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Wednesday, May 12, 1993
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Th^Mfekamas Print
Pp. 7
Vice-presidential candidates speak out
Boedigheimer stresses 'strong work ethic'
by Frank Jordan
Staff Writer
Jeff Boedigheimer, a candi­
date for Associated Student Gov­
ernment vice-president, believes
that a strong work ethic instilled
in him from a young age and the
desire to do what is best for
Clackamas makes him the best-
qualified person for the job.
Boedigheimer is a first-year
student at Clackamas, currently
majoring in general humanities,
with a computer aided drafting
minor. He hopes to receive his
associates degree in drafting next
year and then transfer to Oregon
Institute of Technology to get a
bachelor of science in industrial
“I really do love school. I
like the fact that I am learning
something new everyday. Work­
ing full-time and going to school
full-time means that I am a very
busy guy, but that is better than
not being busy enough,” he said.
When asked why he wants
to run for vice-president instead
of president, Boedigheimer re­
plied, “I think that I could help
out better in a support role in­
stead. Right now, I am in the
process of getting my second de­
gree and I’m working, so I am
pretty busy. I can give more of
my time and be more productive
in the role of vice-president with
work ethic.
the limited amount of time that I
Boedigheimer is currently the
ASG senator to the entertainment
coordinator, and said that his
present experience will help him
in the new job he is seeking. “I
believe that I am more in tune
with what is going on around our
school. I got involved because
there were not enough people
running for the job, and I’m hav­
ing more fun than I ever thought
that I would have. I can help
student govemmentoutmore than
I can hinder it, and that is part of
the reason that I am running. I
have a good feeling about this,”
he said.
When dealing with the year
in and year out problem of stu­
dentapathy,Boedigheimer comes
up with this: “Let’s face it,
Clackamas is a commuter cam­
Thomas envisions'brand new ASG'
by Npiau CvKidweli/ -i?
Woel Thomas
thçroJiàis bèento tbe:past;’ilto:
mas explained/,
self in one word, Boedigheimer
didn’t even have to think of an
answer. He said, almost immedi-
ately, “Spontaneous.”
We’re getting transfers
is running for
tbeofficecf Associated Student
Government vice-president for
tho coming
‘Tm used to working wi th
students and helping them sue*
ceedatwhat they’redk»ng,”
said Thomas, who has had two
years of leadership training»
Tlujjpas, to his firstyearm:
Clackamas, would like to have
an^opep doorpoltoy’Mf hsis
”1 get along with
people, I thfnk
the vice-presi­
dent has to be
really flexible
with the way he
or she deals with
pus. We don’t want and have no
intention of becoming like the
four-year school. What we have
to do is to try to get things that will
spark the students’ interests. We
have to keep something going on
constantly. I really believe that
the more options that we give the
students, the better that it will be
for all of us,” he said.
One of the biggest problems
that has faced this year’s version
of the ASG is the problem of high
senators. Boedigheimer said that
the ASG has to go back to the
initial interview process used to
select ASG officers and senators
to solve the problem. “If we are
to get the best people, it goes back
to the interview. We have to ask
the right questions of people, and
to let those people know what is
expected of them. ASG constitu­
tional revisions are going on at
the present time, and individual
duties as far as the constitution is
concerned will be reworked. Up
to this time, we have been kind of
running blind as far as responsi­
bilities of positions,” he said.
What makes Boedigheimer
different than the other candi­
dates running against him? He
said it is the strong work ethic that
has driven him since a young age.
“I started working at age 13. I
worked on fishing boats in Alaska,
and all sorts of different jobs. At
the present, I am working on my
second degree. I feel compelled
to do my part. I have lots of
energy to give to this school.
When I begin a task, I usually
finish it I guess you might say
thatlamtheetemal optimist. I’m
willing to try anything that is
asked of me. One of the mottos
that I live by is ‘The worst thing
that someone can say is no,'" he
When asked to describe him­
left and right.
hether you’re left-brained or right brained, Marylhurst
Joel Thomas. whoTsi'üijiihaW.A
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Aside from his student to-
bilities of vice-president.
volvcment, Thomas likes to ride
- “I gto atong with people,’’ [ horses, which he would like to
totoklfiie vtoe*
ia ¿e
tobte day,
president has to be really flexible. Hetosoenjoysa variety of sports
with the wayhe orshedealswith [and reading books.
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