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    Spy talks about experience
By Rick Obritschkewitsch
Of The Print
Peter N. James, a former
Central Intelligence Agency in­
formant, was on campus
March 30 to talk about the 20
years he spent as a spy, and
relay the knowledge he gained
during those years.
Generally, a former or
current CIA agent is not at
liberty to expose information
learned as part of his job. But
James was never required to
sign a secrecy oath, which is
usually the case with agents.
During his years as a spy,
James was only required to
“play the part” of himself, a
physicist, while at the same
time become friends with
Soviet agents.
James criticizes the
American people for not being
involved enough in how their
government is run. He said,
“One major flaw is the govern­
ment is allowed to feed us un­
questioned information.”
The former spy suggested
“a national news service in­
stead of the CIA to let the
public know everything.” He
said he feared that “unless you
get involved, the nuclear race
could lead to war, giving you a
hell of a problem.”
James also talked about
the United States involvement
in Central America. He said
“the architects of Vietnam” are
now working on Central
America. He also said that the
United States is backing the
wrong side by saying, “We
should be backing the people,”
instead of the government.
“Our government owes us an
explanation,” James said. He
said rather than “blindly” giving
money, we should send “aid
with advisors to distribute it to
the right people.”
James also gave a solution
for the fears of a nuclear war.
He suggested “a unilateral
disarmament to a point.”
James said we should get the
arsenals off the continents, and
restrict them to water.
James then made a
challenge to his predominantly
“college-age” audience by say­
ing, “It’s up to your generation.
It’s within your power to do
something about it. 90 per­
cent of worthwhile intelligence
is already in the open. But the
press, and the media can be
more effective.”
After making trips to Cuba
in recent years, James is con­
vinced the Cuban people mean
well towards the American
people, and it is just the
government with which they
don’t agree.
“I resent the government’s
attempt to regulate public opi­
nion by what we’re allowed to
know,” James said.
‘Lugnuts’ aid Center
Johnny Limbo and the
Lugnuts, a popular ’50s and
’60s style rock'n’roll band from
the Portland area, will be laying
the riffs and hoping to pack the
house at the Marylhurst Col­
lege Commons building for an
April 8 dance to benefit the
Clackamas County Women’s
The benefit is being held to
meet operating costs for the
shelter scheduled to open
sometime in May, Robin
Stone, former VISTA
(Volunteers In Service To
America) volunteer for the
Women’s Center said.
The planned shelter is the
second scheduled to open in
the Oregon City area. The first
shelter for battered women and
children in the area was en­
dangered last October when
The Oregonian diclosed the
secret location of the shelter
site. A new, undisclosed site
has been obtained by the
Women’s Center and it is again
trying to set up housekeeping.
The Women’s Center, a
United Way member, will draw
funding from that organization
as well as from the State Child
Services Division and private
donations toward the shelter
project. But even with the fun­
ding from those sources, extra
money will be needed to meet
the shelter’s operating costs.
The benefit dance with the
Lugnuts is an attempt to raise
those extra dollars.
“Unless people are really
interested in what the benefit is
for, they usually don’t come.
That’s the main reason they
(the Women’s Center) hired
us,” Jerry Hoffman, (Johnny
Limbo) said. This will be the se­
cond benefit the Lugnuts have
played for the Women’s
Center, the first being nearly a
year ago.
Tickets for the benefit are
$4.50 and may be bought at
the door or in advance at
Universal Video in Oregon
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Wednesday April 6, 1983
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