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Lady Cougars win at home
By Julie Miller
Sports Editor
Everyone likes a close
basketball game. That is, if
their team wins. Screaming
fans, sweating players and
frowning coaches. That is the
excitement of a basketball
game. If your team happens to
lose, it just makes you want to
come back and play that team
again to show them that you
can beat them.
Friday night the Cougar
basketball team defeated the
Canadian Capilano Com­
munity College Blues 58-45.
But on Saturday night the
tables turned slightly and the
Cougars were defeated 48-52.
After having to travel for
eight hours to play in South
Alberta a week ago the
women’s b-ball team finally
got to play one at home.
The Capilano Blues proved
to be a tough, yet equally
talented team. During the first
half the score went back and
forth, with each team taking
the lead for a couple of
minutes „then giving it up.
Head Coach Phil Garver said,
“We are still coming together
as a team. We have a lot of
Freshman this year and that’s
a lot of new personalities com-,
ing together.” He added,j
“The sophomores haven’t
quite taken control. If they
were, then we’d probably play
better. Some games they play
good, the next bad. That’ll
come with time though.”
The halftime score was
24-19 with the Cougars out in
front. When play resumed,
both teams seemed anxious,
each fiercely wanting the ball.
It was a strongly paced game
with a lot of fast breaks.
After a while, the Blues
started to catch up. They
scored eight points before
Cougar Liz Trioano, a
sophomore on the team, put
the first basket of the second
half in for Clackamas with
15:25 left in the game. An
unhappy Trioano said that the
team went into the game un­
prepared. She said that the
team faultered during warm­
ups and that they failed to play
as a unit. “A lot of people
need to look at the team more
as a team than just as in­
dividuals. I hope everyone
thinks more before the game
to take things more seriously.
Garver expects a lot from
sophomores and I respect him
for that but I need room to
Towards the end of the
game Cougar Susan Johnston
made a basket for the Blues,
but according to some of the
Blues team members, they
wished it wouldn’t have hap­
pened. They said at first they
were glad, but then they felt
bad because 4hey liked
Johnston and they said they
wished it could have been so­
meone else. Coach Garver,
who didn’t comment on the
opponents free basket, seemed
to be pleased with Johnston’s
game saying,
Johnston is a standout
Freshman. She’s been a solid
player averaging around 14
points per game. She’s really
looking good.”
After that the battle was on.
Both teams fought for the
ball. Even the much needed
shots made by Patti Mattis,
the lead scorer of both Friday
and Saturday nights games,
didn’t seem to help. With 2:07
left in the game the Cougars
were behind 48-43. Then Mat­
tis went to the line and sank
two free throws to narrow the
gap to three points, but the
Blues put in yet another
Cougar Sue Johnston reaches skyward along with a Capilano
player for control of a jumpball Saturday,
Photo by Dan Wheeler
basket. Then, in the final
seconds of the game, the Blues
put in another to clinch the
win with a score of 48-52.
“We are 3-3 for the season
so far but it’s been a difficult
year so far. We have a lot of
new gals and it’s been tough
getting started. The weather
has also been a major factor.
We hardly have time to prac­
tice, it’s just one game to the
other. Once leage starts we’ll
be a better ball club,’’Garver
Cougars defeat Blues, 91-86
By Julie Miller
Sports Editor
Ed Holford (35) swats the ball away from an
Capilano player at the opening tip-off.
Photo by Dan Wheeler
December 10,1985
Everyone likes to see their
favorite team win. We all like
to be winners. But what do
you call a basketball game in
which your team defeats their
opponent by more than 20
points? Boring?
Friday night the Men’s
Basketball team defeated the
Capilano Blues Community
College 101-68 and again on
Saturday night with a score of
Though the scores were
much closer on the second
night, Coach Kiser gives these
victories to defense. “We
played good defense and it
looks like .were improving.
Our offense has been
reasonably good all year,
we’re a pretty tough team.”
Mark Steger, a key player
for the Cougars, agreed with
the coach stating, “I thought
we played good defense the en­
tire game. Especially in the
uve4"n’n2 of the first half and
at the beginning of the second
half.” Steger lead the team in
scoring with 22 points. Jeff
Richards was next with 12 and
Gary Steiger added 10.
According to Coach Kiser
the first 25 minutes of Satur-
1 day’s game was the key to the
win. He said the teams screen­
ing and footwork has greatly
improved. Kiser also added
that though the team played
well, at times they seemed to
get impatient and take risky
Kiser said he was disap­
pointed with the performance
of some of the players in the
I last fifteen minutes of the
game. “I wasn’t pleased with
the last five or six players I put
in. Our defense was terrible.
Some of them better work on
their defense. They gave up
about 50 points. But I have to
say that I am happy they all
.saw playing time?’ When the
¡Cougars had gone into the
locker room at halftime, they"
were leading the blues 50-26
and with 9:18 left to play the
score was still 83-43, but with
11:43 left in the game the gap
had been closed to 94-68. The
final score was 96-81..
As far as the two wins go,
Kiser said his team played bet-
! ter defense and offense, but he
added that he will have to wait
and see if they hold up. He
said he didn’t want to brag too
much too soon.
Crafts fair
By Darlene Durisch
Staff Writer
Are you trying to find a uni­
que Christmas present for that
special someone? The Crafts
Fair, being held in the Com­
munity Center Mall on
December 10 and 11, should
feature just the item you’re
looking for.
The admission-free far is
sponsored by the Associated
Student Government.
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