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Nuke rally disappointing
Introductions and announ­
By Leanne Lally
cements. Boring! Could these
Of The Print
My first No-Nuke rally was people be the same ones, who
filled with disappointment and ended up in jail for protesting at
Trojan? This quiet bunch?
Well, I should have been
' Collecting at Waterfront Park
in Portland Saturday, many in­ happy. I really didn’t want to
teresting people passed my go to jai’. hut I expected a little
gaze. There were the Earth more, more shouting, more
People, the ones wearing bat­ demonstration. Nothing.
The various speakers put
tered clothes, no socks and
walking around
hugging down nuclear power, put down
everyone they saw. There were PGE, put down the Oregonian
Woodstock Burn-Outs with and various other big corpor-
their peace buttons secured to tations and people.
their Army jackets, and one
I listened to this with half in­
older man with grey hair down terest. I don’t really know much
to his knees wearing a leather about nuclear power. I usually
belt, leather wallet and a leave that up to someone else.
leather jacket, all of which
I was contentedly soaking up
looked as if they had spikes on the sun when someone
them (No wonder Earth People whispered, “Wow, listen to
didn’t hug him).
What attracted these won­
A man, I didn’t catch his
derful people? I came because I name, was speaking on nuclear
had heard that musician Dan weapons. He mentioned
Folgelberg would be perfor­ Trident. What now, nuclear
ming. Unfortunately, he never gum?
showed up. I was very disap­
Trident is a nuclear sub­
marine. There are 30 in
But, I decided to stay (I had existence, and each has the
an extra hour on the meter). As power to destroy a whole con­
soon as I laid my blanket on the tinent.
ground and sat down, the sun
“In order to understand
disappeared. Clouds? No,
Trident,” said the little man,
people all over me, shoving “you have to be able to do this:
Vote for Kennedy brochures in
phlets, buttons, T-shirts and
more and more literature. (I
Kennedy sheets, each one
saying the same thing only on
different colored paper).
After they left and I caught
my breath, the rally began.
minutes of meditating on
Hiroshima every second to un­
derstand Trident.”
He then proceeded to tell us
that all 30 of these death
machines could destroy the
world over and over and over
and over...
and I’ve been
worrying about getting drafted.
While I sit in the sun worrying
about going to war, I, along
with'the rest of thè world, could
be demolished in a few
That made mè mad. What
kind of a society are we? Self
everywhere. The leaders of our
world say they want peace. If
that’s so, they are going about
it in the wrong way. World
peace. Sure, we will have
peace one day, but no one will
be here to enjoy it.
What kind of legacy are we
leaving the next generation? If
there is one.
Face it, the world if coming
to an end.
I used to be the optimistic
one. The one who believed
men were naturally good.
Well, someone sure proved me
To me war is a simple thing.
Men killing each other over an
argument. Can you imagine if
everyone •fought to the death
during an argument? There
would be no one here.
I honestly have no place in
my heart for war. I think it is
immature and a waste of time.
God put us here on earth as
, caretakers, for His land, and
we are aestroying it. we are
not very good landlords.
As all of this ran through my
head, I shivered in the warm
sun. I looked at my watch.
Time was up. The rally wasn’t
even half over yet but I’d heard
enough to last a lifetime,
probably a short lifetime.
Art museum visits urged
By Lori Kent
For The Print
When was the last time you
saw an art show? Or,-have you
ever been to an art show? Well,
there’s a lot of art out there to
be seen and admired.
Being an art major, I’ve
come to appreciate many dif­
ferent forms of art that I would
probably have never been ex­
posed to if I had not chosen
fine arts as my major. Now I’m
glad that I have had a chance
to see some of the works of art
made available to us. I feel
others should take advantage
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of the opportunities there are to
view art. There are many art
exhibits and museums around
to visit, the Portland Art
Museum, Contemporary Crafts
Gallery, frequent shows in
schools, fairs, why, from time
to time, there are even exhibits
in our parks .
I recently drug my boyfriend
to a show at the Portland Art
Museum and to his surprise, he
really enjoyed it. He saw some
things he liked, some things he
didn’t like, but he had a nice
time and plans on attending
more in the future. You don’t
have to like everything you
see, but remember, it’s easy to
be critical. Not all art is good
something without a fair trial.
College worth new expansion
. With the increase in enrollment, it’s
about time we expanded a little bit and
made some breathing room.
Already, the desperately needed science
building is on its way to completion. Soon a
new industrial-occupational center will be
built, along with a learning resource center
and a new performing arts center, if funds
are available over the next five years.
A long-range planning committee has
been formed to assess the needs and
smooth out the details. All in all, it will still
cost money.
This college is worth it. An institution
can’t do a very good job if its facilities are
inadequate. Improvements must be made.
People are demanding it by just enrolling.
All of the above will be completed within
six years. That’s a long time to wait, but
each year puts us closer to becoming a little
more valuable to the community.
Just as a kid needs a new pair of shoes
because his feet are growing, so the College
needs new facilities for the growing number
of people entering its doors.
If you have any interesting ideas you
would like the long-range planning commit-
tn helping
too <•/■»
in any way, you should attend the commit­
tee’s next meeting, tomorrow at 3 p.m. in
Barlow 352.
by Tod Basshai
Acting causes illness
Here I am, behind the cur­
tain of the play “Wings,’7
waiting for my cite. Why, of all
the various planets scattered
about the universe, of all the
silly countries on all those
planets, of all the stupid little
towns in those silly countries,
of all the crummy stages in
those stupid little towns, why
did I have to be on this one?
Why? Why?
When I think of all the things
that could go wrong, all the
fouled lines, the missed cues,
the mental blocks waiting to
leap into my mind the second I
turn my cowardly back and
run, then the world seems
black and ancient, weighed
You don’t need a trained eye recrimination. Will I “out-
to view art, just an open mind. Herod Herod?” Or just fall flat
Art can bring some pleasure in­ on my face?
to our sometimes busy and
My cue! OK, here I am on
hectic world. So, when you
find you have some spare time, stage, in front of hundreds of
why not take in an art show, or evil, staring little eyes, all
maybe even an art class? You glowering out of the darkness
will probably be pleasantly sur­ at me, waiting for me to make a
prised and feel the time was mistake. What’s my line again?
Lesee...Oh my Gosh! I think
well spent.
my fly is open. If I look, therj
people will wonder what I’nql
looking at. Why did I becoml
an actor?
An actor? Me, an actor!
Barbara’s the only one hers
doing any acting. I’m just soma
ofay in a white lab coat doing a
bad impression of Marcus
Welby. Why? Why?
I wish I were Jewish. Then!
would have a culture, a past, al
future. I could spit on all this
psychological oppression, and
go dancing about singing, “If I
were a rich man.” If only
circumcision had meaning!
then I know everything else
would fall into place.
No! I am not Prince Hamlet]
nor was I meant to be; 1 am ail
attendant lord; one who will do
to swell a progress, start a
scene or two, leave his pants
There. I’m off stage. 1 did it! I
got through without a single;
mistake. Not one boo-boo!|l
feel like...I feel like...
Throwing up!
Clackamas Community College