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    Focus on Women’ plan full year agenda
Since the inception of thê
¡liege’s Focus on Women
ogram, the emphasis has
en to help women of all ages
nelop interests which will
able them to make choices
ifind a special kind of sup-
fhis fall’s program continues
it tradition with a variety of
¡ses and workshops plan-
The program was begun by
¡men volunteers on the
allege staff and has been
living for four years. The
eering Committee meetings
■i open to all interested mem-
isofthe community.
“Living your fullest life is a
career in living,” states the
program philosophy. “Focus
on Women recognizes that
women who work in the home
or out of the home are all in­
terested in growing. We share
the joy of learning. We are
doing what we do with pur­
pose, with enthusiasm, and
spirit. Women together sharing
the similiarities and differences
of their lives expand one
another, helping each other
reach decisions, adopt and
commit to new goals, and sup­
port one another in the process
of growth.”
Below are the programs
which have been plannedtor
lew money...
this fall. For more details, con­ What Next?” 7-10 p.m.
tact Carrie Heaton, 656-2631, Oct.25; “My Car Just Died—
ext. 212.
Should I Bury it?” 7-10 p.m.
Nov. 1; “Music for Women” 7-
Future seminars for fall term
include: “Women-Starting
your Own Small Business,” 7-
10 p.m. Oct 4; “Pulling Your
Own Strings,” 7-10 p-.m. Oct.
9 and 11; “Men in Transition,”
7-10 p.m. Oct. 17; “Weaving,”
7-10 p.m. Oct. 18; “Divorce-
Classes, now in progress, in­ College dean of community
clude: “Women and the Law,” services, has accepted the
Mondays, 7-10 p.m.¡“Search position of president of Nor­
and Discovery,” Wednesdays, theastern Junior College,
1 pm./‘Autobiography by Sterling, Colo.
Women,” Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m.
Weiss had been dean of
“Couples Communication,”
Community Services and
Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m.
Community Education at
Clackamas since 1975, starting
as director of community ser­
vices in 1965.
Weiss accepts
bigger position
Scholarships open for returnees
College financial aid.
“Somehow, we need to get
the second-year students’ at­
¡competing for one of five tention to make them aware
that the aid is here. We’ve
board never had it before,” Thom­
cognized the need for pson added.
The purpose of the Outstan­
tond-year scholarships and
ire authorized five full-year ding Sophomore Tuition
Warships for returning and Scholarship is to recognize and
tond-year students,” said encourage
¡tk Thompson, director of achievement and community
jdents will have a chance to
¡prove their financial picture
During Weiss’ service at the
College, the department he
service by returning students headed was expanded to in­
clude formal cooperative
attending the College.
agreements with each of eight
The scholarship is not limited high school districts in the area.
to those who received scholar­
The National Community
ships in their first year. The
criteria is academic ability and Education Association honored
Weiss with their Man of the
school and community service.
The deadline for submission of Year award in 1978 for out­
applications is Oct. 29. For standing service in the field of
more information, call the community education.
financial aid office.
)octor available on campus
for medical assistance and
vice, the new College doctor
ly fill the bill without em-
.ngyour pockets.
Ronald W. Powell, D.O.,
I: be available at the Student
alth Center, Tuesdays from
io5p.m., and Wednesdays
Mto 10 a.m.
Powell graduated from the
wrsity of Oregon with a
ister’s degree in Develop­
mental Biochemistry, after
which he attended the Chicago
Medicine where he graduated
in 1978. Powell then returned
to -Oregon and spent his inter­
nship at Eastmoreland and
Emanuel hospitals. He is now
setting up an office in the
Willamette Plaza in West Linn,
specializing in family practice
and obstetrics.
Powell is a fly fisherman who
has done some kayaking and
has spent some time camping
with his wife, Nancy, and six-
month old daughter, Brooke.
He also paints mostly “water­
colors and wildlife,” he said.
Powell’s services aré free of
charge to students and staff of
the College. Appointments
may be made by calling the
secretary, ext. 250.
Night video class offered
bon Zavin’s “best hope”
ie instructing a fall term
"course in video produc­
es to “remove some of the
estique surrounding the
¡Jia and make it more un-
istandable to the
Sporting credits for such
isas “Fast Break,” an inside
ik at the ‘Trailblazers,
umentaries for KATU and
®N television in San Fran­
co. and an award-winning
dal on drug abuse for CBS,
i may prove the right man
Be job.
Describing his teaching
“practical,” Zavin
plained that theory will be in­
durated into the learning
’cess using the “hands on”
’Every student will be en­
gaged to do all jobs that are
ted in video production,”
fee from his new class, he
feently working on both
land video projects.
Production will be the first in a
three-term sequence. The class
10 p.m. Nov. 8; “Dress for
Success,” 7-10 p.m. Nov. 15;
“Conflict Management,” 7-16
p.m. Dec. 4.
Weiss and his wife, Marlys,
are looking forward to their
new experience in Sterling
where he will be over-seeing a
school which boasts
population of approximately
3,500 students, 18 buildings
and a traditional stance.
The new president said he
hopes to bring the services and
resources of the college to the
community of Sterling, Colo.,
in a more personal way. His
open-door policy and team
approach should give him a
head start • in achieving this
Center plans
new year
The Handicapped Resource
Center on campus has new
plans for the coming year. The
center now has two.full time
workers on staff in addition to
volunteer and work-study
students who are available on a
part-time basis.
According to Cathleen
Jones, resource center coor­
dinator, the center will be able
to help many more students
and community residents than
it has in the past.
“About one out of 10
students here at the College are
handicapped in some way,”
she explained. “We are here to
provide our services and to
meet their individual needs.”
The services provided by the
center include: note takers,
tutors, tapers, interpreters,
readers, exam assistance,
mobility attendants, registration
assistance, campus orientation
equipment and study labs. For
information on any of the
above services, contact the
HRC coordinator, in Trailer D.
| Crown Jewelers I
will be offered on Wednesday
evehings from 7-10 p.m. in the
McLoughlin Hall video studio.
Of The Holly Farm Mall
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and 14K Gold Chainsl
For Men & Women
S Beautiful Pendants
£ and Earrings
20 oz. Cup of Coke
TAB, Sprite, Mr. PiBB
Engagement and Wedding Rings
10% OFFs
g ON Clackamas
Community College
“Coca-Cola” and “Coke” are registered
trademarks which identify the same
product of the Coca-Cola Company.
“Sprite,” “Mr. PiBB,” “Fanta,” “TAB,” and
“Fresca” are also registered trademarks of
the Coca Cola Company.
, October 3,1979
Students with a current
student body card.
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