The print. (Oregon City, Oregon) 1977-1989, January 20, 1980, Page 2, Image 2

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U.S. condones
mass slaughter
of kids in Iran
According to an article by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta,
the Iranian President Ali Khomeini says that, “the youngsters cry
and beg to be sent to the front lines.” He is, of course, referring to
the children (ages 12-13) who are pulled out of school for the sole
purpose of acting as “shields” or “mine sweepers” for the Iranian ar­
my. Khomeini’s officials have referred to the children as Iran’s
“disposable soldiers.”
In May 1986, Iranian military officials estimate that as many as
64,000 children were pulled out of school to be sent to front lines of
combat. Evidently the children are only supposed to spend a single
45-day term, but there is much proof that most of the children are
killed before the term is ended.
This, is the kind of disgusting person we don’t need in the world.
Hitler, at the end of World War II, did the same thing when he ran
out of adult troops - he ordered the Hitler Youth Corp to fight the
How can the United States put up with such a person as the
Ayatollah Khomeini? Very easily. After all, we do sell weapons to
them — what difference is a few thousand children’s lives going to
make? Probably not much. But, they are only children. What dif­
ference would that make? Not a bit for our government.
The United States is doing nothing. Of course, one might say,
“We’ve got the hungry in Africa, we’ve got the hungry in America,
we’ve got toxic waste eating at our backyards, we’ve got mass
poverty. Why do we need to worry about a few thousand children
used as cannon fodder?!?”
Okay, so it’s a moral issue. Think about this: What if it was your
children? Your little brother? Would that be enough to coerce you
into action? The act of doing nothing only means that our govern­
ment condones the mass Slaughter.
But, don’t we need those millions of dollars? At today’s prices
the military would be lucky to get a decent ash-tray or toilet seat for
the paltry amount they receive.
We don’t need that kind of . tainted money and we don’t need
leaders like Khomeini pulling us around like dogs on a leash for a few
lousy bucks. What we do need is to divorce ourselves from any rela­
tion we have with Iran - and do it now’
However, knowing the state of our government, it is unlikely that
any affirmative action will take place. What about you?
Student Opinions
Should CCC switch to a semester
Good idea. The larger univer­
sities are converting to semesters.
- Jason Bristol -
It would be gross! I wouldn’t
like it because time goes faster
when you’re on a quarter system.
Semesters drag on and on, etc. I
couldn’t stand being in a class for
that long. - Kristen Schroeder -
I think
Social injustice grips CCC
I am concerned with the lack
of awareness and observance at
CCC of Martin Luther King
Jr.’s birthday. Today is a state
and national holiday.
Why is this important?
He Has A Dream
King helped bring about great
civil gains in the legal depriva­
tion of blacks through peaceful
The 1964 Civil Rights Act
The 1965 Voting Rights Act
submitted by
Robert MacDonald
Martin Luther King Jr. has
received the Nobel PEACE
Today (1-18-88) I am pro­
But King’s dream did not end
testing by not going to class
there for when we look into his
because I have found ignorance
hope that the 1968 Poor
thriving in the educational
People’s Compact would over­
system of Clackamas Com­
come the economic injustices
munity College. It must be the
for the poverty stricken, we see
highest responsibility of educa­
that his dream has a long way to
tion to stamp out things that are
unknown so they can be learn­
Why is this so?
For one reason the National
Urban League Report shows
that in 1986, 33 percent of
blacks and 11 percent of whites
must live in strife with the
despair and helplessness of
poverty in our nation. I know
no one wants poverty to con-
Since January 20, 1986 Martin Luther King’s birthday has been
It is the fact that, while at
recognized as a national holiday. Clackamas Community College
Whitaker Middle School a pro­
along with Clackamas County School District has chosen not to
gram of local musicians, civic
recognize this holiday.
leaders, politicians, and the
Martin Luther King has been given national recognition not just as a
black leader, but also as a leader of human rights. Martin Luther “Keep the dream alive” speech
was presented in their school
King’s triumphs, the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights
Act, are triumphs because they demand humans be lawfully treated as auditorium and not one thing is
being done at CCC, which has
individuals and not as members of a class.
By recognizing a person as an individual, we recognize both their in­ me concerned.
I looked and could not find a
nate human worth and our own. Only by recognizing human worth
single poster, speech, meeting,
can we develop human potential both in others and ourselves.
And isn’t the development of human potential the purpose of rally or assembly. I found
nothing in The Print or daily
school? If we as a school are for the development of human potential,
bulletins although I don’t know
then shouldn’t we honor the man who died fighting so that no human
what is in this paper. If there is
may be excluded?
anything it is rather late. I talk­
By not recognizing Martin Luther King Day we are committing a
ed with the Student Body Presi­
disservice to both the memory of Martin Luther King and to ourselves.
dent and the School Board
By recognizing Martin Luther King Day we recognize, renew and
President. They could not think
respect the innate human worth that we hold in others and in
of any specific thing that was
being done to promote Martin
A call of recognition for Martin Luther King needs to be heard at
Luther King Jr. Day.
Clackamas Community College. A lack of recognition means lack of
It is not the fact that we do
concern. Students who believe that Clackamas Community College
not get a day off from school
should recognize Martin Luther King Day are encouraged to write let­
that I am protesting. It is the
ters to the college president, John Keyser or to the College Board and
fact that CCC is not educating
to sign the petition in Trailer B. Only by recognizing the dream can we
us about such a great social in­
make it a reality.
justice gripping our nation. For
ignorance is the mother of pre­
judice. If we do not learn about
social injustice and provide
functions for civic leaders to
give us solutions then the
despair of 33 percent of black
people and 11 percent of white
people will continue with no end
in sight.
In other words, if we at first
don’t see the problem, then don’t
look for solutions and carry them
out, the problem will continue to
go unsolved.
Therefore, it is of the utmost
importance to humanity that our
Board of Education, Faculty,
Student Government, and Stu-
dent Body strive together to
photo* by dull* Church
eliminate ignorance within CCC.
I think it would suck! I would
Bad idea. The term works well To teach us the problems and
feel like I was in high school all
for me because the classes are give us solutions to the very thing
over again! I can’t imagine hav­ shorter and the work for a term our great leader, Martin Luther
ing the same class and teacher for would not stack up like it does as King Jr. strived for:
a whole semester. - Dana a semester. - Loring Hermann -
Johnson -
We must start today, to pursue
the avenues that will lead us to
our most urgent right.
P.S. As I was leaving the
library with this paper, I saw a
poster of Martin Luther King Jr.
and a sign under it proclaiming
that this was his day. I thought
this quite strange that the only
place I found something about
Martin Luther King Jr. was at the
entrance of a key to knowledge,
the library.
College committing
a disservice to King
D50 Illuminant, 2 degree observer