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    Rehearsals begin for ‘Best Man’
By DeAnn Dietrich
Of The Print
“The Best Man” by Gore
Vidal has been selected for the
Clackamas Community Col­
lege Theater Department’s
spring production.
Vidal’s 1960 play covers
two presidential candidates vy­
ing for their party’s nomina­
tion during the convention.
That this play was chosen dur-
ing a presidential election year
is no coincidence, Director
Jack Shields said. “I read the
play initially 15 years ago,” he
said. Since then he has wanted
to produce the play during an
election year because the
play’s theme says something
that is “so vital about our na­
tional political campaigning
Shields said he believes
the play has a very relevant
theme. “We are humans and
we must beware of the brute
side of humanity, especially in
those chosen as leaders,”
Shields said.
Shields also feels the au­
dience will find the climax of
the play a surprise as well as a
welcome solution.
In coordination with
Vidal’s piece which Shields
terms “upbeat” and “beau­
tiful” is the casting which he
said is “magnificent.” A
combination of veteran ac­
tors as well as returning and
new thespians are integrated in
the cast which hosts nineteen
parts. Casting was done before
spring break but read­
justments have been needed to
fill several recent vacancies.
When casting, Shields
said that he could have gone
several ways in terms of the
personal relationships between
the characters. Because of a
large turnout for the auditions
and a wide range of talent,
Shields described the role of
casting as “gloriously ter­
The set is under the design
of two Clackamas Community
College students. Joel
Hladacek and Patrick Sterling
created the design in the Col­
lege’s technical theater class.
David Smith English will con­
struct the set.
The cast at this point con­
sists of: Patrick Sterling as
Dick Jensen; Joe Schenk, First
Reporter; Rolland K. Grubbe,
William Russell; Jeanine
Kryza, Assistant to Russell;
Charisse Smith, Second
Reporter; Anne Rindal, Third
Reporter; Eric Steinhauser,
Fourth Reporter; Dollie
Mercedes, Alice Russell; Mer-
ril Lynn Taylor, Mrs.
Gamadge; Neil Hass, Arthur
Hockstader; Connie J. Con­
ner, Mabel Cantwell; J. Dana
Haynes, Don Blades; Robert
Ems, Joseph Cantwell; Roy
Osborne, Senator Carlin; Jim
Nicodemus, Dr. Artinian; and
Steven Huft, Sheldon Marcus.
Behind the scenes will be:
David Harvey, Co-Director/
Stage Manager; Jim Nicode­
Manager; Lynn Myers,
Costumer; Charisse Smith,
Jeanine Kryza, Cindy Brown,
Assistant Costumers; Merril
Lynn Taylor, Make up; Diana
Bauer, Sound; Maggie Bragg,
Lighting; Joe Schenk, Assis­
tant Lighting; Roberta
Ellsworth, Properties; Linda
Kuntz, Jim Nicodemus, Assis­
tant Props.
The opening of the play is
scheduled for May 17. After
the show will be an “after­
theater party,” Shields said, at
Harry’s Mustache. The pur­
pose of the party is to allow
members of the audience to
get acquainted with the cast
and discuss the event or simply
nave a good time. The opening
night party originated last fall
and has become something of
a tradition, Shields said. He
also added that. if the levy
doesn’t pass, this may be the
last play the theater depart­
ment will be able to produce.
“The Best Man” will run
May 17, 18, 19 and June 1, 2
at 8 p.m. with a matinee per­
formance at 2:30 p.m. June 3.
Our Campus Starts
Where Yours Stops
The City University concept was born on a
community college campus, so it stands to
reason that we have a special affinity for,
and understanding of your needs.
HARD AT WORK—Jack Shields, Clackamas Community Col­
lege theater director, ponders possibilities for his spring term
production of Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man.” David Harvey, a
theater major student at the College, is co-directing and stage
managing the show.
Photo by Joel Miller
Two artists’ work
chosen by agencies
Two art students at
Clackamas Community Col­
lege have made their training
pay off this month, art in­
structor Kevin Forney said.
The students’ works were
chosen for display by two dif­
ferent organizations.
Student Peggy Pfeifer
created a logotype, or logo,
that was selected by the
Clackamas County Recycling
Task Force, and will be
displayed around the
metropolitan area. Pfeifer was
awarded $50 for her creation.
The task force will use the logo
in all publications, Forney
Another student, Dee
Baker, created a poster for the
College’s Environmental Lear-
Page 5
ning Center Spring Plant Sale.
Nan Hage-Herrmann of the
ELC said the poster was
chosen because of its “beau­
tiful design of geraniums.”
The poster was Baker’s
final assignment in Forney’s
winter term Introduction to
Commercial Art Class.
Hage-Herrmann said this
will be the ninth annual plant
sale, which is one of the ELC’s
largest fund raisers of the
year. The sale will be held May
2-12 at the ELC and will offer
landscaping stock (trees,
shrubs and ground cover),
bedding stock (flowers and
vegetables), and a number of
two-year-old noble firs with
parentage from Mt. St.
Helens, Hage-Herrmann said.
For example,
most of your
community college
so you don’t
waste a lot of time
making up for lost time here,
our many night and weekend schedules
make it easy to work and study at the same time, we
also have a full schedule of daytime courses.
We offer programs in computer science, business
administration and a variety of other
professional degree programs. So if you’re
about to run out of room to grow on
your two year campus, you don’t have
to look far to find
our campus
city university
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and Colleges. City University does not discriminate with respect to race,
age, sex, color, ethnic origin, physical handicap or religious preference.
This policy pertains to students, faculty and staff in matters of admissions
to the University, employment and access to all services and activities of
City University. Degrees issued in the State of Washington.
and keep right on
the road to your degree.
Give us a call at
643-7408 in Beaverton.
Wednesday, April 11, 1984
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