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    Batman, Ghostbusters II battle for Number one video spot
Batman : What? On Video? Already? No joke.
Coming to video stores everywhere November
15.1 warned you Spring term of how Batman in
the theaters would affect you, now about the
video release. Beware of overstocking in your
local video store. Fifty, even 100 copies should
not be surprising. Kudos to Warner Brothers
for keeping the Bat-fldme burning bright.
tertaining. Just the type of role nerd-tumed-stud
Patrick Dempsey (Can’t Buy Me Love,) is famous
for. Dempsey is a pizza delivery boy who falls into a
high-class callboy during one of his deliveries. This
Tri-star picture came and went in the theaters, but it
is a match made in Heaven for you and your Beta­
max. Also starring Kirstie Alley (Cheers) and Carrie
Fisher(The Star Wars trilogy, The ’Burbs).
Chances An : This romantic comedy is about a
couple whose storybook marriage is shattered
when the groom is accidentally hit by a car and
the wife (Cybill Shephard) drudges on with her
life, totally ignoring that her husband’s best
PetSematary: Although the ghosts and goblins
have returned to their world for another year,
Stephen King thrills his audiences year-round. This
flick did okay at the big box office, but not as well as
it will probably do with the baby box office. This ad
heart-rending in between Ned Perry’s (Martin
Short) pathetic attempts to be a honest bank
robber and newly reformed ex-con/bank robber
Lucas’ (Nick Nolte) string of bad luck due to
klutzy amateur Perry, whom he takes under his
wing out of pity during Perry’s first robbery
attempt. The character that grabs your heart and
only adds to the plot, is Perry’s adorable 5 year old
daughter (Sarah Rowland Doroff) who hasn’t spo­
ken since her mother died 2 years before. The
people at Touchstone rarely disappoints the
movie-going public, and certainly will not with
this movie.
Troop Beverly Hills : Shelley Long piays a rich,
bored, soon-to-be ex-housewife who spontane­
ously decides to be a Girls’ Club troop leader is
order to become closer with her daughter. This
flick was ill-fated at the box office, but is rather
humorous and the parody of the Beverly Hills
lifestyle is anything but missed. This is Long’s first
release since Hello Agoing however Troop is far
less entertaining. It was released during a time
when there were at least 4 movies running that
actually had “Beverly Hills” in the title; maybe the
public just got bored with this particular geo­
graphic location. Recommended only if you are a
true Long fan and enjoy light entertainment. Also
starring Craig T. Nelson, Mary Gross and Betty
Thomas; produced by Ava Gardner.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - That wild and crazy
hare-raising cartoon is now available for home
viewing. Although Mickey and Roger share the
same father, there was some sibling rivalry in
Disneyland last year. This half-animated/half live-
action comedy received 3 technical Oscars in 1988
and set the box-office on fire.
Capt. Kirk (Bill Shattner) and Spock (Leonard Nemoy,) take shore leave at Yosemite Park in
"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier."
Photo courtesy Peramount Pictures.
friend (Ryan O’Neal) is in love with her as
always, then Robert Downey, Jr. coincidentally
comes into her life as a young college graduate,
who becomes confused with his memories and
eventually turns out to be her husband reincar­
nated. This film is actually refreshing and highly
comical despite the outlandish storyline. It
could happen, right?? Downey, Jr. gives his best
performance since Less Than Zero. Also
starring Mary Stuart Masterson and from the
director of Dirty Dancing.
Dead Calm : It suprisingly was missed by movie­
goers in the theaters. Do not pass it over in your
video store. This is a thrilling nautical nerve­
shredder that will knock' your Sperry Topsiders
adaptation of King’s best seller is surprisingly
good, unlike Silver Bullet and other King best-
seller-tu med-film flops. Although the book is
somewhat better, the film is thrilling, not to men­
tion genuinely eerie.
Say Anything... : John Cusack and Ione Sky play
young adults at intense moments in both of their
lives trying to decide between living for other
people or responsibly for themselves. Director
Cameron Crowe did not leave out one emotion or
any genuine humor. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. John
Mahoney also stars. Don’t fail to feed this rate
film to your VCR.
Working Girl - Melanie Griffith, Sigourney
Weaver and Harrison Ford star in this terrific
comedy. Both Weaver and Griffith received Oscar
nominations for their performances here, which is
surprising for a light comedy. Hurray for the
working girl and now it’s yours on video cassette.
Also released on video and worth viewing: Scan­
dal, based on a true British government sex
expose’ in 1962 with John Hurt and Bridget
Fonda.. A World Apart with Barbara Hershey. A
^subtle, well-filmed, independent movie based fac­
tually in 1960’s South Africa...Bn/nbi, a favorite
Disney classic is out on cassette which should not
be missed by young and oldalike. It is also the
current number one rental...X'-9, starring Jim
• Belushi, is also coming this month as is the box­
office summer bomb, Star Trek K
Three Fugitives : This Touchstone’ picture is very
Ghostbusters II : This one too? Yup. Slime-a­
plenty for your home theater. The whole gang is
back and ready to fight ghosts (and bats??) to
be number one at the video store. If you are
really in the ghostbusting mood, try renting the
original Ghostbusters also and have a double
feature party.
Lawrence of Arabia : This wonderful epic film
starring the masters Peter O’Toole and Omar
Sharif has been released in the restored, wide­
screen version (shown by the black bars on the
top and bottom of the screen that ensures the
original 70mm directorial shots.) This multi­
award winning mopic must not be missed and
should be viewed more than once for full effect.
Leviathan : This flick was released in the movie
theaters months before the/fbyss, but after the
ill-fated Deep Star Six. This is a truly fascinat­
ing, perfectly decent underwater adventure film.
However, it is more of a dark tale-in fact, one
might call it “Aliens Diver Down.” But it’s cast
well and shot nicely. It will look great on your
television at home and more than likely enter­
tain you, if not cause a little "creature-anxiety.'’
Loverboy - Purely bubble gum, but fun and en­
Martin Short (pictured left) stars as bungling bandit Ned Peri, in Touchstones comedy "Three
Fugitives." Perry (Short; photo right) and gruff ex-con/pro-bank robber Dan Lucas (Nick Nolte;
right) who takes charge of the bickering duo’s escape from police.
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