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Standing-room-only crowd hears Rajneeshee
By Rick Obritschkewitsch
Of The Print
Swami Krishna Deva, a
disciple of the Bhagwan Shree
Rajneesh and mayor of Ra-
jneeshpuram was at Clackmas
Community College last
Wednesday to answer ques­
tions from the College com­
McLoughlin Theater was
packed with curious-listeners,
rather than a less expensive
car, such as Volkswagon,
because he deserves the best.
“If there were something better
than a Rolls Royce, I’d want to
provide it, if it were in my
means,” Deva said.
When questioned about a
recent article that was run in
“This Week,” magazine con­
cerning a man who claimed to
be a former disciple of the
“We’re given the responsibility to live our lives
as we want to, as long as we’re aware of
others, loving, and sensitive.” Mayor Deva
after the College had received
numerous telephone calls
criticizing the administration for
inviting Deva on campus, in­
cluding one caller who claimed
to be from the Clackamas
County chapter of the neo-Nazi
Deva denied rumors that
the Rajneeshees plan to pur­
chase any property in
Clackamas County. “We have
become the ghost competition
for every real estate broker in
Oregon,” he said.
Regarding a statement
made by a member of Ra-
jneeshpuram that the Rajneesh
ees wanted to ‘paint Oregon
red,’ Deva explained that to
mean “We’re going to be here
to share our joy in Oregon.”
Deva also commented on
another topic that has been in
the minds of many Oregon­
ians: why the Bhagwan has so
many Rolls Royces. The Ra­
jneeshee said the cars do not
belong to the Bhagwan, but to
a non-profit foundation, and
that they were given as a gift for
the Bhagwan. Deva said the
Bhagwan drive Rolls Royces
Bhagwan, and former resident
of Rajneeshpuram, Deva said,
“. . . it’s a bunch of garbage . .
as far as I know, this man has
never been to India, and never
been on the ranch. I’ve never
met the gentlemen.”
Deva was also questioned
about his religious beliefs. He
said, “I try not to believe in
anything unless I have ex­
perienced it. He said he finds
no conflict in the teachings of
Jesus. “I wish I was alive when
he (Jesus) said, ‘Come follow
me,” Deva said.
Deva went on to compare
the Rajneeshee ritual of kissing
the Bhagwan’s feet to the
biblical story of Mary
Magdalene perfuming the feet
of Jesus. “That’s how I feel
about the Bhagwan,” he said.
Guidelines that the
Bhagwan gives for living a
good life are simple, the Mayor
explained, “We’re given the
responsibility to live our lives as
we want to, as long as we’re
being aware of others, loving,
and sensitive,” Deva said. “I
would be willing to change if I
could find something better.”
sexual activity, Deva said, “The
Bhagwan tells us not to repress
anything, including sex, as long
as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.”
The word Bhagwan
means, blessed one, “People
gravitate toward him as Budha
or Jesus,” Deva said.
There has been some
question as to the Rajneeshee’s
education system. Deva said
children are required to go to
grammar and high school. Half
the day they take vocational
dedicated “normal” classes. He
said, “Children live with their
parents until they are
somewhere between five and
seven, then they can choose to
live with other children if they
want.” The decision is made
through counseling both
parents and children.
Deva said he was raised in
a Jewish family and was taught
to be against Christ. But now I
don’t think that’s right,” he
said. The Bhagwan teaches the
meaning of books of Jesus—
who is considered an “enlight­
ened master.” He said, “Lov­
ing the Bhagwan is not con­
trary to loving Jesus. I love the
In talking about the
Bhagwan’s belief in his
previous lives, Deva said he
could not believe in reincarna­
tion because he has never ex­
perienced it, and he doesn’t
know what will happen to him
after he dies.
“I enjoy life now more
than ever. I don’t have time to
worry about what will happen
Deva said, “We’re not a
cult, we’re a religion. The dif­
ference between us and
Jonestown is life night and day.
The Bhagwan loves life. Jones
was oriented around death.
Jones took a bunch of people
out of the main-stream. We’re
prepared to talk.”
Regarding financing the
ranch Deva said they make
most of their money through
the sale of publications, video
and audio tapes, made during
a seven year period when the
Bhagwan was speaking. He
spoke for 20 years, but has
since taken a vow of silence.
Deva said whatever
money comes in is taxed. Last
year the Rajneeshees paid
$58,000 in property taxes, and
this is expected to increase
yearly since the town of Ra­
jneeshpuram has been
Deva said to become a Ra­
jneeshee, or Sinycaan, as the
members call themselves, one
must have a heart-to-heart
communications with the
He said, “When the
Bhagwan dies, I don’t know
what will happen.”
the Mecca League of Women Voters, the
American Association of University Women,
Milwaukie and Oregon City Branches, and the
Secretary of State Paulus
Oregon Secretary of State Norma Paulus
will be on campus Wednesday, February 23, at
4:30 p.m. in the Community Center Mall to
answer questions of the students and public.
holds Q&A session here
Discussion topics will include the 1983
Anyone who is interested in first-hand
legislation, up-coming tax bills, procedural answers on matters of importance in Oregon is
changes and new government proposals.
invited. For more information contact Special
Paulus’ visit to the College is sponsored by Programs, ext. 520.