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Clackamas Community College
Art reflects fifi Life in the Theatre” played by CCC alumni
alma mater.
dressers, J<£ Scheneck does
Sterling earned a theatre degree lights, and are “all onstage, but
________________ _
in Utah. He produced the play have no lines. We’re going to ex-
“A Life in the Theatre” by
“A Life in the Theatre” in Utah, pose as many secrets (of the
David Mamet gives us a glimpse
showed it to Hass, and they theatre) as possible,” according
into what goes on backstage dur­
agreed to do it. Sterling asked to Bragg.
ing a play.
Bragg if she Would direct.'
Bragg was a student and in­
“It’s a real thrill to see these
Hass has been in 17 produc- volved in theatre at CCC too.
guys (Patrick Sterling, Neil Hass,
tions at CCC and finished at Her early theatre experience was
and David Harvey) together
PSU. “He’s been at Portland in North Carolina the summers
again,” said director Barbara
Repertory for' one year and is
of ’57,’58, and’59. There she did
Bragg, who is also the Com­
outdoor drama which also star­
now Master Carpenter. He’s
red her husband and son. Her
multi-talented,” Bragg favored.
first show at CCC began with
Dave Harvey works on set: in
Sterling, Hass, and Harvey are
“Comedy of Errors” in the
OCC alumni, and decided to get reaT life and in the play. Dave
winter of ’76 and ended with
together and do a play at their Gloden and Linda Kuntz are
by Michelle Watch
Staff Writer
Quilter carries on tradition
Of old material. “The colors are
basically in harmony,” Kristi
“I always try to make quilts
out of shocking colors that peo­
ple don’t expect, instead of using
the traditional colors like blue,
White and red.”
When making quilts Kristi goes
through many steps. She starts
With selecting a design and color
scheme. Then she cuts out pieces
sews them together and forms a
quilt top. Then she sandwiches
the top filler back with temporary
» .
by Lisa Graham
Co-News Editor
Ground school instruction foV
ML y**«
feet don’t get tired. I just feel ex­
“I’m proud of both the theatre
and the college. I’ve been at
many schools, and there are
quality teachers here. We
(theatre) put* on quality produc-
tions (considering) our budget,”
Bragg praised.
“A Life in the Theatre” runs
April 7, 8, 9, 8 p.m., $5 general
admission and $2 students in
McLoughlin Hall and at the
Coaste Theatre May 27 and 28. It
runs under two hours.
Aviation school gets
pilots off the ground
* BBckcfle K. T.yior
MrirtaNt OpiatoM Edttor_____________
“My Grandmother had a quilt'
that my great grandmother made;
I saw it and wanted to make
something just like it.” Kristi
Gustafsson said when she was
asked what inspired her to start
i Kristi is a 19 year old student
attending CCC. She has been
quilting for four years now. She
made her first quilt while she was
in high school in a home
economics class. Since then she
has made six other quilts.
Kristi said that a high point in
quilt making was when she won a
third place ribbon in the
Clackamas County Fair.
,-i Along with quilting Kristi sews
and makes assorted kinds of
crafts. “I like to make my own
clothes when ever I can,” Kristi
“Right now I am working on a
Variation of an old Amish quilt,”
Kristi said when describing her
latest project. She said that the
4uilt will be made out of scraps
“Shivaree,” Fall ’86. Bragg
received a B.A. in English from
PSU and is certified to teach. She
found out that teaching was not
her niche, but tutoring was.
Presently she has been fully oc­
cupied with CCC’s theatre for the
past five years.
“I’ve been writing scripts, ac­
ting, and directing for 40 years,”
Bragg states of her drama ex­
perience. Lately she has been
dramatically inundated. Bragg,
however, doesn’t mind a bit.
“For the past couple months,
I’ve been here 14 hours a day. My
aviation will be offered at
Clackamas this spring. “We offer
ground school training that
enables students to pass the FAR
(Federal Aviation Rules) written
exam,” explained instructor
Shirley Berquist.
The cost of the class is $134,
which includes class supplies. The
classes will be held from 6:30 to
9:30 from Tuesday to Thursday.
The class outline lists the class
topics as covering aerodynamics,
said that students can take flight
training at private schools. Ber­
quist, owner of Polished Pilots,
an Aurora based flight school,
said that “It would be nice if
students came here. We’re not
allowed to promote this company
exclusively, but that doesn’t
mean we have to demote it
Berquist’s own experience with
. flying began with flight lessons as
a birthday present from her hus­
band. “I. fell in love,” she said
when asked why she started fly­
ing. Since receiving her CFI (Cer­
tified Flight Instructor) license in
"TZ’s addicting, It’s the greatest high I’ve ever
known. ”
CCC student Kristi Gustafsson likes to make quilts with
“shocking colors people don’t expect.”
stitches and puts the quilt in a
hoop or frame. She sews the quilt
10-12 stitches per inch. Then she
sews up the edges. She sews the
quilt by machine and by hand.
It usually takes Kristi about six
months to make a quilt.
Kristi said that after spending
all of that time on making the
quilt she usually cannot separate
with it by giving it to people as a
gift. If she does give them away
she gives them to people who she
visits often.
Kristi plans to enter a quilt in
the Clackamas County fair again
this summer. She would also like
to re-make that quilt that her
great grandmother made which
first inspired her to begin this
“When I have a house of my
own, I want every bed in the
house to have quilts for
blankets,” Kristi said when talk­
ing about future goals in quilt
A è A j LLÉ
7am-10:30am Mon-Fri
fl. Two Eggs, Hash Browns, One Slice of Toast,
Your Choice of 2 Strips Bacon, 2 Link Sausages
or Ham $2.00
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across from Game Room in OC Mall
» »
• » »
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weather, and navigation.
The class can be taken just for
interest, but the primary goal of
most students, said Berquist, is to
obtain a private pilot’s license. A
private pilot license requires tests
to be passed in both ground and
flight training.
Flight training will not be of­
fered at Clackamas, but Berquist
’84, Berquist has gone from
working at Dairy Queen to own­
ing her flight school. She bought
the school “half-made” from her
flight instructor and since then
has “put on her own touches.”
When asked what she likes about
flying she said,“It’s addicing. It’s
the greatest high I’ve ever
HOURS: MON-THURS11-11- FRIA SAT 11-MWnlgm • SUN 1-10
¡L Private
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