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Wednesday« May 18,1994
Writer gives insight on star signs
by Jennifer Gunst
The Print Staff
5,000 years ago, Greek
philosophers formulated the theory
of Man in Microcosm, which de­
picted the human being as a min­
iature version of the cosmos. From
this concept sprang the conclu­
sion that everything in nature has
a parallel in human beings.
It seems arrogant and
inane of us to deny that the planets
and luminaries we share our solar
System with have noeffect on our
lives. Nonetheless, let me take this
opportunity to address the skep­
tics, the cynics and the disbeliev­
ers who equate astrology with
terms like “bunk”, “hype” or
“hocus-pocus." Of course, the 12
signs of the zodiac have little more
to offer than heightened self-
awareness and greater self-under­
standing. The only thing you
could hope learn is about yourself.
Aries The Ram March
21—April 19
You are the fearless pioneer
of the zodiac. As a symbol of the
first sign, you are the initiator
with relentless energy and enthu­
siasm. As a child of Mars, your
ruling planet, you are the center of
action and assaliveness, a natural
leader. Impulsive, vibrant, confi­
dent, you also have a hot temper
arid a restless constitution.
Taurus The Bull April
20— May 20
Your greatest strength re­
sides in your perseverance, tenac­
ity, and steady, stubborn drive.
You are the immovable object of
the zodiac. Stable and secure, you
look for permanence in every­
thing; in love, career, home.
Change is traumatic for you; you
are most comfortable with the fa­
miliar. You enjoy things, and
surrounding yourself with posses­
sions (another form of security) is
requisite. Your nature tends to be
private and almost stolid but, like
a bull quietly grazing in a pasture,
will meet any challenge when pro­
Gemini The Twins May
21- June 20
You are the word-master of
the zodiac. A charming conversa­
tionalist, your clever use of words
will keep everyone amused. You
are a mental magpie and seem to
know just a little about every­
thing. In fact, you are just a vat of
tidbit knowledge. Endlessly curi­
ous, you have to be part of the busy
passing scene. Routine and mo­
notony is bound todefeat you. You
also have refined the art of ma­
nipulation and know exactly how
to handle people. Adaptable to
any situation, your quick mind
can justify any course and explain
any action ata moment’s notice. If
you know any Geminis person­
ally, you mustadmit they are the
most fun, but at the same timecan
be the most frustrating.
Cancer The Crab June
21—July 22
As a native of the Moon
(your ruling planet), your emo­
tions can be likened to the ever­
shifting tides of the oceans. You
are fragile, unpredictable, tem­
peramental, sensitive. You need
desperately to be loved and ap­
proved of. Once you achieve this
security, you exude undying loy­
alty and affection to those you
love. You are devoted to homeand
family and never forget those who
have touched you in your past In
tune with your own emotions, you
are also very intuitive when it
comes toothers. Intensepowersof
observation make you extremely
canny about others’ inner motiva­
Leo The Lion July 23-
You are the attention mag­
net of the zodiac. You love to steal
the show, absorb the limelight.
Like your ruling planet, the Sun,
you are the center of the universe.
Cheerful, exuberant, vivacious,
you love to prattle and give advice
(there is nothing you like more
than to tell people how to run their
lives). Flamboyant in nature, ev­
ery thing is usually exaggerated. A
lavish spender and generous
friend, the flip side is that you can
also be bombastic, dogmatic and
Virgo The Virgin August
23-September 22
You might be what is con­
sidered the Vulcan of the zodiac.
Logic defines you as you are prac­
tical, pragmatic, and rational. In
fact, your logic sometimes con­
fines your imagination. Analyti­
cal and painstaking, you seek to
know and understand. You feel it
is your divine duty to bring order
out of chaos. Your forte is in per­
fecting and improving. Modest, a
bit shy, you are a not typically a
social creature, especially if in the
company of strangers. A height­
ened awareness to the world’s
to be a worrier. They say Hypo­
chondria is common among
Libra The Scales Sep­
tember 23-October 22
You are the chameleon of
the zodiac, for your energies are
focused on assimilating with
people. Though you may be quite
an individual, you are constantly
striving for agreement, common
ground and partnership. The scales
personified symbolize balance,
equilibrium and justice in rela­
tionships. You will do anything to
avoid friction and strife. This
makes for an easygoing, even-
tempered friend whose favorite
topic is thyself. With Venus as
your ruling planet you, admire
beauty in all its forms, especially
the one in the mirror.
Scorpio The Scorpion Oc­
tober 23-November 21
“You are an individual
painted in vivid colors. There is
no such thing as a pastel Scorpio.”
This, in a nutshell, describes the
all-or-nothing-extremist life a
Scorpio leads. You live at a high
pitch of emotion- moderation is
not in your vocabulary. You can
not live your life superficially for
you must get into things. You
have a single-minded concentra­
tion on getting what you want and
can be a fierce competitor (just a
side note: TonyaHarding is aScor-
pio). Intense, passionate, your
thoughts and feelings need a posi­
tive periodic venting for if they
turn inward, they can become
imprisoned and at times even de­
Sagittarius The Archer
November 22—December 21
You are the storyteller who
is never afraid to tell it how it is.
Your consistent bluntness and
honesty are a distinctive
Sagi ttarian trait You have acheer-
ful, ebullient disposition with a
sense of humor that is virtually
unmatched by anyothersign. You
possess incredible optimism and
you are kind, open-hearted and
free of malice. Sagittarius sym­
bolizes the search for wisdom; the
sign of philosophy, higher learn­
ing, broad concepts. A Sagittarian
will also tell you how it ought to
Capricorn The Goat De­
cember 22-January 19
As a product of Saturn, you
are molded by the difficulties of
life. Limitation, restriction and
discipline shape your life and ulti­
mately the way you want it. You
live with determined purpose and
are the renowned worker of the
zodiac. Because you feel only you
can do the job right, you tend to be
self-sufficient and self-reliant. It
is hard for ypu to put your trust in
others. Your demeanor is some­
what reserved, self-contained and
loner-esque. Reliable, steady, al­
ways climbing, there is nothing a
Capricorn can’t achieve if you so
will it.
Waterbearer January 20—Feb­
ruary 18
You are the black sheep of
the zodiac - you simply refuse to
follow the crowd. And indepen­
dence is your way of life. If ever
you feel trapped, you will break
free at any cost. Aquarius is the
sign of the visionary and your
creative, inventive mind hatches
up idea after elaborate idea. You
are very people- oriented and at­
tract friends wherever you go. A
true humanitarian, you are toler­
ant of people’s faults and con­
cerned with the welfare of the
world. Your easy-going, live-and-
let-live nature is rarely judgmen­
tal, all-encompassing. As you are
quickly bored, you seek excite­
ment and -new experiences on a
regular basis- anything to prevent
boredom. You have a reputation
for liberal beliefs and progressive
aspirations. Aquarians are apt to
change the world.
Pisces The Fish February
19—March 20
Pisces is the sign of the poet,
the dreamer, and of self-undoing.
As the last sign in the zodiac, you
represent the end of the cycle, the
ability to discover at last the mean­
ing of life. Pisceans have an ability
to look into people, probe beneath
the surface. In fact, many Pisceans
are reputed to be psychic. Because
of this extraordinary sensitivity
and awareness, you possess an
unlimited compassion andbottom-
less sympathy for others. In fact,
you are so susceptible to other
people’s problems, you actually
adopt them as if they were your
own. So Pisces tend to be troubled,
indulging inescapist methods such
as drugsand alcohol. Another form
of escapism is in your dramatic
imagination. Pisceans often try to
live in a world of their own cre­
ation, one that comes closer to
their own ideal. A hopeless ro­
mantic, a caring friend, your mys­
tique can be described as enchant­
The Clackamas Print Pg. 5
'Poetic Giant'
visits college
by Thra McFarland • ='
: i?-’
• Leaning against- the
waffm the darkened Gregory
Forum May 9, 1 anxiously
awaited the arrival of Colleen
McElroy, poet and author. 1
had camera inhand, ready to
shoot, when McElroy appeared
on the stage, however, I was
caught up in the introduction
was giving.
. ?
^Colleen McElroy’s
work speaks to the power df
resistance and survival, speaks
to die dream of a society in
which people will look beyond
shape, size, color and see into
the story, into an individual....”
. I wassb intent oh the introduc-
tion, I forgot to snap the pic­
Colleen McElroy vis-
itedCCC as partOftheWrifers-
■'urJResidcncc series, Clackamas
sponsors nationally recognized
writers who bring their talents
to the students and staff for one
to three days. During her visit,
McElroy presented a slide show
on Madagascar, a reading
(which I attended) and awnt-
i ing workshop for pre-selected
" '
During her reading,
McElroy chose selections from
■ her six volumes of poetry and
an unpublished memoirs she’s
. been working on. She has also
published two collections Of
short stories, written scripts for
television and theater as well as
written textbooks.
•. ;
' McElroy has received
many awards and her work has
been published in anthologies,
including “Dreamers and Des­
perados,”an anthology edited
by Craig Leslcy, English in-
J.jwas struck by how
enormous McElroy’s presence
was on stage. She was, and is,
a poetic giant. I silently watched
as she ended her presentation
and came down ou stage. Kate
Gray introduced us, and when I
shook Colleen McElroy’s hand,
I again was. struck, only this
time, by how delicate rite was.
What an incredible contrast she
McElroy shared her
thoughts, her pain, her humor
through many different types of
poems, ranging from poems
about rodeos to poems about
comic books,
. “Her poetry and prose
give gifts that go straight to the
heart, and trick some readers
into experiencing what may not
be easy or convenient orfamil-
“Colleen McElroy is
oneof thestrongestpoetic voices
in theAmericas. The reader is
carried to a nèw place by the
brilliant craft of her writing, by
the immediacy of detail, the in­
terlacing language,’’Gray said.
Poet and author Colleen J. McElroy joins Clackamas’
faculty and students as part of the Wrlters-in-Residence
CCC’s (Drama Department presents
Neil Simon's
Beach Memoirs
Performances run May 19,20,21, June 3,4
at 8:00 p.m. and June 5 at 2:30 p.m. in
McLoughlin Hall Theatre
General Admission: $6, Students: $3
Seniors: Free with Reservations
For Reservations Call: 657-6958 ext. 2356