The print. (Oregon City, Oregon) 1977-1989, January 27, 1988, Image 5

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Ä Potpourri of the Arts
“They Call Me King
A king sat on his throne, looking so to smile,
So he called the court jester, to act, to sing, to dance on the tile
He said dance for me jest, let your heart sing,
Dance for me, act for me, the one you call king:
The king saw a great beast destroying his land,
So he called a court knight, the bravest on hand.
I riY
He said kill for me knight, dismiss this great thing.
Kill for me, die for me, the one you call king.
The king, broken hearted from a love he had lost,
Called in the court poet not knowing the cost.
He said write for me poet, let your word ring,
Write for me, write for me, the one you call king.
Found the next morning, with a note on the bed.
Was the king and his dagger, the old man was dead.
It said,
"My knight was defeated, my jester won't sing.
And the poet wrote only, death to the king.”
by R.C. Carlisle
“Beyond Sunol"
“Your Democracy, My Democracy”
Beyond Sunol
rolling hilTs light themselves on fire;
Your democracy includes freedom for all those who worship the
Christian God.
Your democracy includes equality for all those who love their
opposite sex and have the same skin color.
Your democracy includes killing people who try to survive in an
unjust condition that
poppies, lupine stirred by breezes
bend and reach up
softening edges of earth
blending again to gorse
My democracy strives to improve.
and candy flower.
My democracy says all people may worship God, but God is how
anyone wants to interpret Its Being.
My democracy says all people may love who they want to love.
Maybe some day your democracy and my democracy will be
harmony and not a mockcracy.
The children make whistles
by The Shrewish One
from broad green grasses.
Small reedy sounds
rise like smoke
from their folded
seedling hands.
by Claudia O'Driscoll
A Supplement to The Print