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    The Clackamas Print Pg. 4_______________________________ OpiniOTI_________________ Wednesday, February 9,1994
Book store has capitalized Oregon pride still resides In C iod's backyard
on students long enough
tóori»! Staff ''
by Troy Blackledge
The Print Staff
We as students of this
community college have all, at
one time or another, fallen prey
to the obscene prices the book­
store charges for books and ma­
terials necessary to succeed at
this school. The Clackamas Book­
store has capitalized on students'
needs long enough!
We’ve paid our way; we
needn’t be victimized by unscru­
pulous profiteers. The time has
come for Our community to come
together and utilize the alterna­
tive, the Bookmart, sponsored by
student government.
The Bookmart’s goal is
to give students another avenue
through which they may buy and
sell books. It’s simple, safe and
gives student consumers the abil­
ity to get more for their money by
dealing through a non-profit
middle-man, the student govern­
Student government
hopes to achieve this goal with a
straightforward approach. Stu­
dents wishing to buy or sell a
book come down to Student Ac­
tivities and simply fill out a card,
(green to buy, yellow to sell) with
name, phone number, social se­
curity number and what the pa­
tron wishes to buy or sell. These
books are then stored in the Stu­
dent Activities. Office until pur-
chases are made. Student offic­
ers compile the info cards and
make the connection between
buyers and sellers. Classified ads
will also run weekly by category
in this fine newspaper to enlighten
the populace to new deals down
at the Bookmart.
Like I stated earlier, the
Bookmart is a non-profit service
designed to meet students' needs.
As with any grass-roots program,
the Bookmart requires the in­
volvement of the student body in
order to function to potential.
. Let’s face it, not many of us that
attend here are rich and more
than one of us have problems
affording necessary books each
Do you have textbooks
or novels collecting dust under
your beds, in your garages wait­
ing to be packed up into the attic?
Come on down! Give yourself a
chance to make some money sell­
ing those needed books; give your­
self a break from the high prices
and the limited use one normally
gets frojn their texts. In short, the
student government demands a
change for YOU, the consumer,
by creating this institution. Re­
gardless, your books are neces­
sary to the smooth functioning of
your service. If you have any
questions, or books for that mat­
ter, please contact ASG at the
Student Activities Office.
Wouldn’t it be nice if.
■ Hearing the name Tonya Harding is growing old
by Dwight Walker
The Print Staff
We see her name on TV,
we hear her name on the radio, we
read her name in the paper. In fact
I won’t even say her name, be-
cause we all know who she is. It
would be nice not to be blitzed
with her face and to have her name
not be the first thing we hear in the
morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to go
one whole day without any men­
tion of this woman?
Is she capable of doing
something like this? I don’tknow,
but until there’s some hard evi­
dence to prove so, don’t say her
name. There are more important
things to talk about, like rise of
tuition, maybe, instead of the
bodyguard's supposed counter-es-
pionage activities. And whocares
if she's back on the ice. Most
people didn’t care before and
don’t care now.
So give us abreak from
this woman. We are tired of her.
I mean how often can we have
something shoved down out
throats? I think we've reached
that point. People are screaming
at the mention of her name.
Doesn’t that tell you something?
If not for her, then for
our own sake — to give us a
chance to maintain our sanity.
You know, sanity ... something
that’s been totally lost in this
whole scandal. I mean, the media
has named it "Skategate". If that
isn’t a sure sign of human rea­
soning lost, I don’t know what is.
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Tonya, Bob and Lon* ..
z “Skate Gate,
an^jheOCA* %
Ute Nancy Kerrigan as-
sault case, oursenator’sodd be­
havior andtoeOregon Citizens’
Alliance war on homosexuals
have all made national news to
the past year orso. And for most
[ïÇÏttoCh?stead of being etobar- ;
ri&sed; I take pride tothé Ówxit-
ofremenolfe peopleisitoo::
an article in the Feb. 4 edition of
the Statesman Journal (Salem).
: people are moving to Oregon at
such a» alarming rate because of
and actually help in a. time of family add livability*... ;
That’s rigid, family. Even
: :;;;Being
if a family from California may
not agree with the OCA, they can
i^myu^Bob^.l^ébç^êmb^ ; still come to Oregon to get away
Massed aboutBemg a [s^ent ai':: frem the sickening crime, pollu­
Ctockamas CiWtopmtyCollege tion and traffic of Los Angeles,
, becausettoesbtoenfdoiedtoia for exam pie. And they don’t have
to be embarrassed about the OCA
tobe proudof* Butforpeopleto final exam,
.. : What would happenif a 10- If they teach their childrim to re­
say they[ ■
living in Oregon is going to an • year veteran tosteactor thecol-[ spect all walks of life, '
■ legévtosindSl^dbbsévetal counts
Artotii^key tothelivitoii-
. [of sexualharassmepti-anidr^tol
toiscriminaticm? Wrnfid every
moral^stupidorcnmimdbehav- Other in^0er feed emban^sed
tors, but that does not mean you j .• to be part of fins fiigher-leamihg
have to be grooped with them, : institution?; Of
unless youagreewithwhat they '.'cause- tito-
aredoingordosomeoftiie things
they are doing,
proudof being a member of this
collegé^||^átthey would ne ver
. ? .
. • -Take the Kerrigan ease,. do such a thing.
. Ky^/^seC atotfgood.
finstance* Ihaveplayed sports
afi my fife and I have always • : individual anda great citizen, you
been taught that iris nice to beat
yom opponent to competition, :• ; man no matter What somebody :
eisedoes< . <• ¿ ¿i”;;(
Is Ito- reason to W
foretheevent* That’s probably
on page one of the sportsman­ :.'emWxàs$^'abô^ ïtÿ^jn'.Qr-*:'
ship ¿rule bo^ijust because; . égpn* In fact,thërearedozens of
somcofHardmg’spalsassimlied .reasons to be proud ofOurs taie* :
If you live in this area, you
Kerrigan doesn’t mean ! have to
be embarrassedabout being from, areaahomawy
And what about Bob? an hour anda half from one of the
. Here’s a guy, from Oregon, who nKMitbeautifuleoastsintheworid*
obviously neverwas taught how Fd venture to .guessThat this is
God’s backyard. In our state.
tq treht a
I’m fromi’QtogtìfiCÌmiidat’i fry
In the morning* I say beilo, I
don’t jump them.
Let’s look at this argto
menton a nationallevci. Attera
hurricane hits Florida. several
looters show up and ransack
stores. I am not embarrassed to
bean American; : I am mad as
hell at the people who are doing
Tri-Met’s fight rail, MAX, is an
example to all cities of similar
size that mass transit can work.
Tri-Met has been given
praise fromthe national govem-
inentforitsinsight ohthe.future;
fhere ttotdd be a line tins, goes
nwrth to Vasc^iWand south to
colleges that people come to from
,, Ihaw titereiausiil^to
of youout there dud .^t^ntinae
id feel- emtetws^ab^^M^
V „
for yon, Interstate -5; runs both
than a slogan; it’sa way of fife. ; . the Lt« Angeles area right, now.
:•:[ :T: ■' Speaktogof a way of life, Of course, most Of the ptoperty is
titeiitoyweliwtogettoiátitoíonál fre-ti-ymuselL bin since you will
attention. Sure.itmaynotbeon be<nrtofthe’’embarrassitig*^xjt*
W pép$ei
fight of Ch^on, you’ll be able to
.tieingChegontoagQOdlight,^ eonoetorate,
to tito^ptofr^í<:jL •
. :
To titose who still believe
L^yeaf,Ôregôn’spqpula- inOregonPride,<foftTbackdown.
:Og&$ mhtorethati double the ’ Yrm’rejuotectmgGod’spre^ty-
patipnalrate. And according to
Anti-abortionists should respect
rights of fellow human beings
by Tyson Morrow
The Print Editorial Staff
The freedom to choose
abortion is an expression of equal
rights, fairness and justice. Abor­
tion is a safe, healthy procedure
which is a necessary part of mak­
ing society a better place for all.
And if we ever go back to a time
when abortion is not freely avail­
able, it would be the most gigantic
step backward in the history of
civil rights.
On Jan. 22, 1973, the
U.S. Supreme Court, led by Harry
Blackmun, held that the Texas
criminal abortion statutes prohib­
iting abortions at any stage of
pregnancy are unconstitutional.
The Supreme Court also found
that the word “person” as used in
the 14th Amendment does not
include the unborn, and that con­
stitutional right of privacy is broad
enough to encompass a woman’s
decision whether or not to termi­
nate a pregnancy.
The pro-life movement
has become more and more ada­
mant in their attacks on a woman’s
right of privacy, resulting in ha­
rassment of patients, doctors, and
in the worst situations, the murder
of abortion-performing physicians
and the bombing of abortion clin­
A question often posed
by pro-life organizations, “When
does life begin?” is not really rel­
evant, because even if life were to
begin at conception, the fetus is a
part of the woman’sbody until it is
bom. Sure it is alive, but so are
cancerous tumors... and no one is
lobbying to save the life of a group
of cancer cells. You may not see
this as a valid comparison, but a
fetus, like a tumor, can be harmful
to the mother, and cannot live on
one disputes that. But so are the
unfertilized eggs and sperm. The
fetus is a potential human being,
not an actual one; think of it as a
blueprint, not a house. The un­
born isn’ta person with meaning­
ful life. It’s only inches in size,
and in the first trimester, has no
thought process.
Even if the unborn áre
viable human beings, they have
fewer rights than the woman. No
one should be expected to donate
her body as a life-support system
for someone else.
Every woman should
The pro-life movement has become more
and more adamant In their attacks on a
woman's rights of privacy, resulting in
harassment of patients, doctors, and in the
worst sit‘uations...murder
its own outside of the woman’s
body. The fetus is a part of a
pregnant woman’s body, and if
she chooses to remove it,, it is
nothing more than if she chose to
have her appendix or tonsils re­
The fetus is alive. No
have control over her own body.
Reproductive freedom is a basic
right for all women.
my advice to you is - don’t have
one. Butdon’ttrytotaketherights
of your fellow human being. Re­
spect their privacy.