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    Ropes course
building block
for confidence
By Alison Hull
Buckley commented. “The
course takes a lot of support,
group cooperation and trust
The second annual ‘Ropes from your fellow group
Course’ for the Associated Stu­ members.”
. The group went over eight
dent Government took place
approximately 25 miles up the courses during the day from
Clackamas River from falling off a 4 ft. high log with
Estacada on May 25. Twelve your back toward the people
members of the ASG attended who are going to catch you to
the course which was designed climbing 40 feet up a tree and
to help encourage group unity, jumping off a small perch and-
zipping along on a cable for
trust, and self-confidence.
Dave Buckley, student about t/4 mile.
“This is the first group I’ve
projects specialist, commented,
“I was first exposed to the taken that has done things right
course in California. Then I away. For instance, I’ve had
moved up here and got a job' groups up there that took five
with the. forest service and minutes to jump off the perch
thought this would be a great to go on the zip line where this
place to build one.” The forest group did everything right
service gave Buckley funds to away,” Buckley commented.
start building the course which
Debbie Bennett, handicap
took 6 to 7 months. He then' specialist also attended the
got a job here at the College course. “Dave and I have talk­
and wasn’t able to finish it. ed about designing a course for
“The course consists of high people who are in wheelchairs.
elements and low elements. I I wanted to go out and ex­
would like to make a lot more perience exactly what they do
high courses like the zip line out there to really understand
and the perch.
the ideas of the course.”
“Originally, the idea of the
Bennett would like to try
Course is to gain self­ and get some of the
confidence. It shows you that wheelblazers, a wheelchair­
you could do something you bound basketball team from
never thought you could do,” Portland, to the ropes course to
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LEARNING TO TRUST other people was the purpose of the ASG’s retreat to
Estacada’s ropes course. Here Emma Nelson struggles between Paul Nastari and
Staff photo by Alison Hull
Steve Vohs.
show them some of the ideas
as to how it runs and ask them
how people on wheelchairs
would adapt to the course.
Jay Schaller, ASG vice-
president for next year, who
has cerebral palsy commented,
“I loved doing the course, it
was great for my ego, and I
would like to see a ropes
course made for handicap per­
sons.” Schaller was able to
complete all eight courses with
toe help of the ASG members.
“It would be nice to build one
for handicaps,” Buckley
replied. “That’s why we
brought Jay along to see what
adaptions I needed to make.”
Sore muscles were one of
the things Steve Vohs, ASG
business manager, got out of
the course. “This makes me
more aware of people and that
they have the ability to do
things I never thought they
could. Also I learned to trust
people that I’m to work with.”
Kris Hall, ASG senator com­
mented .
Hodge exhibits talent in Mandala art
By Kristi Blackman
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The Student Art Show
opened Wednesday in the
Pauling Center, with exhibits of
paintings, sculptures, draw­
ings, ceramics and commercial
art. One participant, Roger
Hodge, has a talent of bringing
a part of toe past into modern
Hodge, a basic design and
commercial art sudent, entered
his Indian Mandala entitled
“Indian symbolism No. T’ in
the art show. The intricate
Mandala drawing of a quarter
of a circle then the piece is trac­
ed over to a complete circle,
took Hodge 54 hours to com­
plete and he says “It represents
a piece of the past and through
someone else, it’s coming
“It has Indians doing crafts
they used to do. Like the In­
dians everything has a pur­
pose,” said Hodge.
Hodge did a great amount
of research to prepare for the
He studied the
emergency fund, for needy
foreign students trom the North
Clackamas United Nations
The UN Association in­
vited 12 of the 49 members of
the International Club to meet
them. International Student
association a chance to meet
toe foreign students.
President Katherine Tsen ac­
cepted the $200 check.
longest existing unit of the
United Nations in the Oregon
Area. “They would like to
make the donation a annual
event,” Fitzgerald said.
Thomas A. Rhodes on the defense of Oregon Citi;.
All this and more, in the next issue, of Rhapsody.
from other organizations and
activities the club is involved
For 30 years the North
Clackamas United Nations
Association has helped intema-
tion students and groups study­
ing world affairs.
It is the
“I get a lot of encouragement
from instructors and inspiration
from my wife and son,” Hodge
Besides the mandala,
Hodge also entered a wooden
rose and a soap stone carving
of his son’s hand. Hodge is sell­
ing his mandala for $45 un­
framed and $80 framed.
Within five days after Indian
Symbolism No. 1 was reprinted
and copies were made, Hodge
sold 13 prints. The student art
show will remain in the Pauling
Center through June 9 and will
run with regular gallery hours.
Marlene Tufts on the need for a nuclear freeze
The Associated Student
“When money isn’t receiv­
ed from a student's country, Government approved the In­
they can use money that is in ternational Club in 1972. “It
toe emergency fund to get by,” has served the international
students ever since,” Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald said.' Other money
for the fund is raised by a $2
membership fee and donations
Advisor and counselor Vince
Fitzgerald and Edith Kalis of the
Association met to arrange the
donation and to give the
Hodge, born and raised in
Milwaukie, used to teach in­
dustrial arts for the Portland
Public School district, and now
is semi-retired due to medical
Hodge has had a growing
interest in art forms most all his
life and hopes one day to
become a commercial artist. “I
have sold small woodcarvings
and sculptures, ” Hodge said.
International club attains
grants from United Nations
The College International
Club was recently awarded a
$200 donation for the
clothes and pots and tribe
stories and then used his in­
dividuality to convey the sub­
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