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Clackamas Community College
Page 4
Library remodeled but still in transition
Photo by Julio Church
Library looks forward to more changes.
by Lisa Graham
Staff Writer
Changes have been made at
the library. During Christmas
break, Clackamas library was
both remodeled and rearranged.
An addition of a new carpet
and the removal of a /all have
altered both the appearance and
the amount of space available.
Changes were made, accor­
ding to head librarian Valerie
McQuaid, because “we know
we’re going to be here for
several years. The new building
won’t be built for several years,
five at least.” She also pointed
out that the old library had
“zero maximum efficiency.”
Coming in through the gate
the new location of the
reference librarian’s desk is first
seen. McQuaid mentioned that
this is to increase his availability
to students and that it is a
definite improvement from his
previous “obscure location.”
The wall on the east end has
been removed and now opens
onto the periodical back issues
of the last two years. Older,
periodicals have been put on
microfilm and microfiche.
Microfilm and fiche are now no
longer stored in a small room in
the back of library but are
located in green and black filing
cabinets by the back issues.
Paperbacks have been moved
from the front of the circulation
desk to the current periodical
area. Records are now by the
back wall located in middle of
the regular circulation books.
Finding regular circulations
books may now be easier with
the books going from A to Z in­
stead of the previous Z to A.
In the northwest corner to the
left of circulation books, law
books are now stored. In the
opposing corner pamphlet
materials are now stored where
the reference desk used to be.
Other changes are still to be
made. “I compare this to
Mount St. Helens,” McQuaid
said, “after the initial eruption,
there was still aftershocks.”
McQuaid also mentioned that
“the whole staff encourages
everyone to come in and check
out lots of materials.”
—News Briefs——>
Dr. Smith’s
laughing workshop
. Humor and laughter will
be the focus of an all-day
workshop Saturday, Feb.
: 13, at Clackamas Com-
munity College.
Dr. Lendon Smith,
renowned pediatrician, lec-
turer, and author of 10
books wi 11 be a featured
speaker at the Laughter &
Wellness Workshop, which
Tuns from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
in McLoughlin .'Theatre.
Smith has appeared as a
guest on the Johnny Carson
Show 63 times.
Loren. Fprd, CCC
psychology professor,
counselor, and consultant;
will discuss the psychology
of humor. Connie Connor,
CCC communications pro­
fessor and business and in- '
dustrial consultant, will talk
about humor and com­
WgThe $20 fee includes
/fehch, information packets,
and door prize drawings.
Call 657-8400, ext. 230, for
more information.
80’s speaker
Oregon deputy Secretary of
State and wife of college
President John Keyser, .will
be speaking at the 80’s
issues breakfast Wednesday
Feb. 10, from 7:30-9a.m.
The “Women and Career
Transition-Making Change
Positive” seminar is spon­
sored by the Focus on
Women group.
Red Cross
blood drive
Associated Student
Government will be spon­
soring the school year’s se­
cond blood drive Feb. 10
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in
the Fireside Lounge.
ASG and the American-
Red Cross have set this
term’s goal at 90 units of
blood. Last term, 89 units
were donated. ®|
Interested donors are en­
couraged to make an ap­
pointment at the Student
Activities Office as soon as
“AIDS and Drugs”
‘’AIDS and Drugs” is the
title of a live teleconference
to be shown on campus
Feb. 4 from 9 a.m. to 10:30
a.m. in the Small Dining
Contact the Student Ac­
tivities Office for more in­
. -
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