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Pg. 2 The Clackamas Print
News In Brief
Compiled by Cori Karge 1
Elections for President and Vice President will be held
in three weeks. For more information, call ext 2245.
Poet Lynn Emanuel will read from her works of poetry
April 13 from noon to 1 p.m. in the Gregory Forum. The reading is
free and open to the public. Formore information,call Diane Averill
at ext. 2370.
Market your skills and abilities to prospectivejemployers at
CCC’s annual Job Fair April 14 in the Gregory Forum from 2 to 5
p.m. For more information, call ext. 2409.
Celebrate spring, music and the filing of your income
taxes at a special concert for the whole family April 15 starting at 7
p.m. in the Gregory Forum. Cost to attend the concert/dance is $5
for families, $2.50 for individuals. For more information, call ext.
Learn to in-line skate with other brave women April 15 at
6 p.m. CCC’s Focus on Women program is sponsoring this
rollerblading adventure around Tom McCall Park. A $15 fee will
include rental of all equipment and lessons. Register for WKS 1-04.
For more information, call ext. 2527 or to register ext 2254.
CAD Frontiers: A Workshop for CAD-Related Uses of
Technology, a one-day workshop designed to introduce technology
educators to present and future uses of computer-aided drafting, will
be held April 29, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in the Gregory Forum. For
more information, call ext.2365.
CCC’s Seasoned AdultEnrichment Program is sponsoring
a Health Care Reform Forum on April 20 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
at CCC’s Harmony Center. Come join the national debate on health
care reform. Hear presenter J. A. Seagraves discuss and examine a
number of related issues. For more information, call ext3212.
The Going Into Business Workshop, offered by CCC’s
Small Business Development Center, will introduce new and pro­
spective business owners to the essential steps needed to establish a
business. The six-hour workshop will include a $25 fee, and will be
offered April 20 and 27 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Harmony
Center. For more information, call 656-4447.
CCC’s Small Business Development Center is offering
Retail for Retailers, an eight-week, hands-on course designed for
new owners or managers of retail/servicebusinesses. Thecourse will
be held Monday evenings beginning April 18 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the
Harmony Cotter, and will cost $175. Register for SBM 21-04. To
register, call ext.2254. For more information, call ext.3485.
Resume assistance is available on a drop-in basis every
Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Career Center. Bring a current
resume, rough-draft copy, or questions with you. For more informa­
tion, call the Job Specialist at ext.2409.
Jerry Cook’s class is looking for cars that need work on
brakes, air-conditioning and suspension. For more information, call
Dusi at ext.2354.
'Heidi Branstator, Jeff '
Kemp (Ext 2576)
News Editor - Maury
Webber (ext. 2576>
. Feature Editor- Tina
McFarland (Ext. 2577)
Sports Editor- Jason
Hunter (Ext. 2577)
Copy Editor- Paul
Valencia (Ext 2309)
Photo Editor- Anjanette
Booth (Ext. 2309)
Co-Business Managers -
Michele Myers, Tyson-
Morrow (Ext. 2578)
Staff Writers/Photographers:
Jeff Adams, Troy Blackledge, Eric
Eatherton, Jocelyn Gauthier,Jen
Gunst, Chris Haberman, Russ
Jones, Frank Jordan, Cori Kargel,
Zaclî Kreinheder, Chad Patteson,
Michelle Shipman, Andrea Smith,
Jesse Sowa, Jan Stahley ^Nicole
Secretary: Cheryl Willemse
(Ext. 2309)
Advisor: Linda Vogt (Ext.
The Clackamas Print, aims
to report the news in an honest
unbiased, professional manner.
The opinions expressed in The
Clackamas Print do not neces­
sarily reflect those of the student
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faculty or The Print's advertis­
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nals week. The advertising fate is
$4.50 per column inch.
All letters to the editors
will be considered for publication
and must be submitted by 2 p.m.
the Friday prior to the next issue.
Clackamas Community
College, 19600 S. Molalla Av­
enue,OregonCity,Oregon; 97045,
Barlow 104.Telephone:(503)657-
6958,'ext. 2309.
Wednesday, April 13,1994
Grant to improve OATC
by Troy Blackledge
The Print Staff
Behold! The future of
education cometh to CCC-
The possibilities of fiber­
optic linkage and microwave TV
reception are scheduled to become
a part of the educational experi­
ence at Oregon Advanced Tech­
Wilsonville’s capability for edu­
cating will be expanded to two-
way, interactive telecourses from
around the country.
This technology will pro­
vide for an information “sharing”
between institutions around the
country, greatly expanding the
number of classes our institution
is capable of teaching. If OATC
wished to teach a class in Machin­
ing Fundamentals X, for instance,
yettheyweren’tproperly equipped,
all they would have to do is contact
the appropriate school and par­
ticipate in their classes via the
two-way TV link.
This vast resource is
brought to us by the CCC Founda­
tion board, a group of volunteers
who raise money for various pro­
grams and projects the school is
interested in pursuing. The on­
going campaign to equip and fur­
nish tiie Wilsonville campus is
nearing completion, thanks to The
Murdock Trust’s Challenge Grant.
The Foundation made a
proposal to Murdock Trust to pro­
vide a grant of $136,000. toward
technological advancement at the
OATC, particularly for two com­
puter labs, microwave television
access and a fiber-optic distance
learner system, “all of it the new­
est technology for distance learn­
ing,” according to Corky
Kirkpatrick, directorof grants and
special projects.
Unaccustomed to such a
large grant proposal from a com­
munity college, Murdock Trust
opted for the cautious approach; if
our school raised half of the de­
sired grant, or $68,000 from other
contributors, and maintained the
proposed equipment improve­
ments, they would indeed match
the accumulated half with a gift of
$68,000. The Foundation raised
the needed half, thanks to gener­
ous support from the private sec­
tor, and largely to the contribution
of Larry Cole, director of Canby
Telephone/North Willamette
Telecom, who provided the dis­
tance fiber-optic link to the school.
“The promotion of tech­
nical advancement in Clackamas
County” is the bottom line, ac­
cording to the Foundation’s presi­
dent, David Dickson. “Compa­
nies demonstrate a keen interest
in OATC because our programs
are better suited to training work­
ers for the smaller, more local
industries of Clackamas County,”
he said. These improvements at
Wilsonville will likely improve
the reputation of the technical
schooling and eventually employ
more people residing in Clacka­
mas County.
Today's students will
probably miss out on the improved
technology. Two years is the ex­
pected development span, accord­
ing to Kirkpatrick with “fiber­
optic linkage in the fall.”
Memory Hints: IVfren was the War of 1812?
by Sett Kemp
pertinent chapters. Hopefully a
WFrfnt Co-Ed ttor-in-€hief
few of you can benefit from the
' foÄÖy for afi t>fThe * knowledge that I wdlbe obtaintng
Print’s md&s I am currently
from this class,
enrolled mPsychpiogy 142/Per-
Success. Forthenext eight weeks
I willattempt to share with you
cry college studem can benefit
ThecbursestexC^’Becprn- '
iog a Master Student” by Dave
E!hs,0ffersstudentsan excellent
balahœoftools,achuiques, hiuts,
illustrations and suggestions fix
what it is therefor. More people
learn by doing,
1 will be setting tip a
Î Dress for the occa­
top-five list to summarize son»
of Ellis’s most important and
sion. It’s true foot wearing the
same outfit to study tn can help
you feel more comfortable with
year surroundings m class the
next day .
3, Listen to your inner
vdee. ff you’re trying to study
andyourmind keeps wandering,
dtawotwiite whatoveritis your
thinking. It helps clear your
'' ^Reemddififoufriead-
rng. Havmg.ttonbfetnem<toang
vocabulary? Put your voice on
tape and listen to it in the car or
while laying m bed. Ymionly
ha veto read once! :
&. Be productive^ the
morning. Even if you bate to get
up before noon like I do, that’s
when your memory sharpest.
We’re getting transfers
left and right.
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Literary Magazine by
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