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Women’s Center supports
people in transition
By Doug Vaughan
Of The Print
Creating assistance for
women who are in need of
help is one of the main con­
newcomer they will receive
cerns for Jane Greene, director
slightly less.
of The Women’s Center
Besides group sessions
located just off campus at
and individual counseling the
19241 Beavercreek Road.
Center also offers courses.
The main purpose the
They are now offering a course
Center is in existance is the in­
for women who want to make
crease of women who are in
a change in their life called
new situations such as becom­
“Assertiveness.” They provide
ing a single parent, and who
a stress management course
need help in the transition.
and a “Women as Winners”
Greens uses the example of
class. The newest one is a class
women who have been mar­
on decision making and self-
ried most of their life and their
husband dies unexpectedly.
Choices.” The class will deal
with a problem that is facing
She feels there are a lot of
many older women who grew
women who have never work­
up with the goal in life to get
ed in their life, nor have made
married and raise a family.
any traditional crucial decisions
Greene feels these women lose
and suddenly are called on to
their identity and it is hard for
make them. They become lost
emotionally and will be faced
them to figure out what they
with important financial and
want out of life. The newest
developing program is a class
legal decisions that women
have not traditionally made,
for men. Twenty percent of the
Greene said. She recalled
calls received by the Center are
situations where some women
from men who are violent and
had never driven a car before
cannot control it, Greene said.
or even written a check. This is
There is only one place in
where the Center can help.
Portland that provides treat­
“Support is available. We
ment for these men and there is
can put them into a group with
nothing at the Center yet.
others in the same situation,”
Space is also a problem
Greene said. “It (the Center)
nagging the Center. The col­
“(the Center) helps some people become
helps some people become
Staff Photo by Duane Hiersche lege is donating a trailer to
much more functional. Once
them but the Center is
much more functional. Once you make
you make steps toward the
hampered by the problem of transporting it. The
steps toward the transition it makes you
transition it makes you feel bet­
organization is also in the process of buying a new
feel better about yourself. ” jane Greene
ter about yourself.”
shelter home and is sponsoring a new center in
“When you don’t have an income you become Estacada.
A concern of Greene’s is that all the confusion will
hit the victim at once and become very devastating. depressed and lose all of your energy,” Greene said.
The staff of the Center includes three paid
She explained that if the triyisition is not made, many “One of the characteristics of depression is lack of employees, while over 40 people volunteer their time.
stress diseases will hamper the individual. She said energy. It is scary to use a system that you are not The Center is in the process of hiring a receptionist,
that the body produces these diseases in a situation of familiar with. We can provide legal help so they can but it is projected that 93 percent of the work done is
continued stress. One of these diseases is alcoholism. stay in touch with what is available.”
The Center is very grateful for the help the Col­
In women, alcoholism is usually tied to a specific situa­
Right now the Center is at its peak of service due
lege has provided. Greene feels that if it was not for to the nearing of the holidays and the overflow of end-
tion, whereas men will be stricken gradually.
The Women’s Center is often confused with the the College’s support there is a possibility that the of-the-month callers. The Center has a 24-hour crisis
Women’s Resource Center located in the College’s Center would not exist. The house that the agency is hotline that receives approximately 25 calls per day.
Community Center. But to Greene it is no major pro­ located in is owned by the College, and many of their The use of the Center varies on many different things.
supplies are also donated by Clackamas. At this point Greene explained that violence goes in cycles. The
blem because the two centers try to work together.
“We work hard to coordinate our programs,” the tiie Center has been dependant on donations both beginning and end of the month are the busiest times
Center Director said. “When they get people in crisis from other organizations and individuals. She realizes while the holidays draws even more responses. She
situations they will refer them to us, and when the that no one can afford very much but if it was not for feels that more calls will be coming in as the economy
people are ready (to function in society) then we send the support of the community the Center would not be • continues to falter. It is estimated that for every
able to function.
them back up there.”
percentage point of unemployment, violence in­
As of January 1983 the organization will become creases five percent. She said three other contributing
One of the vital characteristics of the Center is
that there is no required fee on many of their services. a member of the United Way Agencies. Therefore, the factors to violence are paydays, the moon cycle and
They can also arrange low-cost counseling for an in­ Center will receive funding each year if they continue weekends.
dividual if it is needed. Greene feels that this is impor­ to provide the services that they do now. The funding
The Center has grown considerably through the
tant due to the economic situation of many of their usually makes up about one-third of an organization’s past five years, but Greene feels that it will not con­
budget, but since the Women’s Center will be a tinue at the same pace.