The print. (Oregon City, Oregon) 1977-1989, January 24, 1979, Page 4, Image 4

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    Heritage breaks
tradition of
today’s music
By Leanne Lally
Of The Print
Good fresh music today is as
hard to come by as' fresh
strawberries. Too many people
think the music of today must
be loud and inaudible to be
good. Heritage, a group con­
sisting of twin brothers Pete
and Paul Barkett, can prove
that theory wrong.
The Barketts will be perfor­
ming today at noon, and
Friday night at the Coffee
House. The two have been
performing together for 9 years
and very much enjoy enter­
taining. By watching them one
may feel that they are seeing
something a little new and
Heritage tempers a satirical.,
sometimes down-home, often
zany humor with stirring
musical renditions in the light
rock and folk vein: Their har­
monies are precise and clear.
They perform their own com­
positions along with music of
today’s composers.
They have performed all
along the West Coast in
lounges and concert halls.
Heritage has appeared with
The Byrds, It’s a Beautiful Day
and Mimi Farina, and perfor­
med on stage with Ray Bolger.
The Barkett brothers may
very well change the minds of
the many ofa disillusioned
music lovers who- turn their
stereos up and their thinking
Peter and Paul Barkett comprise the group, Heritage.
Man of steel gives his spiel
By Scott Starnes
falling Lois Lane (Margot Ki
der) from her skyscraper fall,]
Hooray for Superman! What
The cast was obviously n
man in pictures or on the rate with such respected act
streets can run faster than a as Marlon Brando (only ill
locomotive, catch a speeding saw him for 10 minutes), N
bullet in the palm of his hand or Beatty, Glenn Ford, Jad
scale tall buildings in a single Cooper and numerous othen
bound? The answer is none.
The visual effects were da
“Superman,” a delightful
motion picture spoof of the i expertly during the openii
legendary comics character, is 'scenes, conducted on
a film which should set the style doomed planet, Krypton. 1
and tempo for movies to come. planet was credible and
It’s funny up to the point of ab­ sound effects were not drill
surdity, violent up to the point into your head as in“Sl<
of morbidity, and certainly not Wars.” Color and props wa
vulgar in any sense or to used strategicaly which nd
the usual critical openi]
Christopher Reeves, who moments a pleasure to
plays the suppressed macho­ 'through.
Of The Print
Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) spills a beer on Clark Kent (Christopher Reeves) while
editor Perry White (Jackie Cooper) looks on.
What has two legs. . .
A creative mind . . .
and uses a typewriter?
A Print reporter!
The student newspaper, The
Print, and student magazine, ;
Feature, are looking for
students who are interested in
writing, layout and design,
photography, advertising sales,
business management,
graphics or office procedures.
Credit and some
waivers available.
Music to
dance by
Put on your dancin’ shoes
and get ready to boogie to
the tunes of the 40’s as the
College presents 5ts Big
Band Ball on Jan. 27.
The menu will consist of
salad, sweet and sour
chicken, buttered noodles,
fried rice, green beans,
choice of beverage and
assorted pastry.
Experience is not a must, just a
will to learn. You’ll have on-
the-job training.
Music will be provided by
The Rhythm Section; cost is
$8 a person for the dinner
and dance, or $4 a person
for the dance only.
Contact Suzie, Cyndi or Hap-
pie in Trailer B, anytime, or
phone 656-2631, extension
309 or 310. ________________
The dinner starts at 8
p.m. and the dance is from
9to 11 p.m.
Page 4
man figure of Superman, is no
Clint Eastwood, but fits the film
role so remarkably well that
you’d expect him to wear that
red cape and “S” on his chest
in reality.
Superman is the true hero of
our times and the movie did an
excellent job of establishing this
•role. In no other movie I’ve
seen has the audience cheered
when the hero rescues the
maiden in distress, but they did
when Superman caught the
The movie followed the!
of mild-mannered Clark K
from his infancy on Krypton
his heroics on the planet eari
Superman was a moml
breath from the slaps
together money-grubl
movies shown in the near pi
It proved itself as being a mil
for kids of all ages and didnl
trude on anyone’s tastes. I
Thanks, Superman, I
making the movie industry]
once more.
Dance for MD
Dance for those who can’t at the Musculi
Distrophy dance March 10 from noon to mid
The dance will be held in the gym. Registration
is open to anyone, including high school«!
Music will be provided by bands, and Craig 01
of Earthquake Ethel’s Traveling road Show willl
Registration begins February 19, anyoj
wishing more information should contact L|
Thomas at the Student Activities Office.
Wednesday, January 243