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    Joe Uris reveals new cold war evidence
By Rick Obritschkewitsch
Of The Print
Dr. Joe Uris, social
Clackamas Community Col­
lege held a lecture in the
McLoughlin Theater, revealing
new evidence concerning
origins of the cold war between
the United States and the
Soviet Union.
Due to the Freedom of In­
formation Act, government
documents have been released
to show that the U.S. had been
flying planes over the Soviet
Union that were capable of car­
rying nuclear weaponry. The
Soviet Union had not
developed nuclear weapons in
Uris said that from 1945
on the U.S. has continually
made threats toward the Soviet
Union by way of nuclear
weapons. He said the bombs
dropped on Hiroshima and
Nagasaki was done for more
than to end the war with
demonstrated the U.S.’s
capabilities to Stalin,” Uris said.
The documents which
became available through the
Freedom of Information Act
were an outline drawn up by
the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
concerning where, when, and
how to use nuclear weapons
on the Soviet Union. Twenty
cities in the Soviet Union were
indicated as key targets. No
other country had such con-
tingency plan at this time. “It
was the U.S. violating air
space, just to take > a look
around,” Uris said.
“I see a straight line from
1945 to ’83,” Uris said. “If the
Soviet Union is pushed too far,
they may go to war even if they
know they’ll lose.
“Every time there has-
breakthrough, it has been
made by the U.S.,” Uris said.
U.S. spending (with the USSR
trying to keep up) has put the
Soviet Union into an economic
frenzy, he said.
Uris said there are three
arguments that Americans use
against the Soviet Union. They
include: The Soviet Union is a
Godless country, which is try­
ing to take over the world, and
we cannot let them do that.
Another, is that the U.S. and
the Soviet Union are the
world’s two major powers,
fighting for turf. The third is a
combination of the first two.
The United States and the
Soviet Union are the two major
powers fighting for turf, but the
U.S. must not permit them to
do this because of the Soviet
form of government.
Uris said that he agrees
with the third theory.
The plane that the United
States had flying over the
Soviet Union in the 40s was
called the “Thundering Peace
Maker.” It is not known for cer­
tain whether or not the plane
wa carrying nuclear weapons,
“but the important thing,” Uris
said, “was that it was capable of
“Once you’ve invested in
something, your ego is behind
it,” Uris said. He uses this to
explain why the cold war has
been continuing for so long.
“In certain situations, even
if you know you cannot win at
something, your ego is too im­
portant to back out.”
• Uris used the analogy of a
poker game. He said that even
though you have a bad hand,
you will continue to bet.
As for the future of the
cold war, and the possibilities
of a hot war, Uris said,
“Technology will lead to war in
fAir Traffic Control .
For more information, call toll fret
Foosball duo
places at
Paul Nastari and "Marc
Daniel highlighted the Associa­
tion of College Unions­
international regional tourna­
ment for Clackamas Com­
munity College as they com­
bined efforts to place second in
the foosball, Saturday, Feb.
Both Nastari and Daniel
had participated in the regional
tournament last year in Boise,
Idaho, on different teams, Kel­
ly Sullivan, outdoor recreation
specialist, said.
“They really did well last
year, so they knew what their
competition was going to be,”
Sullivan said. “Getting second
really highlighted the tourna­
ment for us.”
Clackamas was represen-
tated by a number of people,
but Sullivan felt representatives
of the College did not perform
as well as he had expected.
One area that proved
Sullivan’s point was • in the
billiards event. Sullivan thought
that the College’s reps did not
play as well as they have in the
past. Dave Beckin, the top
pool player at the College, was
eliminated by the first and
third-place finishers in the tour­
The tournament was co­
hosted by the College and was
conducted at Mt. Hood Com­
munity College.
Sullivan said that the Col­
lege also received good perfor­
mances from both bowling
teams, backgammon players
and the table tennis team. Even
though no representatives from
the College qualified for the na­
tional tournament Sullivan felt
that it was a worthwhile event.
Wednesday February 23, 1983
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