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    Students honored at graduation
Pamela Sirianni
News Editor
The four students selected to
be profiled at graduation are Laura
Clark, Matt Jones, Cindy Youso and
Amy Hanson.
The students profiled are
people who are an inspiration to
others, have had to overcome diffi­
culties to obtain their education or
have exceptional qualities.
Twice a year nomination forms
are given to instructors so they can
nominate students who they feel
are good candidates to be profiled
at graduation. A selection commit­
tee, comprised of CCC staff and fac­
ulty, reviews the nominations and
selects three to four students to be
The committee tries to select a
diverse group of people to be pro­
filed. They want a balance of males
and females as well as students of
different ages and walks of life.
Carnahan, administrative assistant
to the dean of instructional ser­
vices, it is very difficult to select
just a few students.
“Every single one of [the nomi­
nees] are good choices,” said
Carnahan. “We (the selection com­
mittee) think the people we have
chosen will have an inspirational
story to tell.”
Laura Clark
Laura Clark, a42-year-old draft­
ing student will be graduating with
an AAS (Associate of Applied Sci­
ence) in Drafting Technology and
a 3.3 GPA.
Clark believes in the “if I can
do it anyone can” attitude. At 16,
Clark dropped out of high school
to get married and have children.
In April of 1994 she completed her
GED. The following fall she began
her college education in the draft­
ing program.
David Madsen, department
chair-drafting, has helped Clark
make it through the tough times.
“He’s one of the neatest
guys,” said Clark. “If a student
needs help and needs to talk to
somebody he always has time.”.
One of the aspects of Clacka­
mas that Clark enjoys is the involve­
ment of students.
“I like that students are encour­
aged to get involved in things such
as political issues and to be part of
the college,” said Clark.
After graduation Clark plans to
find a job in the Drafting field.
“My biggest love is architec­
tural,” said Clark. “There are differ­
ent types of drafting and I would
like to test the waters in each type
then eventually have my own busi­
Clark has two daughters. Dor­
othy is a 24-year-old nursing stu­
dent who is also graduating from
Clackamas this year. Rachele is a
22-year-old student at Oregon State
University who will also be gradu­
ating this year with a construction
engineering degree.
“I’m very proud of my girls,”
said Clark.
It has been difficult for Clark
to get her college education, but she
worked very hard to obtain her
“I didn’t quit,” said Clark. “I
think that’s good for other people
to remember, that they should stick
to it and go forward ”
Graduating this spring is the
best and worst moment of Clark’s
college experience.
“It’s the best time because I’m
being honored by being profiled
and just being nominated is an
honor,” said Clark.
The difficult part of graduation
for Clark will be saying goodbye to
all her friends.
“They’ve become my family
and I’m going to miss every last
one of them,” said Clark.
In her spare time Clark likes to
dance, garden, hike and fish.
“I enjoy Country Western
Dancing. I putter in my garden. I
have a lot of hobbies,” said Clark.
“I try everything. There is not a part
of life that you shouldn’t try.”
David Madsen nominated
Clark as a student to be profiled at
graduation partly because of her
Photo by Joel Coreson
Laura Clark is graduating
with an AAS in Drafting
strong work ethic.
“She’s a top-notch person; top
of her class and the ideal kind of a
student because she’s such a hard
worker and because she’s so dedi­
cated,” said Madsen. “I think she
is a real inspiration to women as well
as to everybody.”
Matt Jones
Matt Jones, a 20-year-old mu­
sic student, will be graduating with
an AA (Associate of Arts) Oregon
Transfer and a 3.7 GPA.
Jones will be transferring to
Willamette University to continue
his education in vocal music edu­
cation. After college he would like
Photo by Paul Ulmen
Matt Jones is graduating
with an A A Oregon Transfer.
to use his knowledge of music to
teach high-school students.
The music department at
Clackamas has provided Jones with
many positive experiences.
“I’m really surprised at how
well they can present the classes,”
said Jones.
Currently, Jones lives with his
parents, his 17-year-old brother and
an exchange student from Germany.
Jones says that living with an ex­
change student has taught him a
“It’s been really interesting.
There are a lot of different things
I’ve learned from him, especially
how to pronounce German the right
way,” said Jones.
Jones says that his parents
have been very supportive of him.
“They are really open to what
I do. They’re open minded,” said
This August, Jones will have
the opportunity to spend two
weeks in Estonia with the CCC
Chamber Choir. They will be par­
ticipating with about 6000 other
people in a song and dance festi­
val. The Chamber Choir will be the
only non-Estonian group participat­
“I’m really looking forward to
it,” commented Jones.
Jones will also be spending
four days in Chicago this summer.
He will be attending the National
Puzzlers’ League Convention.
Jones enjoys creating and
playing all sorts of mind games, es­
pecially word games. He has been
creating these games since he was
10 years old.
On June 7, he will have his sec­
ond crossword puzzle published in
the New York Times. This is quite
an honor for Jones because “for
crosswords it (New York Times) is
considered the biggest name ever.”
In order to get his crossword
puzzles published, Jones wrote to
the New York Times and submitted
some of his work. At first his puzzles
were rejected, but after some work
Jones submitted a puzzle that was
published. Now he has a second
one that will be published.
Jones also has his work pub­
lished regularly in a local monthly
magazine called The Enigma as well
as in The Print.
In his free time Jones enjoys
listening to music as much as pos­
sible. He enjoys most all types of
“It ranges from Jazz music to a
little bit of Classical...a smattering
of everything,” said Jones.
Lonnie Cline, music instructor,
nominated Jones to be profiled be­
cause of his dedication to music.
“Matt exemplifies everything
that is special about America’s
youth today. As a musician and a
person, Matt always gives a hun­
dred percent as he continues to
evolve on his academic and cre­
ative life’s journey,” said Cline. “It
is with honor and pride that the CCC
music department names Matthew
Jones as one of its most outstand­
ing graduates.”
Cindy Youso
Cindy Youso, a 32-year-old
nursing student, will be graduating
with an AAS (Associate of Applied
Science) in Nursing and a 3.6 GPA.
Youso will be moving to Ari­
zona this summer where she will
work towards becoming a Regis­
tered Nurse. She would like to work
in the field of Psychiatric Mental
Nursing and eventually work in
Community Mental Health.
Youso dropped out of high
school to get married and start a
family. In 1981 she completed her
Before Youso came to Clacka­
mas she spent a year going to li­
braries to study so she would be
ready for the college placement test
“I placed at college level and I
took a lot of pride in that,” said
When Youso was preparing to
come to Clackamas she was afraid
that she wouldn’t fit in.
“When I came to Clackamas I
didn’t think I was the typical stu­
dent but then I soon found out that
I fit in,” said Youso.
The diversity at Clackamas is
something Youso really appreci­
“That’s the wonderful thing
about this college - the diversity,”
said Youso.
The Nursing Department as a
whole has helped Youso get
through the tough times.
“There are some wonderful in­
structors here; they’re just the top
notch,” said Youso.
Lisa Fithian, nursing instruc­
tor, has been there to help Youso
whenever she needed it.
“She has been more like a
friend and a mentor,” said Youso.
Youso credits her husband
Mark for keeping her going. When­
ever she tries to give up he pushes
her forward again.
' ' fl il
v. d Hl
Photo by Chad Patteson
Amy Hanson is graduating
with an AA Oregon Transfer.
“He’s really been the backbone
to my whole support,” said Youso
with a smile.
The support of her family has
made coming back to college easier.
“There’s been a few times I’ve
wanted to throw in the towel, but
my family wouldn’t let me,” said
Youso has three children. Her old­
est daughter Amy is 14, Shannon
is 12 and Dustin is 9.
“My children are number one.
It hasn’t been easy. I was a very
young mom; they keep me in line,”
said Youso.
The main reason Youso made
the effort to come back to school
was for her children.
“I really wanted to go to col-
Photo by Joel Coreson
Cindy Youso is graduating
with an AAS in Nursing.
lege and I had to work really hard to
get here, to even begin and to fin­
ish it,” said Youso. “One of the main
reasons why I wanted to get
through college was for my chil­
When Youso isn’t busy study­
ing for school or being a mom, she
enjoys reading.
“I’m a voracious reader,” said
Youso. “I really like to read the clas­
She also enjoys listening to
music, hiking and being outdoors.
The instructors at Clackamas
have been an inspiration to Youso.
“The instructors are so good;
they have such an excellent knowl­
edge base,” said Youso.
Lisa Fithian commented as to
why Youso is such a wonderful stu­
“She is a lady who is extremely
balanced. When Cindy is a nurse, I
would be real proud to work along
side of her,” said Fithian. “She is
the embodiment of what we dream
of in student.”
Amy Hanson
Amy Hanson, a 20-year-old
English student, will be graduating
with an AA (Associate of Arts) Or­
egon Transfer and a 3.4 GPA.
Next fall, Hanson will transfer
to Washington State University.
She will be attending at the new
campus in Vancouver.
Hanson is planning to major
in English, but she is still keeping
an open mind to other possibili­
Keeping busy is not a prob­
lem for Hanson. She is the Manag­
ing Editor for The Print and she
carries a full-load of classes while
working and maintaining a busy
home life.
The success Hanson has had
at Clackamas can’t be credited to
just one person. Loren Ford’s Per­
sonal Development and College
Success Class has helped her to
stay organized while Dan McCue
and Diane Delvers helped her to get
associated with the college. Linda
Vogt has also been very helpful to
Hanson’s success.
One of Hanson’s favorite as­
pects of Clackamas is the diversity
of people.
“I’ve met a lot of different
people in classes. There’s a good
mixture of ages and backgrounds,”
said Hanson. “People come from
many different places, so you get
different people’s views.”
Hanson’s husband Scott has
helped her get through the rocky
“He’s been there to support
me. At one time I felt that I couldn’t
go on anymore and I was going to
drop out, but he and my dad talked
me out of it,” said Hanson.
Pushing herself and working
hard are ways that Hanson gets
through college and her busy
“I’ve always pushed myself to
do things even though I didn’t
want to,” said Hanson.
An accomplishment Hanson is
proud of is that she has stayed dedi­
cated to working on a newspaper.
“Newspaper is probably the
biggest thing I’ve done because I
started that my sophomore year in
high school,” said Hanson.
Hanson likes to surround her­
self with other hard-working
“People that are outgoing, like
to have fun and aren’t afraid to do a
little work to get things done,” said
This summer Hanson is going
to continue to work and move into
her new house.
“I plan to get settled into my
new home,” said Hanson with a
Smiling is something Hanson
does a lot. It helps her get through
the day. She likes the positive reac­
tions she gets from other people
when she is smiling.
Hanson would like people to
remember her as “someone who is
always willing and always smiling.”
Linda Vogt, journalism instruc­
tor, finds Hanson’s leadership skills
inspirational to others.
“Amy is Managing Editor of
The Clackamas Print and a leader
of our newspaper staff,” said Vogt
“She is an outstanding student who
has completed her scholastic work
here in two years, living indepen­
dently on her own. She’s married,
Vancouver...she’s very dedicated.”