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Spring fair?
Last week's ASG sponsored Spring Fair was some­
thing less than a total success.
This is not to say that the fair was a total disaster
but it did not live up to the expectations of those
responsible for its inception and planning.
As we see it there were two main reasons that the
fair did not make it. Only one of the reasons was pre­
ASG should never have tried to handle the bulk of
the project themselves. A project of this nature needs a
total college commitment and total college involvement
and while there was some help provided by some of the
different departments on campus it wasn't nearly
The other factor as we see it was the less than per­
fect weather that was present over most of the latter
part of the week. It had to have discouraged some who
came to the college only to see empty tents. Even
though the entertainment and refreshments were moved
inside, it is doubtful that many people would decide to
stick around for an indoor fair.
We don't think that the fair's lack of success can be
attributed to poor publicity. It was covered well by the
local media and there were numerous flyers sent out as
well as radio advertisements.
One of the most distressing things about this fair was
the fact that this ASG sponsored event was supported
in word only by too many ASG members.
If student government is going to sponsor something
its members should do their share to make sure it comes
off well. A handful of students should not have had to
carry the whole show.
If the spring fair is to continue, some changes will
have to be made.
A total college commitment in the form of funds
and manpower will be crucial to future success. The next
fair, if there is one, could also use a central theme of
some kind.
The project was the most ambitious ever undertaken
by ASG and hopefully next year it will be the most
ambitious project ever undertaken by the college.
. . . by phil I
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Sour sweet
The proposed ban on saccharin is patently unfair to
millions of American diabetics and weight conscious
persons. Granted, if a cancer danger is demonstrated
from diet food and beverages containing saccharin, they
should be taken off the shelves. But, at this point, there
appears to be a lot of controversy and confusion as Well
as insufficient evidence to remove the artificial sweetner.
The Food and Drug Administration is basing its
ban chiefly on a single unfinished Canadian test of 200
rats that were fed the human equivalent of over 1,250
twelve ounce beverages a day for a lifetime. Meanwhile,
saccharin has been in use for over 80 years without a
single case of human cancer attributed to it.
If people are allowed to smoke cigarettes, a known
cancer producer, it seems unfair that sweetened soft
drinks, candy, gum and desserts should be denied that
portion of the population who for medical or weight
control purposes want to control their ihtake of sugar.
There is no substitute,waiting in the wings.
We feel that a thorough scientific review should take
place before the substance is banned. Senator Edward
Kennedy, chairman of the Sub-committee on Health and
Scientific Research, supports this suggestion. We urge
those interested in fairness to write their Congressmen
and ask that they too, support this proposal.
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