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    Wednesday, January 13, 1993
Bouncing baby boy born...
Gaskell calls it 'incredible'
by Melissa Freels
BBBiiigf experience has
rewards formen
. , too
by Robert A. Hibberd
Associated Student Govern­
ment President Amy Gaskell gave
birth to a baby boy Jan. 3, one
day before Winter Term began.
Gaskell spent 18 hours in
labor, with her fiance, Rob
Hibberd, and her mother, Lori
Gaskell, as “coaches” by her
side. The 8-pound, 10-ouhce
baby, named Pay ton James Hib-
, I have been a father for only W days arid already l am
ttpítoutiBtog listsamèssageór
(tisi Ónè) Top HvelVóudestMòments of My Life
5) Finally learning to ride a btoycte,,
il) Receiving airassaultwings*
J) Receiving airborne wings,
' - a -
I) Moving in with Amy. .
• • : ’ ’ • ' :• ■
1) Being with Xmyas she gavh birth to opr son Pay ton James.
berd, was bom at 10:50 a.m.
Gaskell describes the expe-
! rience, including the days fol-
! lowing, as “incredible.”
Gaskell was released from •
i the hospital on Monday, and the
couple stayed with Payton at
Gaskell’s parents’ house for the
first two nights. The help from
i her parents enabled Gaskell and
Hibberd “to relax and get to
[ know Payton,” she said.
Photo by Nolan Kidwell'
“The first night was very
i adventurous,” Gaskell explained.
Payton James Hibberd was born Jan. 3, 10:50 a.m. He
| While taking care of the baby,
Vly Son Payton James was horn two Sundays ago, on a
clous Jack Frost afternoon. He and Amy gave me the
tience of a lifetime. The emotional high 1 achieved was ,
er than taking a. snowboard over the edge and toto toe'
p&OB it-¿ nò
àWw màny «tort are afraid of it ”
“Oh man, she is going to call you every name in the book,”
‘ ‘
tomé aS iime grew closer ( q delivery*
J mistake ofnotbeing with their wives
during the act of childbirth. Men áre meant to witness delivery.:
When they miss it. they miss the meaning of life. Without this
undcrataniting; meuate handieapped. • :
(List Two) Top Five Biggest Mistakes Made by Men
. '[ .Sj'.^iming yOurweapon and pulling the trigger. . :
weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces.
they found it hard to do simple,
everyday tasks that the average
■ person may take for granted.
“It’s taken some adjusting,”
she said. “We’ve gotten a lot
: more confident though.” Gas­
kell said that the couple hasn’t,
experienced “bum-out” yet,
being with Payton simply re­
vives them.
The couple took Payton
home, to their Oregon City
apartment, Jan. 6. “That was
fun,” she said. It gave them a
chance to use all of the “baby­
things,” like the hand-carded
cradlp ma^by^Gaskewll’s uncle,
that they had been storing for
Now that Payton is settled
in his home, Gaskell and Hib­
berd are working out a daily
routine. Gaskell returned to school
on Monday, and the two hope to
achieve a balance between their
schedules so one of them can be
with Pay ton at all times.
Hibberd also has found the
experience “exciting.”
“It’s difficult because I have
to go to work (or school) every­
day. When you have a baby, you
want to spend a lot of time with
him-especially in his first week,”
he explained. The time that Hib­
berd isn’t able to spend with Pay­
ton, is used for work, school and
for his responsibilities as the Co-
feditor-in-Chief of The Clacka­
mas Print
Hibberd has realized that sac­
rificing time with Pay ton is neces­
sary. “Having a baby is definitely
a motivating factor because you
want to be able to provide a lot of
things, so there’s a definite rea­
son to succeed,” he said.
As for Payton’s future, noth­
ing is set in stone,
“Everybody seems to have a
plan for him,” joked Gaskell. “We
have very eager grandparents.”
According to Hibberd, the grand­
fathers already have an athletic
future in mind for Payton. Hib­
berd and Gaskell, however, aren’t
looking that far into the future.
The two are more concerned with
the baby’s health and safety.
' “Right now I just hope he
can learn to sleep through the
night,” said Hibberd.
Editors'note: This article was
written before Gaskell's re­
•. 4) Gating for beer instead of food. -
3) l^rrng fihrit pain in your foot
;ì ;
2) Not prc^Iy disposing <>f the car’s oil
• . :7
J) Leaving yoitf wife and kids. '
; LeT s face it guys, the majority of die world’s problems are.
djrectíy^re^diítjthe fact that too many men bailout on their
women »pon leaping that they are pregnant, I know of two or
BQfánd I bet you do' too; Across the world, women, and children-*1
are being oppressed by men’s inability to handle this form of re-
sponsibftity. z • _ • ;
<• - ::
I guess what Fm trying to say is? when you take some time
awayfront • the football game ¿nd focus in on .thereal world
around you, you can easily see that there is much more to get
(List Three) Top Five Things Needed to Get Done in the
5) Takeout (he garbage,
,41Ck:mup tire yard.
3) Mend thehoíise.
¿ v
2) Retín« the neighbor’s tools. • ;
• ••:•
1) LoVe your wifeand children.
Wraitert aré thegivers oflifé* thereby.divine.'
'.Chd^n.<feraviewintothe future, ,z ; •••';
Packwood shouldn't be forced to resign
by Paul Valencia
Staff Writer
ing in at a convenient one for the
weekend like Packwood did ear­
Now that Senator Bob Pack­ lier. The committee should ap­
wood has taken office and awaits point counselors who can report
an investigation by the Senate back to them on the progress, if
Ethics Committee, it is time for any, Packwood makes.
his opponents to take a break.
Also, Packwood should per­
Since he has not resigned yet, it sonally apologize to each and every
is a pretty good bet that he won’t one of his accusers. None of that
At least not until after the com­ apology through the press stuff
mittee decides what type of pun­ that every politician thinks is
ishment, if any, to give the vet­ enough. These women deserve
eran lawmaker.
more than a speech prepared by a
It has been more than two staff member, they deserve an
months since allegations of sex­ honest apology. If any of these
ual harassment hit the newspa­ women don’t even want to be in
pers. Now everyone, it seems, the same room with him to accept
has jumped on the bandwagon an apology, then that would be
to overthrow Packwood. But understandable, but Packwood
the only people that can make a should at least make the effort to
difference in Packwood’s future say he is sorry.
are the committee members.
If you expect me to go on with
Yes, I know the Senate further justifiable punishment for
Ethics Committee sounds like a Packwood, you will be disap­
bunch of old, white men getting pointed. Packwood should not be
together at a tropical island re­ forced to resign. He did some­
sort to toast the unethical things thing that he is riot proud of. He
a politician has done in the past has admitted fault and he is sorry.
year. Sure, it is not perfect, but Most likely, he will notdo it again.
the committee is the best thing And since these allegations come
we citizens have to correct any from years back, there is no reason
wrongdoing by our politicians.
to think that he cannot act as a
Hopefully, the committee responsible senator today.
(News Flash: Before I go on,
will come up with appropriate
disciplinary action. I’m think­ I must admit that in 19791 stole a
ing along the lines of making candy bar from Kienow’s. Please
Packwood go to a real alcohol do not ask me to resign from The
rehab, center, instead of check­ Clackamas Print Please, don’t
circle my home with pickets tell­
ing me to quit school. Come to
think of it, I might have stolen
two candy bars. Oh dear, I think
I’m in trouble.)
Statute of Limitations proba­
bly saves me from any crime
record, thank goodness, but what
is the. limit for sexual, harass­
ment? That is the question the
committee must find an answer
for. If these allegations were
from the last two years, I could
see a reason for Pack wood to step
down. In the last two years, our
society has finally realized that
the kind of .behavior that Pack­
wood used 20 years ago is not
right. Whether you believe An­
ita Hill or not, you must admit
that what she did made us. «tore
aware of wrongdoings. For that,
we can thank her.
But . back in 1969? Were
there any morals at all back then?
1969? Hey, what Packwood did
was definitely wrong, but those
were the times. And he didn’t
fire any of these women after
they refused his sexual advance­
ments. I would bet that there
were plenty of other leaders who
used the same type of behavior
back then. No, it doesn’t make it
right, but it would be difficult to
ask a man to resign from his
position for something he did 20
yearsago. Bad tastein 1969 does
not merit losing a job today. If
that were true, die unemploy­
ment rate would be 45 percent.
If he does have to resign,
though, we all will know why.
The committee, like just about
everything else on Capitol Hill,
is run by Democrats. And if you
boil it down, don’t you think all
of this Packwood bashing comes
down to political affiliation?
Try to figure these compari­
sons, out: Dan Quayle uses his
name and power to get out of the
Vietnam draft and joins, the Na­
tional Guard. In 1988, the press
finds out about this and for the
last four years, he has been blasted
by nearly everybody. It is some­
thing he will be tagged with for
the rest of his political life.
In 1992, another young poli­
tician came into the limelight in
the presidential race. But this
time it was Democrat Bill Clin­
ton. He, too, used his name and
power to get into the Reserved
Officers Training Caps, only later
to resign after he realized he might
actually have to go to Vietnam.
Imagine that? Later, he partici­
pated in protest marches and didn’t
inhale dope; -
Unlike Quayle,’ however,
Clinton’s actions were tabbed as
something done in his youth and
nothing to really worry about
Seems to be a bit hypocritical to
me. In other words, it’s OK to
protest your government dodge
the draft and smoke dope as long
as your’e a Democrat.
Now look at Packwood’s
incidents, which happened when
he was young/ He’s a Republi­
can so he might not get off so
easy. I just hope Senator Ted
Kennedy gets to ask a few ques­
tions. Packwood could answer
like this: “Yes, Senator, I did
some pretty dumb things back
then and I’m sorry. But please,
before you punish me, remem­
ber, I didn’t kill anybody, Teddy.”
Yet another hypocritical
move. If Packwood is forced to
resign for something he did 20
years ago, then I will expect
Kennedy to be right beside him.
I hope Packwood will drive Ken­
nedy home.
Bob Packwood needs help.
If he doesn’t get it on his own,
then the committee should force
it on him. If he doesn’t comply,
then he should be forced out.
But to kick him out of office
just for what he did back then
would be wrong. Packwood has
been good to Oregon, and will
continue to be, if he is given the
chance. Oregonians should hope
that the committee sees it that