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    Movie releases
that’s where the similarities stop. Newman plays Lou­
isiana Governor Earl Long who causes a huge political
sex scandal when he takes up with famed stripper Blaze
Starr, played by steamy newcomer Lolita Davidovich.
Although this story revolves around strip-tease, today’s
movie-goer must remember that the “art” of stripping
was a little more respected back then than in today’s
society. Written and directed by Ron Shelton (BullDur­
ham), released by Touchstone.
Glory: Set during the Civil War, this serious drama
already sounds, respectively in the epic sense, slow. Al­
though "slow" does not necessarily mean bad, or not
worth seeing. It promises to be interesting, focusing on
the black soldier-heroes of this American war and how
white soldiers react and treat this situation. Two of the
most talented black actors, Morgan Freeman and Denzel
Washington, star in this historical drama. Matthew
Broderick also stars. Directed by thirtysomethings Ed
Zwick and brought to us by the people at Tri-Star.
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: The family
we love to laugh with the most: the Griswolds. Yep,
they’re back and in the holiday spirit of things. Clark
and company are staying home for a change to celebrate
Christmas and are clumsier than ever. Returning, of
course, are Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. Also
starring Randy Quaid and written by the I-can-always-
find-humor-in-real-life John Hughes.
She-Devil: This blade-humored film unpredictably pairs
the too-respected Meryl Streep with larger-than-life
domestic goddess Roseanne Barr. Streep plays a so­
phisticated top romance novelist who has an affair with
Barr’s husband (Ed Begley, Jr.). When Barr, who plays,
well, a domestic goddess (how original), learns of this
betrayal, she becomes ultra- vengeful and promises to
ruin both their lives as they’ve trashed hers. Barr takes
the part and runs with it. She sports a big, fuzzy mole on
her right upper lip to give her that vengeful-looking
edge. Surprisingly enough, Streep does not really talk
with an accent in Devil, (she’s done so many accents, it’s
hard to believe that SHE even knows what her original
voice actually is.) It should be worth your $4-plus-pop-
corn to witness Streep in a comedy, espedally set against
Barr. Directed by the colorful Susan Seidelman (Des­
perately Seeking Susan, Cookie).
Tango and Cash: An action-buddy (yes, another one)
movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. Ex­
pect some humor in between gun fire and a little more
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U2, R.E.M. in Top 10 LPs of 80*s
by Jim Titus
At the end of every decade the media seems to
sum up everything that occurred during the previous ten
years. Two weeks ago Rolling Stone listed its critics’
choices for the top 100 albums of the 80s. Since lists like
these are arbitrary and cause disagreement among al­
most everyone, I would like to offer my list of the top ten
albums of the 80s (in order, of course):
1. The Joshua Tree, U2 - Part of the problem
with becoming a hugely popular group is that your
popularity can actually backlash and cause people to
dislike you after awhile, especially if your songs are
played on the radio every two minutes. But sometimes
popu larity and radio burnout have to be overlooked. The
Joshua Tree is simply such a good record that it deserves
every bit of praise, popularity, airplay, and sales that it
2. Sandinista, The Clash - This album is the
“War and Peace” of music. It takes almost three hours to
listen to the record from side one to side six (yes, side
SIX). I have always been a fan of the Clash and Sandinista
isn’t by far my favorite Clash album. But this album
deserves to be number two on a “best of the eighties” list
for its sheer diversity. One musical group (and one that
started‘as a punk band at that) created a three-record
albur. that has almost every type of music but country on
it. There’s even a waltz, for God’s sake!
3. The River, Bruce Springsteen - Well before
“Born in the USA” or “Tunnel of Love,” The River
hooked me on Springsteen. He’s a great storyteller,
along with an outstanding musician, and The River is
full of stories I love to listen to over and over.
’ 4. Empty Glass, Pete Townshend - As a devout,
maybe somewhat overzealous Who fan, I had to add
something by my guitar hero. Townshend was the driv­
ing force behind the Who, and his solo projects prove it.
“Let My Love Open the Door,” “Rough Boys,” and “A
Little is Enough” reserve this albums place on my list.
5. No Gum, No Method, No Teacher, Van
Morrison - It’s Van Morrison, what can I say? It was a
toss-up between this one and “Live at the Grand Opera
House, Belfast.”
6. Appetite for Destruction, Guns N’ Roses -
Putting all the controversy aside and only considering
the music, Appetite is a great album. This is the album
that renewed my faith in metal.
7. Green, R.E.M. - Everything by R.E.M. is
good, but this is the album that finally made more than
just the “art-fags” realize it.
8. Speaking in Tongues, Talking Heads - An
infinitely listenable album by a band that can often be
too strange to stomach.
9. Iron Man, Pete Townshend - (I know, it’s the
Who influence again.) Aside from being the “Tommy”
of1989, Iron Man gives us two new Who tunes and blues
man John Lee Hooker as the iron man.
10. Rainmakers, Rainmakers - There are very
few albums about which I can say I actually like every
track, but this is one of them. These Missouri boys aren’t
very well known but they should be. This debut album
proves why.
What to soy
to someone
who wants to
drink and drive.
Don’t give me an excuse,
• give me your keys.
Don’t sleep at the wheel,
sleep on my couch.
Don’t take a chance,
• take a cab.
Don’t drive,
• I’ll drive you home.
If all else fails, say “no.”
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(PG h OO l BY)
« M oses W v JA às « narisKceTOATMwatMattaiY
<2 00 2:25 4:45 7:15 9:45
If you drink too much and drive,
the least you'll lose is your license.
¡,12352:45 4:557:159:35
(PG13) (DOLBY)
Oregon Traffic Safety Commission