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    Clackamas community college
December 10, 1985
Vol. XIX, No. 7
Lip sync
may be
By Fritz Wenzel
Though it is teetering on the
brink of cancellation unless
more people sign up to par­
ticipate, the Associated Stu­
dent Government will host a
lip sync contest this Friday in
the community center in
response to requests for the
event by students.
'An audition that was
scheduled for tomorrow in the
Community Center was
scraped, but participants are
to submit tapes of their songs
to the ASG office Wednesday,
ASG vice president Shawn
Waterburg said. The audition
was to notify participants of
the rules of the event, to make
sure there are no duplications
of songs, to allow the ASG to
establish a performance order,
as well as to give participants a
chance to submit a tape of the
song they intend to use in the
“I think it should go over
very well,” Dan Hilts, ASG
president said. “Anytime you
get students interested in
something, you should try to
go for it, within reason,” he
said. The lip sync contests tend
to be very popular, though we
don’t plan to have one every
week,” he said. .
Prizes for the contest are in
cash, with the winner receiving
$25, second place netting $15,
and third place getting $10.
The ASG also will have a
new administrative assistant to
the president as. Sheri Blanken-
Photo by Dan Wheeler
Winter term schedules hold organizational meeting in Randall lobby. The turnout was larger than expected.
ship is sworn in on Thursday
at the regularly scheduled
meeting. Blankenship was
selected for the position
through an application and
review process that was just
recently completed.
The committee that made
the selection consisted of
Hilts, advisor Paul Kyllo,
senator Kelly O’Rourke and
two students at large.
Blankenship will receive a tui­
tion waiver of $200 per term
starting Winter, term for her
participation in ASG, Hilts
In other ASG news, Hilts
said preparations for the holi­
day dance scheduled for Dec.
19 are on schedule.
The dance will be a testing
ground for the ASG on a
variety opf fronts, including a
full snack bar run by Phi Beta
Lambda, a competition bet­
ween campus clubs for a cann­
ed food drive, and a caroling
competition, according to stu­
dent activities director Breck
Public Safety issues auto stickers to staff, students
The staff and students of
The College will be issued
green and white bumper
stickers for their motorized
vehicles starting at Winter
term registration that will help
the public security department
keep track of cars and people,
according to a memo recently
released from president
Keyser’s office.
The memo says that the
reason for the stickers is to
help public safety officers
notify people if there are pro­
blems with lights left on, ac­
cidents, or other problems
relating to motorized vehicles.
It says the stickers will also be
a positive public relations or
marketing toçl because of
their high visibility.
The memo from Keyser urg­
ed students and staff to par­
ticipate in the program, which
is not mandatory.
Each sticker is numbered,
and records will be kept on file
at the P ublic Safety trailer.
Gloria Tomlin, secretary to'
president Keyser said that “I
still see the old red and blue
stickers when I’m out driving.
It is nice because I can say that
‘there goes one of us,’ and I
think that is good public rela­