-
suitant for a mysterious organi­
zation called “The Millennium
Group.” Its mission appears to be
stopping killers whose actions
are based on the legends/proph-
ecies surrounding the year 2000.
Frank can see through the eyes
of killers. By getting near where
a murder occurred, he can visu­
alize part of the events surround­
ing the murder.
The show is produced by
Chris Carter, producer of The X-
files. Its only weakness is that
Carter is overfocusing on con­
verting X-files fans to this show.
For instance, in the promotion for
the second episode, a “werewolf’
seems to appear and change
shape; but the episode has noth­
ing to do with the supernatural.
Millennium is more focused on
science rather than the unknown.
Carter just needs to focus on
Millennium itself. It has shown
itself to be goo
in its own right,
and fans who
have enjoyed
Carter before
Xphiles alike
will enjoy this
new show.
Frank has
made the com­
ment “We just
can’t sit back
and hope for a
happy ending”
when asked if
the group re­
ally believes in Lance
the prophecies. Henriksen
I give Millen- (above) plays
mum a cau­ Frank Black, the
tious four stars ma'n character
because it is in “Millenium.”
early yet and anyone can make
two good episodes.
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