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Wednesday, Nov. 16,1994
The AFC will come down to the wire with the Dolphins leading the way
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Bills will make the playoffs again,
but they will have a tougher time
getting through because the com­
petition in the AFC will not let
them win it again.
The New England Patriots
are the surprise team of the NFL
this year. When Drew Bledsoe
came out with five games with
300-plus yards, the Patriots were
over .500 % for the first time in
five years. Teams caught on
quickly and Bledsoe has been in­
tercepted seven times in four
games. They need to improve
their running game. They have
the worst rushing offence with a
total of 592 yards. Marion Butts
was picked up in the off-season
and was expected to fill that hole,
but has choked so far getting the
ball 108 times for 309 yards, an
average of 2.9 yards a carry. If
Butts decides to step up and run
then look for the Patriots to cause
a threat for a wild card.
The Indianapolis Colts have
been unlucky this year. They have
the third-best rushing attack with
Marshall Faulk, but haven’t been
able to stop their opponents from
getting in the end zone. Jim
Harbaugh is getting a second
chance in Indiana and is taking
advantage of the ‘Faulk Threat’ by
leading the AFC in passing. The
Colts could find themselves in the
thick of things if they can juice up
the defense.
The New York Jets have
been impressive with some big
wins over the Bills and the Patri­
ots but have been getting beaten
up recently. Johnny Johnson is out
with a pulled hamstring, and line­
backer Marvin Jones is out with a
sprained ankle. The list goes on.
Their only realistic chance of mak­
ing the playoffs is if they do some­
thing they haven’t done since 1982
- sweep the Bills.
In the AFC Central, the 6-2
Browns have been on a tear with
their only competitor being the 5-
3 Steelers. The 1-7 Oilers and the
0-8 Bengals are only playing for
pride out their now because they
aren’t going anywhere this season.
The Cleveland Browns are
one of the surprise teams of the
NFL this year by starting off 6-2.
They started off 4-0 last year, but
then didn’t even make the play­
offs. This has been Vinnie
Testaverde’s first time behind a
good offensive line and he is
showing them what he can do
with a little time. Testaverde has
been knocked out of the last two
games with concussions and is
getting worried about it. On the
ground, Leroy Hoard and Eric
Metcalf havexombined for 507
yards on 121 carries. Metcalf
has returned a league leading two
punts for touchdowns. If
Testaverde is injured, ex-Redskin
quarterback Mark Rypien is there
to take charge. The Browns will
win the division, but on the way
they might hear some buzzing
from the Steelers.
The Pittsburgh Steelers are
sporting the best defense in the
AFC, but they need to improve
their passing game if they want
to contend for the division. They
have the second-best rushing at­
tack in the AFC with Barry Fos­
ter and Bam Morris, but are
ranked 11th in passing. The
Steelers will find themselves in
the hunt if they can work out their
passing problems.
The Cincinnati Bengals are
starting to get things in order as
they gave the defending Super
Bowl champs a scare. It’s too bad
it took them so long, as they have
wasted half a season. If they de­
cide to stay with Jeff Blake as
quarterback, look for them to win
four or five games before the sea­
son is over. If they keep Klingler
in, they can kiss their pride good­
The Houston Oilers have
been the biggest upset in the NFL
this year. After last season’s 12
wins in a row and getting so close
to the AFC championship, they
were expected to do some big
things this season. The inaccu­
racy of Cody Carlson has been a
key to the downfall of the Oilers.
Don’t expect any noise from
them this year, but they will prob­
ably pick up something good in
the draft.
The AFC West should be a
tight one between the 7-1 Charg­
ers, the 5-3 Chiefs and the 4-4
Raiders, but don’t count out the
3-5 Broncos and the 3-5
Seahawks. The Chargers have
shocked a lot of people with their
performance so far this year, but
with Stan Humphries out, it will
make things interesting. Joe
Montana and Derek Thomas
have put together a great 1-2
combo in Kansas City. Thomas'
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defense has not let down too of­
ten, and Montana’s offense has
been pretty consistent. If the Hos
can stay cool, we might see some
action from the Raiders. If he
loses his team things aren’t go­
ing to go as planned.
The San Diego Chargers
have the best rushing offense and
rushing defense. They are sev­
enth in offensive passing and are
in fourth for defensive passing.
They have been a great all-around
team so far, but can they keep it
up without Humphries? Natrone
Means has led the rushing attack
with 790 yards on 178 carries and
set a team record with four con­
secutive 100 yard rushing games.
San Diego should win the divi­
sion, but not if Kansas City can
do anything about it. The two
teams meet up on Nov. 13, and it
should be a hot one.
The Kansas City Chiefs
need to protect Montana. When
they keep him on his feet, they
win. When he gets knocked
around they lose. Montana has
thrown for the second most yards
with 2,151 yards on 301 passes.
Easter 1987, Age 5
Marcus Allen has rushed for 405
yards on 108 carries and has
rushed for five touchdowns. Look
for the experienced Chiefs to give
San Diego a run for their money.
The Los Angeles Raiders
started off on the wrong foot but
have regained balance at .500%.
Jeff Hostetler's little team-bashing
incident doesn’t make anything
better for the Raiders, but maybe
he sparked something in his team
to get them going. The Raiders
are the fastest team in the NFL,
but they need to use their speed
more effectively. Ex-Chief
Harvey Williams is leading the
ground attack for the Raiders with
462 yards on 122 carries. The
Hos has thrown for 1,619 yards
and 11 touchdown passes so far
and has been looking better as the
season has progressed. They need
to keep their momentum going if
they want to see the playoffs this
The Denver Broncos didn’t
get the start they wanted, but have
started to turn things around here
at the half way mark. John Elway
is looking at a very challenging
Easier1988, Age 6
role as he attempts to bring his
team into the payoffs. He has
thrown for 2,120 yards and 10
touchdowns. Leonard Russell has
rushed for 364 yards and has met
the end zone eight times. In or­
der for the Broncos to make the
playoffs, their defense will have
to dig their way out of the cellar
as they have given up 2,934 yards.
The Seattle Seahawks
started out pretty strong and got
a lot of people's hopes up, but have
lost five consecutive games. They
are ranked 12th on offense and are
tied for 11th on defense. Chris
Warren has done his job, as he has
rushed for 713 yards and scored
six times, but Rick Mirer is hav-.
ing his sophomore jinx. He just
can’t seem to come up with the
big plays at the right time. The
Seahawks need to build up their
young players more for them to
be a threat in the AFC East.
In the playoffs, look for the
Dolphins or Chargers to domi­
nate, also look for threats from the
defense strong Steelers and there
are still threats alive in the hearts
of th Bill’s and Chiefs.
Easter1989, Age 7
■ Lorien Lea Denham.
Killed by a drunk driver on Good Friday, March29,1991, at
College Park Drive and Hwy. 19 North in Meridian,Miss.
If you don’t stop your friend from driving drunk, who will? Do whatever it takes.
U.S. Department of Transportation
Age 7,1982
Age 15,1990 ■-
Age 18,1993
Elizabeth Suto.
Killed by a drunk driver on February 2 7,1994, on Bell Blvd,
in Cedar Park, Texas.
If you don’t stop your friend from driving drunk, who will? Do whatever it takes.
U.S. Department of Transportation