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    Concern spurred
by injured child
By Heather Wright
Of The Print
Have you ever thought
about what would happen if
your child was injured while
you were away? Jeanne
Peters, a full-time sophomore
at Clackamas Community
College had but she never
thought it would happen to
“I really didn’t think it
could happen to my child,”
Peters, a work-study student
for the Women’s Resource
Center, said.
Because of an accident
Peters’ daughter experienced
not too long ago, Peters was
inspired to make treatment
consent forms, called
“Authorization For Another
to Consent to Treatment of
Child,” available on campus.
These forms, which are re­
quired by Willamette Falls
Hospital when a child’s
parents or guardians aren’t
available to consent to treat­
ment, are available in the
Women’s Resource Center,
the Wellness Resource Center
in the student health trailer
and the Campus Children’s
Farm forest seminar
By M. Ekholm
Of The Print
mediate medical ‘ treatment
from the hospital. “I felt guil­
ty that I didn’t have a form for
my children. I was lucky that
her (Lynette’s) accident wasn’t
more severe,” Peters said.
When asked if Peters was
angry at Willamette Falls
Hospital for not treating her
child immediately she said,
“No, not at all. I’ve dealt with
Willamette Falls Hospital on a
number of occasions, in fact
this is the only time we’ve had
to wait for treatment.”
Willamette Falls “really put a
lot of effort into making the
situation positive for my little
girl. They even gave my
daughter a sticker that said ‘I
Was A Hero At Willamette
Falls Emergency.’ My
daughter thought that was
really neat.”
The consent forms are
available at Willamette Falls
and they give a person 18 years
of age or older authorization
to consent to treatment for a
Peters found out about the
consent forms the hard way. It
all started a couple of weeks
ago, when Peters went out one
evening and left her two-and-
a-half-year old daughter,
Lynette, with her mother and
brother. At approximately
10:30 p.m. Lynette fell and hit
her head on the corner of a
coffee table, causing her head
to bleed.
The forms are valid only if
the person authorized is at
least 18 years old, however.
Should a 16-year-old babysit­
ter bring in a two-year-old
child to be treated, for exam­
ple, a spokesperson for
Willamette Falls said the
hospital would try to contact
the parents at the phone
numbers listed on the consent
forms before any treatment
would take place.
Laurie Jack, head of admit­
ting at the hospital said if there
was a real emergency, such as
a life-or-death situation, the
hospital would provide im­
Peter’s mother and brother mediate treatment. “It’s really
drove Lynette to the emergen­ up to the doctor and the f
cy room at Willamette Falls hospital is liable if the parents ft
Hospital where they learned decide to sue,” she added.
no treatment could be given to
Jack explained that the ft
the child without the consent forms are approximately two ft
of a parent, guardian or an months old, and Willamette
“Authorization For Another Falls has received requests for
to Consent to Treatment of the forms from schools and
Child” form the hospital pro­ concerned parents.
Parents can list up to three
on one treatment con­
After waiting a long period
of time, the doctor decided to sent form, which can be used
treat Peters’ daughter with the for children up to 15 years of +
child’s grandmother’s, con­ age. Youths older than 15
sent, Peters said Lynette years do not need the form
returned home about 1 a.m. because they can sign their
Peters returned home after own consent form, Jack said.
For further information
that time.
about the treatment consent
If Peters had a consent form forms, contact Willamette
filled out for her child, she Falls Hospital at 656-1631,
would have received im­ ext. 3368.
The John Inskeep En­
vironmental Learning Center
(ELC) is offering a one-day
seminar in management of the
small farm forest on Saturday,
Nov. 17 from 9 a.m. - 12
Wendell Harmon, an ELC
member, and award-winning
forester and tree farmer, will
conduct a tour of his acreage.
Harmon is life-long pro­
moter of tree management far­
ming. In regards to Christmas
trees, Harmon said, “Many
people come from all over. I
never advertise. They come
and cut their own tree for
Harmon has many unique
ways to manage timber. He
stated “I do things that I think
would bring the most financial
return and that would leave
the land in better shape to pro­
vide for a future for the next
On his tree farm, Harmon
uses permanent sample blocks
for 1/10 of an acre to stake on WENDELL HARMON, ELC member and tree farmer will
each corner developed.
speak at farm forest management seminar.
By his special way of farm­
Photo by M. Ekholm
ing he provides more food for
wildlife. Harmon is very in­
Harmon said, “I promote his site at Beaver Creek. He
terested in wildlife.
forestry and a method of will be explaining ways of uni­
Harmon has given two na­ managing timber good for que-management and profit­
making from harvesting
tional shows in two years. One Oregon.”
to the Society of National
Harmon retired in 1968 as a Christmas trees, cedar pro­
Forestry and the other to the
National Forest Ranger, He ducts and firewood.
American Forestry Associa­
has been a full time tree
Fees are $5 for the general
farmer ever since.
and $3 for ELC
Harmon sells his trees for
“Helping others is a key in a Members. There is a limit of
use as telephone poles, lumber
life mission. Since I like 22 people.
and Christmas trees.
forestry, I like to promote it,”
For additional information
Another of Harmon’s uni­
Harmon said.
and registration, call the ELC
que farming methods is to
Harmon owns over 1,000 at 657-8400 ext. 351 Tuesday
over plant, and do pre­
250 of those acres are at through Friday.
commercial thinning, remov­
ing the poorest trees.
CCC Cafeteria
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The “Sandwich Bar” Special
a 30% discount on all sandwiches
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4ft ft Cafeteria located in Community Center Building
Wednesday, November 14, 1984
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